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  1. If it works the same as Fuji’s other cameras, setting the mount adaptor setting to match the focal length of adapted lenses should give IBIS the info it needs to work properly: http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/gfx100/menu_shooting/shooting_setting/index.html#mount_adaptor_setting
  2. I don’t think Apple has given up on the prosumer market (their laptops are huge among creative prosumers), so much as recognized that—of the people complaining about wanting a modular, upgradable Mac desktop—only the well-funded, professional clientele are guaranteed to actually buy one. This is a niche of a niche for Apple with zero economies of scale, so it needs to be built for success. If it meets with success, the features might be funneled back to a lower end Mac Pro offering at some point. This kind of high-end subsidization of prosumer products is common. If not, Apple will probably ab
  3. Just keep doing you, man! The level to which brainless, artless social media whores have taken over representing creativity online is truly horrifying. Beyond shameful brand and corporate alignment, these folks have rendered the pursuit of art into a series of meaningless life hacks that give uncreative consumers the illusion of creativity. Want to be a great photographer? Strive for bokeh! Take long exposures of shorelines! Orange and teal everything! Lift those shadows to a mid-tone gray and vintagize your images by 30%! Consider these five tricks to make your photos look like [insert u
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