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  1. Just now, MicahMahaffey said:

    Honestly, I bought the s1 used "like new" for $1600 earlier this month. It came with v-log too! 

    If the new s5 is $2000 (assuming) new then I still think the s1 was a much better buy. 

    I like big camera bodies and it's one of the reasons I got an s1, although a small reason, it still mattered to me. I wanted a tanky daily driver work horse of a camera! Something with great battery life, a bright screen, big body, good evf, 

    So after thinking about the s5, it honestly doesn't really sound like the camera I wanted anyway, the s1 literally is the camera I wanted, so I'm happy with my purchase. I learned I'm able to return my s1 if i want but I'm choosing not too. 

    4k 60p 10bit is neat, but I hardly even care about 4k 60p, even then, 8bit 60p looks fantastic! 

    I still think the s1 is the nicer more professional camera overall and its used prices are so good that it wins against the s5 when it comes to cost. Again, assuming the s5 will be $2000. 

    Yes we'll see. I got an S1 plus 24-105 f4 for $1900 so I am not unhappy with it. 

  2. 10 bit up to 4k 120p would be expected for me. Canon and Sony are doing it with full frame sensors. Good low light performance is expected and IBIS. 

    To really change up the game, some sort of 12 bit recording or E-ND would be huge and really give a big reason to stick with M43, even if AF still sucks. 

  3. 12 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

    I see a difference between segmentation and crippling. Both can be frustrating, but segmentation can be fine as long as it's not abused. 

    Panasonic has always done a good job, I think, when it comes to segmentation. That 2016-2018 period specifically saw a variety of options, at a bunch of reasonable price points. The G85, which is still a very good camera even today, was fairly priced, and was a great value for the time with excellent features. If you needed more control, etc. you could spend more and get the GH5, but you were still capable of doing maybe 80% of what the GH5 could do with the G85. While some would argue the GH5 was priced too high, especially once the A7iii was released, those features the GH5 had were unmatched at that price point. 

    The GH5 was also very well featured even against their cinema cameras as is the S1 and soon to be S5

  4. A pocket 6k/4k rig isn't that crazy. Sony NPF batteries mounted to a half cage on top do the trick. A monitor is definitely nice but not 100% necessary. Most of the gimbal shots I do I stay the same distance from my subject to avoid focus change. 

    A Fuji XT3 or Panasonic S1 are also good options for you. Definitely a jump up in image on both those cams from a C100. 

  5. 3 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    It has 10bit 422 and even 4k60p 10bit 420 APSC. Much better than S1 without VLog update. So S1 is the entry level cam for video. 1300USD for the S5? Maybe better to sell mine now and to get a S5 later one instead of buying the Vlog update for 200EU! I think, Panasonic should give the S1 the update for free, if 10bit 4K60 included even more awesome.


    I have a S1 without the Vlog update and I am sofore filming with the slim 75mbit 10 bit 420. It is pretty nice indeed with its HLG. It is very bad on evenly coloured plain surfaces with super nasty artefacts and blocks if graded a bit stronger. So best to do a test before using it for professional shoots. Other than that it has great colour and gradation. It is better in the dark as well the 8bit 100mbit h264.


  6. 6 hours ago, Dustin said:

    As a new Fuji xt3 owner, can someone enlighten me on the exposure stepping with the 18-55 2.8-4? You mean to say when you zoom in, not only the f stop changes but the iso does (without technically changing)? Ive only owned this kit for a few days, still learning the ins and outs. Loving it so far. Mainly have just shot 10 bit h.265/Eterna 

    Yeah there is a shift when zooming for some reason. Its not ISO or F stop. Very weird but pretty much makes zooming in while recording not usable. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

    Thats too bad, cause sony AF is already way worse then canon. 


    Yeah I knew it was pretty good but wondering how it stacks up against the a7s iii. (Not sure which is the best ibis now r5 or s1, a7siii seems not that great)

    I don’t think a7s3 changed from the previous 

  8. 2 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

    So based on youtube reviews the A7S III its IBIS is worse then the R5, what about the panasonic s1? I am planning on using EF lenses btw. Is the ibis system of the A7S III still the same as the A7III/A7S II? (which wasnt that great vs gh5/S1H)  

    The S1 IBIS is outstanding. 

  9. I've heard the XT4 auto focus is improved with the recent firmware update 1.03 

    I wonder how much it improves it. A full frame XT4 (with a metabones) is compelling. Great color and 4k 60p, great 120P. 

    Ends up at around 2k with the metabones. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Super8 said:

    Did you really take a screen shot from you tube at HD?

    What are you talking about? The video you linked was posted in 1080p. The compression is so bad you can't tell what the ISO performance is. 

     Again dynamic range and ISO tests haven't really been done to see what kind of sensor this camera has. But yes I'd rather have a Pocket 6k if it gives more dynamic range and better ISO performance or an S1H with prores RAW. 


    3 minutes ago, Coiii said:

    2K is mostly for high speed recording. Also, why would you use this camera to shoot 24p HD? This is a 6K Raw cinema camera...

    The video of the plane was shot in 6k. 

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