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  1. Not sure how you mess up dynamic range with an XT3, it’s amazing in RAW and even jpeg. Heck even the 10 bit log is pretty decent. Low light performance is definitely lacking. 3200 on the Fuji is about as clean as 12,800 on the Sony or S1 or Z6. That said you don’t get the overdone noise reduction. But yeah you need more batteries and stabilization. Simple as that.

  2. 11 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    For the love of god please please tell me this was NOT a bts pic from while you were rolling! Although from that read lettering at the top of the BMPCC4K display I fear you were. 

    As the boom mic is waaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far away!

    I am not sure though I think we were rolling. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, bytebuster said:

    Hi folks. I am a recent convert to Fuji (from Sony). Love the color straight out of camera and am now a believer

    Some questions -

    1. Noticed a smell from the camera once I hit record. It’s pretty strong. Saw some folks allude to this in this thread. Is this normal? 

    2. The one thing I really missed on the Fuji is custom user settings (which I have programmed¬†on my a73). This allows me to quickly switch from photo to [email protected] or to [email protected]

    Was a little painful switching between these modes quickly on the xt3

    3. Which lens would u guys recommend for low light photography and videography? I am worried the f2s won’t cut it for night time videography 

    I've never noticed a smell that's really odd. 

    I'm waiting on the Viltrox lenses to come out. They were supposed to be released this month the 23 1.4, 33 1.4 and 56mm 1.4. 

    Otherwise the old Fuji 1.4 primes are great but don't focus as good as the newer F2 models.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Dustin said:

    Debating on selling my A6500 system. Love the image, Auto Focus - hate the ibis, handling of the camera, battery life, expensive Sony lenses etc. I’ve seen a lot of good content produced with a GH5. Sony IBIS on this camera just doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I have shaky hands. I have tried using a manfrotto mini tripod stick as a cheap shoulder rig and it does help. But for the minimal amount I have invested in this system, I’m thinking about trying something new.

    Currently have only a Sony 35mm1.8. If you could recommend one lens zoom or prime what would you recommend for the GH5? Affordability is a factor as I’d have to go all in selling all my Sony gear.

    For affordability the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 and 25mm 1.7 might be a good place to start. 

    The Olympus 17mm 1.8, 25mm 1.8 are great but a little more pricey. The Samyang/rokinon 12mm f2 is a fantastic wide prime as well. 


  5. 3 hours ago, kye said:

    It's relatively easy to work out how much DoF your eyes have by bringing up a test chart on a laptop / tablet, putting your finger in the line of sight of the chart and focussing on your finger and seeing which detail in the test chart is discernible and which isn't.

    It ranges with focus distance of course, and also with low light when your eye opens up giving a larger aperture.

    It's not the crazy DoF of a 50mm at 1.2 or anything, but the background defocus is a thing, and F4 of 5.6 is easily within the range of our vision, so should look natural.

    It's a good experiment to do so you're aware of it.

    Yes but f4 or 5.6 is far from what we are seeing so often now. I think its a little ridiculous to think the audience is going to be concentrating on a backdrop, if that's the case the storytelling is probably very lacking. Maybe a more creative use of it would be if you want the character to feel boxed in as that is essentially what you are doing to the audience. 

    Anyways that's just my little rant as I really hate the overuse of it in a lot of films I see. Not so much low budget stuff as they are often trying to work around non existent set design, but in hollywood stuff. 


  6. 9 hours ago, Zak Forsman said:

    Seems people like pairing their S1H with Leica-R lenses... and I'm one of them! I'm shooting a short doc on my brother about his comic book, "I Am Not Okay With This", as it's currently being adapted into a series for Netflix. This will be the second time he's had a comic book adapted into a series. The first was "The End of the F*cking World" which did well, however, he told me that people would see him signing copies of the original comic at cons, and accuse him of "ripping off the show". So this time, i wanted to help raise his profile a bit when "I Am Not Okay With This" is released, and it gives me something to flex my creative muscles on. Anyway, some sample stills... Panasonic S1H, Leica Summicron-R 35mm, 50mm, & 90mm. Not a final grade -- just wanted to get some images out.


    That is really awesome dude! What did he think of the netflix adaption of his material. That top frame is btw


    6 minutes ago, Lux Shots said:

    Here is a video shot to really push the hell out of the grade and stress the 200Mbps H265 codec. Shot in 5.9K encoded at 50Mbps with 150Mbps Mbps maximum.


    How do you think it did?

  7. 6 hours ago, homestar_kevin said:

    I've been really getting into CLAR brand lights from adorama. CLAR seems to be a house brand they're using to sell various Chinese lighting products.

    They have the Ilumi Max 120 and 300, which I've gotten one of each.

    The 120 is bicolor and my 300 is 5600k Daylight balanced.

    The 300 has a pretty big power brick/ballast with fans and stuff, but the output is incredible.

    The 120 seems great too.

    I haven't put these through long term tests, more just unboxing and initial impressions, but they're absolutely awesome.

    For the price of an aperture 300d mkII, I've gotten the 120, the 300, a 31" china ball bowens modifier, a 38" parabolic bowens softbox, and a fresnel lens attachment. 

    The softboxes both seem awesome and are both easy set up models. The fresnel lens I'm not sure of. It's not a glass fresnel lens up front, but the Lenticular Lens that is there is nice and the unit is pretty good, especially for the price.

    The fresnel is an area I may buy the aperture brand modifier, but I'm very very happy with everything else I've bought from them. 

    This brand looks very interesting. Though from reviews it seems the 300 light is closer to a aperture 120d rather than the 300

  8. 3 minutes ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

    Yes it works well for me.

    But I don't use autofocus for video

    I use the sigma 45 mm for stills and the autofocus is fine for that

    I still would like to have a wideangle lens with autofocus in the same size of the 45 mm.

    For video to not have to worry about in camera settings such as

    white balance


    picture profile

    is what makes this camera great for me.

    I can put the sharpness in camera at +5 and get a clear picture for focussing

    and later in resolve I set the dng sharpness to what I want.

    Do you find the dynamic range lacking? 

  9. 7 hours ago, Lars Steenhoff said:

    The workflow with raw is very easy for me, I have realtime playback in resolve at 4k and even adding effects like filmconvert still play in realtime. ( I do have a radeon 7 that helps )

    If you add a small hd oled, you also get your headphone output back

    and the flipping screen

    and the peaking and zebras at the same time

    and lut support

    Its what makes the camera complete for me.

    Now I'm waiting for in camera playback and I'm all set

    So you are happy with the Sigma it sounds like?

  10. 9 minutes ago, mercer said:

    I guess the Z6 is a good hybrid? I don't shot stills so I'm not the best person to ask. As a raw camera, I wouldn't want the external recorder.

    What type of stuff do you shoot? Have you considered having two cameras... one for video and one for stills? The z-cam e2c is a cheap cinema camera that shoots raw, ProRes and h.265 and you can use your phone to monitor and control the camera. As you mentioned the G9 has become a pretty good hybrid with excellent IBIS and 10 bit video. 

    The only camera out that I would forego raw video is the S1H... but it's a bit pricey IMO.

    The S1 gives pretty much the same image if you don't need 4k 60p in 10 bit and gives you $2000 to invest in a lens which you'll need if you want to shoot stills.

    Here is one for $1699, thats $2300 more for lenses or rent ?


  11. 1 hour ago, mercer said:

    It's a shame Sigma didn't include better exposure tools for its raw video and haven't developed a recommended post workflow, or even a plug-in, for different NLEs.

    What camera are you thinking of getting?

    You think its the software rather than the image? That would make sense as given the sensor a RAW image should have plenty of information to work with. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

    Ouch, lesson learned.

    This is also a quirk of the dual gain circuits on the Pocket and GH5S. Sometimes, on the GH5S, I get better results (noise wise) by bumping up the ISO to engage the "high" circuit and then adjust exposure down. I loose DR but in a lot of those cases DR doesn't matter that much (low-light or not a high DR scene). 

    Yeah the high end of the low circuit looks terrible. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Deadcode said:

    Fair enough response ?

    But at least i know how to get the most ouf of my camera :) RAW is way overrated, and mostly praised by people who shoot flower shots in the garden.

    By the way here you can see a nice raw vs 8 bit h264

    Different sensors of course so there could be more of a difference with the Z6. That said it won't be over a stop. Again I think its more the higher color depth that is important for some at least.

  14. 4 hours ago, Mark Romero 2 said:

    So is it really going to give that much better real-world dynamic range than a Panasonic S1 / S1H, or even a BMD Pocket 4K???

    Yeah I doubt it. It will really be about the extra color information which should yield better skintones etc. I like the form factor of the Pocket cameras more and the 6k image quality is pretty unbeatable. That said you get the better low light performance and auto focus. Though you may not get auto focus with prores raw considering you can't with LOG?

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