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  1. i shoot still life. obviously you don't know what you are talking about. you can also see people filming with their phones, so what's the point ? they have clients ? they make a living out of it ? thay can assume a job and do exactly what the client needs ? that stuff is easy now. you think making videos needs more skills than photography, well i don't share that point of view. it's just different. you only think technique, some directors don't have any as i said, it doesn't mean they are stupid or bad directors. well you can keep arguying as long as you want, we just don't have the same point of view. period. can we now get back to the subject ?
  2. well i am a pro photographer for over 20 years now so i guess i have a little idea of waht is getting experience and all the blabla thing. i just know what i want to do and don't need to get out with my camera shooting whatever goes in front of it as it is not what i want to do. just accept that not everybody do as you expect to. there are many ways to learn, not just one. you can shoot every day and do some shitty stuff like you can shoot a movie every 5 year that can be great. no rules. all i can tell you is that the best directors know some movies by heart and learn from watching films. at a point directing is not holding the camera anymore but getting the right team all together. there are some directors that don't know a damn thing about technique, and it is not their concern they have a tema for that. we have diferent views, this i get. let's get back to what my thread is about if you please
  3. new fw https://www.atomos.com/firmware/ninja-v Release Notes AtomOS 10.1 NINJA V Features: Added support for AtomX SDI moduleOn the input menu you can select SDI by touching the “> INPUT” option under “SOURCE”. • NinjaV must be running AtomOS 10.1 or greater for SDI support. Added support for GPT file system to allow compatibility for SSDs greater than 2TB• SSDs must be formatted on the NinjaV to support GPT. • GPT formatted SSDs are currently only compatible with AtomOS 10.1 or greater and will not work with earlier versions.• Drives with capacity less than or equal to 2TB will continue to compatible with all AtomOS versions.Added analog audio embeddingYou can now embed your line/mic in audio onto any channel on the HDMI or SDI loop out port. • Channel selection can be made in the Meters menu by touching the audio meters.
  4. casey neistat shoots everyday too just as many others. i don't call them directors. i do agree on the "at least he is shooting" but hey, it is far more easy to go out in the street and do vloging than set up a project that takes days if not weeks or monthes. it is just not the same thing. to be honest i see a lot here and sometimes think "ok, but you, what do you produce ? let's see what you do" so i kinda understand your feeling. i got my camera in december and shot 3 films, i can tell you it is not that easy. it also depends on the expetations you have and what you want to do. of course i could go down the street and film whatever i like, this is just not what i want to do.
  5. followers isn't a good reference. sorry but so many have otns of followers, if it is your critaeria it is not mine. i've seen a few of his videos, they are not about hitchhikers, like taking girls in an indian restaurant or going to see a kid in the subway. if this is writing for you then any tutorial is writing too it is reportage but not what i meant by film
  6. but to me it is more vloging than "filming" as he doesn't write any story or plans anything
  7. yep will do 1.33x i won't go. yes cropping is not that bad as long as i can properly frame when shooting
  8. i kinda like the 16f flares too, not so blue it seems. looks sharp too. but i really don't know all lenses that is also why i am asking here for advices. yes, i've been in photography (it is my job) for 20 years so cropping is something i am not a big fan of, but depends on what the final result has to be. i don't mind cropping if the picture ends up medium size on a website, i do mind if it is for big prints. shooting 16:9 at the moment so 1.5x seems ideal, but who knows, fuji might implement 4:3 firmware some day and i might get a bmpcc in the future so 2x might be a good option. and i can set the aspect ratio i want into resolve and crop the sides as mentionned. just have to figure out how it works with the ninja v to see if i can really see what i am framing and set the aspect ratio i want one thing for sure is that i would like to stay as compact as possible. i also wonder why everybody is using vintage lenses ? i have some but would like to keep using modern ones too
  9. ok but it takes so much time to search into groups. i see there is a 16f without the clamps for sale at 400$ on that group. but it is brand new
  10. there is an eiki sankor 16f for sale close to my place. around 420€ with redstan mounts. thing is i don't find many informations about the F one, lots about the D or C but F... what do you think ? this footage looks pretty sharp
  11. wow, that is complete. much appreciate you taking time to explain all this. thanks !! makes more sense of course. i have to digest all this now.
  12. man !! not what i expected at all !! no lightning, no grading, basic subs and editing. but i loved it !! i actualy couldn't stop it. reminds me of a trip where i drove from kiev ukraine to gomel belarus, epic.
  13. thanks caleb. i am learning things and that's great. didn't realized that it gets wider with anamorphic. i like to shot 24mm on ff so that's about 17 on my fuji. i have a 17mm 3.5 from tokina and i like it. i don't often shoot with it but it happens and kinda want to keep that option. i think 1.5x is the right way to go on 16/9 sensors, 2x is too stretched to me. and you're also right saying that variable diopter is a good solution. what do you mean by cropping ? what lenses do you use ? can i have pros and cons ?
  14. yup, looks like you have to make some concessions to get anamorphic, or be a millionnaire lol
  15. doesn't look that bad. i guess my main problem is to find a lens that can handle wide angle. had a look into slr magic 1.33x not so crazy about it
  16. Thanks zeek Will look into It What i am afraid of with the double focus and thèse kinds of setups Is that it cannot really be used handheld. Am i wrong ?
  17. would have liked to see a shot at night to see the bokeh shape and more flares
  18. thanks for that very complete answer !! thing is i cannot get the new lenses as they are for m43 and i have S35 sensor. so i guess the 1.33x is good for me. as i long as i keep shooting with the xt3, but not if i also have a bmcc4k my problem is that i don't really know most of the lenses you tell me to look into but looks like most of them are double focus. and i don't want to go there at the moment. same for wide angles, don't want to change the way i work over technique and i love to shoot wide angle. for dessqueezing i have the ninja v that i am sure can do it. maybe @Tito Ferradans will come visit this thread and tell me what my best options are
  19. whatever, even with google translate it is a pain and not everything is translated. can't find the same product on aliexpress
  20. just found this that i really loved too. great framing, great music and beautifull images
  21. thanks, but personaly i don't know anyone that could actualy build the cable even with wiring diagram i am not even sure that what is working on the crane will work with an other gimbal. not even talking of the nucleus nano
  22. so cool. but would you have the english version lol i am not really fluent in japanese or is it chinese ?
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