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  1. Fair enough. About the VEAI, some models like Artemis for example tend to overdo it sometimes, especially with really bad source footage. Proteus I find is a totally different story and very configurable too. I've never noticed any weirdness with decent quality source footage. All I can say is I can finally use the otherwise horrible 120fps on my S5, and all its FHD footage for that matter! It's really that good. But yeah, only you could tell if something like that is for you.
  2. Assuming you have a way to properly capture the footage in your computer, maybe try an upscaling software afterwards? I’ve had very good results with Topaz VEAI, their new model Proteus is amazing.
  3. I’m using my S5 with 9 different vintage manual lenses and the focus peaking works as it should. No problems here.
  4. I remember in the 80s and 90s movies every single electronic device was a Sony. Nowadays it's YouTubers and “Influencers”. Sony has the funds and does the aggressive promotion. Always did.
  5. New Gerald Undone video: which cameras do YouTubers use? A7s iii, A7s iii, A7s iii, a7s iii, A7s iii…canon something, A7s iii, A7s iii and so on and so forth…
  6. I was thinking exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think there are any…
  7. Hello to everyone, new to the forum and I came with a question. I just bought it for my S5 and I am experimenting with the exposure. I’ve found that I am getting good results for V-Log with my zebras at 80% for highlights and about 55% for skin tones. The thing is I’ll be using Cinelike D too for 8-bit VFR footage and I’m used to using zebras at 100% and 70% respectively. Of course if I use such a footage with the S1 Alex it gets massively overexposed. I can correct it before the conversion with good results in Resolve Studio but I could also just shoot with my zebras at 80% at the highest, just like with V-Log. Has anyone any idea what would the most optimal solution for keeping the noise low and also using the full DR of the camera when shooting Cinelike D with the intention of using the footage with S1 Alex? Many thanks in advance!
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