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  1. On 3/25/2018 at 2:11 PM, Matthew Hartman said:

    Here's some other films of his:

    (Shot with NX1)


    thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing and checking out my other work :) I hope you enjoyed them! Means a lot and thank you everyone for watching!!! :D It really means a ton :) 

  2. On 3/18/2018 at 11:15 PM, Juxx989 said:

    Man I don't even want to ask how long it took to model animate and render that stuff... I started in the Late 90's On Newtek Lightwave 3D then moved to 3D studio Max... But could never Get my Legs in  MAYA (I really dislike Maya. Perhaps if I learned it first but back then it was a $15,000 Program and you had to have a $10,000 computer to run it!) 

    What did you use for this? I see by the credits only about 4 people worked on this.

    If I had to make something I would probably use Cinema 4D + After effects.

    Any How: Verrry Cool.

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    It took waaaaaayyyy to long lol, I did everything VFX related on my own, hence why it took so long for me to complete, I also had little to no knowledge of 3D animating prior. I used element 3D inside after effects for 98% of it all. Used blender for some modeling. Id be getting close to finishing when I'd suddenly have a cool idea for a sequence and figured it would be a good time to learn. The original script for this film was 4 pages, ended up being a 15 minute film, yikes! got a little carried away haha, I couldn't imagine working with #D animation a few years ago. Thanks for watching! :D 

    On 3/18/2018 at 11:33 PM, Matthew Hartman said:


    Great stuff. I've been following your stuff for a couple years now. Great addition. 

    THANKS! :) I appreciate the viewership 

  3. Here is a VFX heavy short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 years ago, finally decided to finish it and get it online so here it is! :) The last scene is the canon T3i 

    all lenses used are the rokinon 24mm f1.4 and Canon 50mm f1.4 ;) 

    Watching in 4k is strongly recommended as YouTube loves compressing things 



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