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  1. Yes, of course. That would explain why I wasn't very impressed with it ;) I must have meant the D3S. Which would mean the other one would have been the D800 then which, in all honesty, is a bit of a misfit for me as a stills camera as well. If they did make a video camera then following the revisiting their past path they've taken with the Df, they'd probably do a storm if they made it look like this
  2. Just a bit of input from someone Nikon are banking on buying the D4S. I use a D4 professionally every day. Well, in a professional capacity at least ;) And I'll be using it again this afternoon to shoot Premier League football, where I'll probably be sat alongside 7 or 8 other photographers using them (as well as the numerous D3/D3s bodies that we also still use). If I had a survey of all of us about if any us have ever used the video features on any of them for anything other than testing, I would bet serious money on the answer being "No" from everyone. If I remember correc
  3. Yeah, I saw that one too. Pretty impressive but, again, whilst its cheap in comparison to the Movi, I still feel there is a premium being thrown on to it because of that. As for the one on ebay....I'm proposing 20 of us throw £20 each in to buy one and get Andrew to run round Berlin with it for a few days to give us the verdict!
  4. Picked one of these up as in impulse buy from the BVE show last week.     Obviously not a new idea and there are loads of similar things knocking about and,yes,its basically a reusable tie wrap with a piece of metal but I have to say that it works really well.   Of course its not going to replace a real follow focus setup but at £12 its a lot easier on your finances, a lot less hassle to set up in a run and gun situation and takes up infinitely less space in your bag than a full on system with rails.   I'm definitely going to get another one to use for zoom contro
  5. Its never going to be able to lift your FS700 but I've just got one of these DJI Phantom quadcopters to take some baby steps into aerial shots.   Full details here http://www.dji-innovations.com/products/phantom/overview/   Obviously its a very consumer product but it has some really nifty GPS flight aids built in to help you fly it.   It comes with a mount for a GoPro and there is a cottage industry popping up with people making mounts to minimise vibration as the rolling shutter can be horrendous.   I've not got much interest in putting a GoPro on it and was
  6.   Documentary rather than narrative but one motorsport feature that did work very well with 3D was the motorcycling film TT3D.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QldZiR9eQ_0
  7. I arrived (very) late to X100 party so an announcement of a replacement with so many improvements so soon after I'd bought mine would normally piss me off but to be honest I'm having too much fun with this camera to care !      
  8. I saw it tonight at the Imax.   Its quite jarring at the beginning but you become accustomed to it after a while and can then begin the serious business of not being that fussed on it purely as a film.   Martin Freeman is so closely associated for me as Tim from The Office anyway but the fact that he's more or less playing Baggins as Tim from The Office takes you out of the moment far more than a frame rate could ever do.   The three people with me loved it though.
  9. The Christmas Market beneath the Fernsehturm, I think?   Very nice looking footage.    Interesting for me as I have some footage from there that I shot on a GH2 last year to compare it with and the gap between them is possibly even a bit starker than I would have imagined.   Just a pity that it looks unlikely my BMC will be arriving in time for me to take with me to Berlin on the 26th !
  10. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1353031596' post='21733'] I also have a feeling that the "passive" MFT mount is just a phase. I really think they will release an active one. I mean, think of all those Panasonic lenses that are focus by wire. You simply will not be able to use those due to the focus mechanism requiring power. I'd rather wait for that for an active mount if that's in the cards. [/quote] Far less of an issue for me personally for it not to be active but I agree that if they can they should. [quote name='galenb' timestamp=&
  11. If the early 2013 date sticks then the next can of worms for them will probably be the MFT version hitting at roughly the same time? Given the choice today, I'd certainly choose the MFT version but was told by CVP that whilst its no problem to change my order I'll be leaving the front of one queue to join the back of another. Theoretically, after ordering on 17th. April, I'm 5 months ahead of the queue of any MFT order and was already 2 months overdue when that was announced. If they had shipped on time or even at IBC when they announced the MFT then I'd have at least ha
  12. I've made 4 Hackintosh systems over the past couple of years. 1st one was converting a small Dell netbook, 2nd was converting a couple of year old HP desktop, 3rd was an i7 MacPro level machine based on a semi custom gaming PC and the last one a from scratch compact i3 desktop. For all of them, I used the resources at tonymacx86.com and, whilst I wouldn't say it was without pain, it was reasonably straightforward with the help of the guides. However, if you don't fancy diving in and doing it yourself, you can still benefit from a Hackintosh by buying ready built systems on
  13. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1351979838' post='20980'] I thought "Battle tested" what RED's way of saying they were refurbished? [/quote] I would expect that the majority (if not all) will be ones that have come back in through the EPIC upgrade offers so they will have been used. What refurbishment means in terms of cosmetic condition I'm not sure but I bought a 'Battle Tested' prime off RED and I would say that if it was in a battle then it must have been hiding inside a tank at that time as it was immaculate !
  14. Fotodiox do an adapter for Canon FD lenses. [url="http://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Lens-Mount-Adapter-Camera/dp/B003EB0H5U/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top"]http://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Lens-Mount-Adapter-Camera/dp/B003EB0H5U/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top[/url] There are some very mixed reviews about it though. For $30 its probably worth having a look at if you have a lot of FD lenses that you want to use but I suspect you would be better off using the saving on the camera to hoover up some Nikon lenses.
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