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  1. Alexa's rolling shutter performance isn't that impressive. Alexa XT: 8ms in 16:9/4:3 2880 sensor mode, 13ms in open gate sensor mode. Alexa LF: 14ms open gate mode. Alexa 65: 15.6ms open gate mode.
  2. Sony's IBIS has very little room for the sensor to shift due to the restricted E-mount diameter (designed for both APS-C and FF!), smaller movements make it less likely to have perspective distortion.
  3. A1 readout modes: 8K up to 30P: Over-sampled from 8640 x 4860 full width readout. 17ms rolling shutter. 1/57s readout speed. FF 4K up to 60P: 2 x 2 pixel-binned from full width to 4320 x 2430, then over-sampled to 3840 x 2160. 9ms rolling shutter. 1/114s readout speed. 4K 120P: 2 x 2 pixel-binned from 7680 x 4320 window (1.12x crop) to 3840 x 2160. 8ms rolling shutter. 1/124s readout speed. S35 crop 4K up to 60P: Over-sampled from 5760 x 3240 window (1.5x crop) to 3840 x 2160. 11ms rolling shutter. 1/90s readout speed.
  4. That's BS. Both R5 and A1 shoot 8K using full width of the sensor. On R5 it has to be 8K DCI mode (8192 pixel wide). 8K UHD has a 1.06x crop. A1 oversamples from 8.6K and it only shoots 8K UHD so no crop at all.
  5. A1 seems to have insane rolling shutter performance for video. Only 2ms for 8K 30P, thanks to DRAM being made available for video read-out modes for the first time ever. In stills mode, this increases to 5ms @14bit readout.
  6. https://videovillage.co/filmbox/
  7. Still can't disable edge enhancement and noise reduction on iPhones.
  8. In Premiere Pro, you don't have to drag to resize. Simply right click the clip and choose "Scale to frame size" and it will match timeline resolution. Make sure "Maximum render quality" is checked so it uses a good quality up-scaling algorithm (bicubic).
  9. The guy @Matt Perks is actually a member of this forum.
  10. DELL UP2720Q Hardware calibration with internal colorimeter, decent results. Supports Calman and can interface with external spectrometer/colorimeter for even higher accuracy.
  11. Use AF-C and position your focus box to where you want. Turn off Face detection as well, it can detect more than 5 faces and you can assign a button to change faces.
  12. All modern main stream smartphones are doing it, OnePlus, Xiaomi etc.
  13. It's just marketing BS for frame-blending HDR. Newer iPhones do this for 4K 60P (2-frame blended from 120P).
  14. X-T3 V4 firmware download: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/download/firmware/cameras/x-t3/
  15. Camera2 API is for Android. iOS camera API does not yet allow sharpness/noise reduction control in either photo or video mode.
  16. Can the background colour be a dark neutral gray instead of navy blue? It's still blue light and may be too much of a visual stimuli, defeating the purpose of a dark theme which is often used at night. Also can the forum width be a bit wider? I find 80% still leaves too much blank space.
  17. Based on an industrial sensor https://www.gpixel.com/products/area-scan-en/gmax3265-3-2-μm-65-mp-global-shutter-image-sensor/ Image quality is shit.
  18. Sony Semicon imposes strict licensing restrictions, one of these restrictions is that certain sensors can only be put in specific products (eg. mobile phone only). This is why drone cameras from Autel/DJI have only recently started using the more than 3 years old IMX586 sensor.
  19. 23.6MP sensor (IMX677), 5K 30P Video (5120 x 2880), 20MP photos, 1.4in front screen for preview/status, 2.27in main screen, 479 Euro.
  20. Leaked image of Canon engineer working on R5 firmware update:
  21. The guy who did the teardown uploaded new FLIR images showing the temperature after the "overheating" shutdown. Highest spot was 64C. http://c.tieba.baidu.com/p/6848700307?pn=5
  22. Yeah, a simple qualifier and a small amount of blur got rid of the moire: It must have happened by coincidence - the texture of the t-shirt and the sharpness/focusing of the lens produced just the right amount of high frequency detail that the sensor could not resolve. Maybe next time you can ask the subject to be shirtless, moire-free guaranteed and you'd get more views
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