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  1. I don’t trust the IBIS in my GX85 that much any more. I had a problem with it moving when the camera sits stable even when off that I documented before in another thread here. That was fixed with a firmware update that I somehow had missed but to my disappointment the IBIS sometimes does that even now. Not so pronounced as before but it does it unexpectedly and I found others have had this problem with their GX85s so I don’t think it’s my specific camera but rather a general problem.
  2. I think I will love the 4.8K60P Billy mode. Although I’d prefer a Milli Vanilli mode. Much more authentic experience.
  3. Are you not glad? Hau else are you going to shoot your TikTok videos if not open gate?
  4. The GX85 is a very neat camera for its size and price. When I first saw footage from my S5 I couldn’t believe my eyes though. It just was night and day in terms of color, image quality, noise and dynamic range. I wouldn’t go back to the GX85 as my only camera, it’s not bad at all as a portable cam but the S5 is just miles better. So is the S1, though admittedly and unfortunately larger and heavier.
  5. The 12-32 is certainly a cute little lens and a very affordable way to get a wide lens for the GX85. I’m not aware of any way to manual focus in camera, I only used S-AF with that one. One of the reasons why I don’t use it much these days.
  6. Don’t know….the GH6 seems too bulky and heavy for a M43 camera to be fun for me. And that whole DR boost thing with its native ISO in order to have a bit better DR which is still lower than my S5. I can understand that professionals would love it though.
  7. Very nice atmosphere and moody colors! Yeap, the FD 28mm 2.8 is one of my favorite lightweight wide lenses.
  8. Would be interesting to see something like that in a Panasonic firmware update.
  9. Thank you so much! 😀 Yes, it was shot in VLog and graded in Davinci Resolve.
  10. First attempt at B&W grading with the S5, Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 and Helios 44M-4 58mm f/2. These are shots from a street fait in Athens. Shot on two different occasions. Music is done by me, I was feeling a bit melancholic at the time hence the title "Low". Hope you enjoy it!
  11. https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/dscoi/DC-S1R/E_/DC-S1R_DVQP1848ZG_full_web_eng.pdf
  12. Never used an S1r but everything you ask is in the manual. For example it states that 4K modes have a 15 minute limit.
  13. I am the AI bot. Resistance is futile. We do the reviews now. Fudgee XHtooEs comes next. Beware.
  14. I vaguely remember that the FHD on the S5 in crop mode was even worse than in FF but I can be mistaken. I’ll test that one more time. That video is very comprehensive though!
  15. Please stop! My eyes are killing me! 😵
  16. If we’re talking about video, it certainly doesn’t help that most new cameras have awful 1080p quality. Only solution is to just shoot in 4K. Though my S5’s live crop mode has fantastic 1080p quality albeit only in 30fps. It puzzles me why the normal FHD modes are so bad on most cameras manufactured in the last few years.
  17. I don't get what ego has to do with this and how "wild" is the personality of someone with a potentially different opinion or needs than yours?
  18. Amen! Simply unbearable. Those are channels that I wouldn’t watch even if you paid me to watch them.
  19. Just checked on theBay: prices are crazy! 1200-1300€ for the 990 and 300-400€ for the vintage synth expansion. That’s nuts. I paid 500€ shipped plus 100€ for the expansion but I guess that was a long time ago…my D-550 cost me 250€ at the time. Crazy! VEAI is very good, I’m using it to upscale FHD 120 and 150fps footage from the S5 to 4K. My favorite model is Proteus 2, it can make close and mid shots look almost indistinguishable from real 4K.
  20. You’ll be surprised how many idiots there are in this world. Surprised?
  21. The VHS filter is a nice touch @Alpicat! Fellow musician here, I also use the JD-990 with the vintage synth expansion. Thanks @PannySVHS for shining a bit of light on this!
  22. The pleasure of shooting videos for me is to use a dedicated tool that inspires me (the camera of my choice) and my collection of vintage manual lenses to capture moments with a specific character and nuance. And then to re-live those moments at a later time through the whole processing and color grading on the computer. I never use auto focus and I only use smartphones to make calls, send emails or surf the internet when I’m on the road. I don’t want to use a smartphone to take pictures the same way my iPad doesn’t inspire me to make music although I bought many serious music apps at some point thinking I’d use them. No, I want to make music with my analog synths and my vintage digitals, those inspire me, not a tablet. So no, no smartphone video for me! 😁
  23. I've read somewhere, though I can't remember where, that the GH6 doesn't sell a lot so far. Perhaps that's the reason behind the lack of more videos/tutorials?
  24. Love the video! The GX85 is still a little gem. The back wheel failed on mine too a couple of years ago but I sourced the part on eBay and replaced it myself.
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