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  1. Still, they have been dropping hints that one will be released this year. https://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-interview-at-dpreview-clearly-hints-new-lx200-is-coming/ I think one of the reasons they have been slow in updating is that the LX100 is pretty fully featured already - optical stabilization, excellent fast lens, 4k video.
  2. My GF has one (well the Leica branded version) which she absolutely loves and has been using daily for the last 3 years. About time for an upgrade but it really has stood the test of time.
  3. 1. Actually this 'quirk' isnt to do with C1/C2. You cannot 'set a custom WB' in movie mode (only in still modes). There is a fairly simple work around. Set your white balance to 'custom 1' in C1/C2. Move to any stills mode 'set the custom white balance' and register it to 'custom 1' (default.) I think it works this way because when it sets a custom white balance it takes a still photo. 2. Yes my A7 works the same way. Again, I dont think this is actually tied to C1/C2. I think it is the case that auto iso works this way when shooting 4k (and differently in HD.)
  4. I dont actually own a dvd player anymore. When I do presentations I hand out usb thumbdrives. Isnt that easier? You can simply plug it in to your laptop/desktop/android box/TV/Apple TV etc.. Is there any real advantage to a DVD?
  5. One factor in favor of the B85 is that it has OIS. I find Sony lenses with OIS provide smoother stabilisation (when combined with IBIS) in video than lenses without OIS. Certainly the Batis is better than the GM85.
  6. I never use 'movie mode'. I have set up my camera with 'C1' as 'default 4k settings' and C2 as 'default HD 120' settings. I occasionally use S&Q for 'slo mo' or 'time-lapse'.
  7. Yes to a,certain degree. Ram sticks are available up to 16gb. A motherboard will typically have 4 to 8 slots. Ram is dual channel which basically means if you only want 16gb you should buy 2x 8 rather than 1x 16. You still eventually get bitten into upgrading your ram sticks when new motherboards come out that don't support your dram generation.
  8. It seems to me the price of getting bigger sensors into cameras is falling faster than the cost of getting bigger faster lenses to make up for the smaller sensors.
  9. Even more idiotic is that the cameras reset the clip names (back to 0001) with each SD card (and this cant be changed unlike with stills where the number can be sequential.)
  10. I wouldnt be very optimistic about the long term income prospects for stock video Take this site... https://www.shutterstock.com/ Look at the stock video rates - typically US$79 for a 1080p clip and US$199 for 4k - sounds like a good business right? Then take a look at the stock photo rates on the same site. A US$29 monthly fee gets you 10 images or US$2.9 an image. And if you want a lot of images a month, you can get them for as little as 27cents an image. Essentially stock photo prices have fallen by over 95% in the past 15 years (with the democratisation of photogr
  11. Yes, I can see what you mean. When I posted I hadn’t given it much thought and really meant it was something that I personally wasn’t looking for. Certainly for more ‘professional’ type work I can see why people would want/need this.
  12. I don’t really see a huge advantage to interchangeable lenses but the design where the lenses can be changed without rebalancing makes sense. The design looks pretty conservative -retractable legs? Same battery? Anyway, I am really looking for a Magic Pro 2 where the rumors have got a bit hazy over the past couple of months.
  13. To be honest, I think this is a slightly different issue. I do think that Sony has auto white balance issues which result in funky/unattractive colors in some instances. And it is difficult to get consistent colors out of Sony’s.
  14. Honestly your arguments are not substantive For Instance you claim that Canon colors have more ‘dimensionality’ but you don’t explain how and why. I could equally claim Sony colors look more 3D rather than the 2D of Canon colors. Are these substantive arguments or two people BSing each other?
  15. I am certainly not talking semantics here and I know ‘color science’ is a standard industry term. But it’s a bit like another industry term - ethical banking - I just don’t see much evidence that exists. And let’s look at this logically - when Yurolov says ‘that you don’t understand color science if you can’t recognize Canon colors are superior’ - it implies he understands color science and I do not - which is obviously pretty reasonable. But, as a corollary it also implies that he understands ‘color science’ but Sony does not. Now essentially that has to be heroically optimistic. I mean
  16. Certainly no posts here. This is a video site. I dont think anyone here is interested in the advantages of using luminosity masks in Photoshop or why you should use curves instead of levels. And in terms of composition - the geometry in dynamic symmetry and why it matters.(And I dont think these subjects adapt well to the internet in any case.)
  17. Hi Salim, I am in a vaguely similar position in that I am debating whether to buy a second A7r3 or an A7iii as back up for my existing a7R3, (Actually I would like an A9 with picture profiles but that doesnt sound very likely.) If you happen to be addicted to high resolution sensors (like me) I wouldnt hesitate a minute in buying the A7r3. The video autofocus is really good. I dont know if the A7iii is better (because I havent tried it) but it doesnt seem noticeably better. Obviously the biggest loss by buying an A7riii over an A7iii is the money
  18. Well arguably I am both. I happen to teach (or give workshops) on composition theory and Photoshop techniques because I am basically a photographer. I am 'learning' video (or trying to). There is obviously overlap between the two (but less than I imagined).
  19. Yes, I agree it is a 'bit funny' but I was trying to make a serious point. You literally make a video 'better' by one metric by making it 'worse' by another. This is why it is easy to find people saying on this site that think Sigma Art lenses are 'brilliant' because they are super sharp and have little distortion and someone says they like say an FD lens from the 1960s because of the 'character' and 'rendering'. When Yurolov says above that the Canon skin 'appears smooth and uniform' all he actually means to someone else 'that it lacks detail' or is 'out of focus'. And BTW I have h
  20. Well lets start by getting this one out of the way. 'Color science' is an oxymoron. Because science deals with facts and color is a perception. Exactly the same rose will 'look' a different red to anyone against a blue background than a green background. And I just feel there is a whole less 'science' and a whole lot more 'subjectivity'than people imagine. And let me explain something very basic. I havent been doing video very long (I am a photographer) - about 6 months. But I have been studying hard and trying to learn. I have learnt that pretty much everyone goes for or likes
  21. Honestly, I am not trolling but I just disagree the 'results speak for themselves'. Lets take a very specific example where the commentators are 'drooling' over the Canon cameras. So look I understand that people see better Canon color here but I dont. I actually dont like either very much but the Canon is definitely too green for me. But more obviously, the Canon is less sharp/softer which makes it look more 'cinematic'. Softness tends to be a 'character' of 5D mkiv images in general but I dont see it as much of an advantage because you can always make images less detail
  22. Sony is in a fairly unique position in that it is 'the' sensor manufacturer which essentially means it can say breakeven on the camera and make money on the sensor or breakeven on the sensor and make money on the camera. They get even more flexibility because the 'marginal cost' of a sensor is low but the price (based on the 'average cost') is high. And honestly when you have a 20 page thread on EOSHD about 'the battle of 3 M43 cameras' when the obvious winner is Sony who is providing the same sensor (apparently designed for security cameras) I dont think we have to worry that Sony is 'gi
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