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Hackintosh to run Davinci Resolve


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Like many people, I am looking at getting a new computer that will work well Davinci Resolve and will reasonably future-proof as the era of 4K begins to descend upon us. As a long time Mac user, the idea of the Hackintosh is growing on me. But I'm a camera guy, not a computer guy. It has been about a decade since I've tried to customize my computer hardware and a lot has changed. A lot of this is looking pretty foreign to me.

There's a pretty comprehensive guide at NoFilmSchool that was just updated last month ([url="http://nofilmschool.com/build-a-hackintosh/"]http://nofilmschool....d-a-hackintosh/[/url]), and to a computer simpleton like myself it looks great from performance and cost standpoints. But I have yet to find anyone's firsthand report on just how well this particular setup handles Resolve. Is anyone who is using this particular setup also using Resolve?

For a spec comparison, here's a "recommended requirements" link from Davinci that was initially posted in response to Andrew's recent post about the BMCC: [url="http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/4805318/Resolve_Win_Config_Guide_2012-08-30.pdf"]http://www.blackmagi..._2012-08-30.pdf[/url]
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Hey man. I'm running a hackintosh. built for lion. cuda accelerated, 16gb ram, overclocked 3.8 intel chip. came to less than £1000 including operating system and mac keyboard. I can give you the parts numbers and links to the exact motherboard firmwares. I imagine this would be a nice cost effective workstation for most demanding av needs
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from ebuyer:-

Product Description

-Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/252535"]252535[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£198.62£198.621 x
-Samsung SH-222BB 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/342873"]342873[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£9.99£9.991 x
-Antec P183 V3 GunMetal Grey Case[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/253339"]253339[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_2.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977529"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£102.23£102.231 x
-Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz CL9 1.5V Non-ECC Unbuffered[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/248759"]248759[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£67.02£67.021 xOCZ
-120GB Agility 3 SSD - SATA-III - Read 525MB/s Write 500MB/s 85,000 IOPS[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/268244"]268244[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£62.49£62.491 x
-EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked 1024MB GDDR5 Dual DVI Mini HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/344798"]344798[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_3.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977530"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£102.56£102.561 xGigabyte -GA-Z68XP-UD3 Z68 Socket 1155 Onboard HDMI 7.1 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/271792"]271792[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£83.28£83.281 x
-Corsair 600W CX Builder Series 80 Plus Bronze PSU 3 Year Warranty[url="http://www.ebuyer.com/product/269259"]269259[/url][img]https://image.ebuyer.com/customer/images/orders/warehouse_1.gif[/img] [url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd2ludm9pY2U=&order_uid=18184070&invoice_uid=30977528"]Invoiced[/url][url="https://orders.ebuyer.com/customer/orders/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd3RyYWNrX29yZGVyX3Jlc3VsdHM=&order_uid=18184070"]Track[/url]£43.64£43.64

everything you need for building the hackintosh:-

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this was bought a few months ago now. I just missed the new/current 'sandybridge' i7 chip, or whatever it's called by a day or so. So you might get a better processor and a lot cheaper than I did. It all works great. a few quirks I have yet to bother ironing out like it tries to boot from a external usb hd if I leave it plugged in during turn on meaning you have to shut down and remove the portable drive. also some dialogue boxes and pop up windows are written in arabic text. being a newb to mac i havnt bothered trying to rectify it. but it hasnt affected my workflow. each of these things would be quite easy to sort if I could be bothered to read how to do it.
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I've made 4 Hackintosh systems over the past couple of years.

1st one was converting a small Dell netbook, 2nd was converting a couple of year old HP desktop, 3rd was an i7 MacPro level machine based on a semi custom gaming PC and the last one a from scratch compact i3 desktop.

For all of them, I used the resources at tonymacx86.com and, whilst I wouldn't say it was without pain, it was reasonably straightforward with the help of the guides.

However, if you don't fancy diving in and doing it yourself, you can still benefit from a Hackintosh by buying ready built systems on ebay...
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    • By Kevin B
      Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera in Excellent Condition. I only used this in a few test footage scenarios but it wasn’t right for my needs. Included with this will be Davinci Resolve 15 with SD Card and code it came with. The Smallrig BMMCC Cage and Top Handle to keep the camera protected. Another item is the S-Bus cable included. 
      Selling for $950. 
      I have an Aputure v5 monitor and NPF-Battery bridge + Batteries I can include for a higher offer for the complete kit. 

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      Magic Lantern RAW 14bit video.
      Graded in Davinci Resolve.
      Mostly 6D, very few shots on 5D3.
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      While I have been able to get Resolve looking closer to ACR, I have not been able to match it.
      The first goal was to get Resolve to show an accurate image of what was shot. All the experiments with BMD Film color space and LUTs weren't able to do this (including the EOSHD and Hunters "Alexa" LUTs). I also experimented with creating 3D LUTs from scratch.
      The 5D3 RAW footage is pretty much linear RGB. It appears it can be transformed to BT.709/Rec709 with a simple matrix (linear transform). Using the Rec 709 color space and gamma in Resolve, I can get much closer to the correct colors for the scene shot. Unless we are going from 14-bit to 10-bit (for example), it doesn't make sense to convert to a log color space since we've already got everything captured in linear. From there we can grade for style then save out the final render with a Rec 709 compliant color space (it's not clear what Resolve does with out of gamut colors- clip, etc.). Log makes sense in a camera capturing and preserving dynamic range to a file format which can't otherwise store the full range sufficiently. Log can also make sense if one wishes to use a 3D LUT that needs log as input. However, there a many different log formats, ARRI, Canon, Sony, etc. all make different versions. At the end of the day, we need to get back to something like Rec 709 for broadcast (of course internet test videos are excluded).
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      I'm planning for a ~90-minute final product which means lots of footage. Even shooting Robert Rodriguez style (limited takes- edit as much as possible in-camera), there will be terabytes of footage. For now I'm thinking to use Resolve to make ProRes/DNxHD proxies quickly then go back and only process necessary clips with ACR+AE for the final cut (until or unless I can figure out how to make Resolve look as good as ACR). Or batch convert ACR+AE overnight and replace proxies as I go (deleting the massive RAW files).
      5D3 RAW is amazing, but requires a lot of planning, work, and most significantly, drive space.
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      https://vimeo.com/72163697   I've been learning DaVinci Resolve to add to my video workflow. This is the first project that I graded with it. The footage was shot with the GH2 (Driftwood Cluster_v7), Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 and Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Series E.   Program used: Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve   There are many ways to do this. I figured out this workflow by reading the manual PDF and some tutorial videos. It works for me so far.   1. edit using MTS (from the GH2) in Premiere Pro (sequence01)  2. lock the edit 3. transcode used clips with 5DtoRGB to MOV (ProRes422(HQ), ITU-R BT.709, Full Range) for Resolve to grade (I tried to export XML from PP with MTS in timeline, then Resolve kept asking about missing video files. Looks like Resolve doesn't recognize MTS) 4. bring the transcoded MOV to PP and replace the edited MTS in timeline (sequence02). 5. export XML from PP 6. in Resolve, add the transcoded MOV to Media Pool 7. import the XML, uncheck "automatically add clips to media pool" 8. grade (time consuming) 9. export graded clips to ProRes422(HQ) MOV with unique names 10. go back to PP, import the graded MOV and replace the clips in the previous timeline (sequence03) 11. Retouch skin in some clips with AE, using the graded MOV 12. create motion titles 13. in PP, add extra adjustment and add titles made in AE.  14. I actually go back and forth between PP, AE and Resolve a few times to adjust the skin tone for consistency. But the way I set up files let PP and AE relink the clips automatically, which is nice.  15. fine-tune music 16. export the final movie in PP   It's really time consuming, but it worked for me. Again, this is my first attempt to incorporate DaVinci Resolve to my workflow. If there are only a few clips, I can grade first and edit. But a shoot like this has like 50+ clips, I have to edit first to know which ones to grade, therefore a workflow like this.   I wanted to share my steps and to see if there's any suggestions to improve the process.   P.S. The famous stair-step gradient in GH2 is something I have no idea how to fix.   Thanks for reading.
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