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  1. I really understand the point you are making but sadly in the business world the 'exact opposite' is true. Samsung has already shown that the opinions of those who consider the NX1 the 'best ever' hybrid dont 'count' because there are 'not enough of them' to keep the camera in production. And honestly if 'only' opinions of people who have bought and used the system arent worth anything you are rather heroically ruling out 99.9% of the demographic which rather explains the problem. The biggest problem that Samsung faces is 'NOT' that it produced crappy cameras that nobody wanted to bu
  2. But really 'the problem' is much more complicated than this. For instance it may not 'aggregate' - while he may 'trust' you, can he trust everyone? And the problem of excessive smartphone use is that it is an 'addiction' - which inherently means that they dont understand or have control over using the smartphone in a manner that is always in their 'best interests'. Look there are main board directors of Facebook who you can see on youtube saying they will never buy their children a smartphone (their children can buy one for themselves when they get a job). When I go out to dinner w
  3. Unfortunately this thread is about whether Samsung is going to re-enter the market which is really about 'whether if Samsung introduce a groundbreaking new camera/hybrid' it will sell well or not. I remember the NX1 - it got some insanely good reviews (Dpreview and I think the Camerastoretv). I never bought it - lack of lenses (which other mirrorless had at the time and dont have now), it being 'ugly' (obviously not a good reason but we are all tarts at heart) and being 'too big' for an apsc mirrorless were all factors that jump to mind.) It's like Pentax - excellent cameras that no
  4. I have been shooting Sony full frame for 4 years and the colors never really bothered me. I have been taking photos and shooting raw and nearly always change the colors anyway so no problem. But I started shooting video a couple of months and you simply cant do that - you need to get it right in camera and I am finding the colors a bit of a struggle. My personal feeling (which maybe bullshit because I dont have much experience) is that Sony doesnt have a 'color' issue so much as a 'white balance' issue. Which makes it horribly difficult to get decent colors with a single set of settings..
  5. My son's (he is 4) school has a no phone policy for both the students and the teachers. Seems like a very good policy to me. However, I was discussing this with a CEO of an international brand a year ago. He simply said it was impractical. If they implemented such a policy then word would get around (presumably by smartphone) and noone would work for them (as they would be seen as a bad employer.)
  6. I dont know what your problem is BUT he is a 1Dx ii user who had the A7iii 'for about a week'. It is almost certainly littered with 'new toy' exaggerations although he did at least vlog with the camera.. But the Op here asked for opinions. And I dont know who is better to give opinions than someone who has used both cameras. Admittedly a week isnt a long time but it is fairly long in terms of the A7iii when the camera was only released in the US two weeks ago. If you happen to be better qualified to give your opinions go ahead....
  7. Here's a decent video on the subject.... My take on it.... 1) The fact that we are comparing a US$2000 Sony against a US$6000 Canon really speaks volumes about the Sony. If the switch in terms of camera + lenses is a wash then the Sony sets you up better in the future - a US$2000 replacement or a US$6000 replacement (using a Sony body with Canon lenses and expecting good video af would be heroically optimistic.) 2) If you dont value ibis (which allows a lot of handheld especially at 120p) or the fact that you can use a smaller gimbal isnt of much interest, there isnt a
  8. My settings on my A7riii are incredibly close to these - even the color adjustments are within 2 points on each color. I do have detail set to 0 on 120p (-6 4k).
  9. Does 'face registration' not work in video mode?
  10. 'Upgraded my phone' is a pretty 'odd' expression that we all use. I mean absolutely noone has ever said 'I just bought a new phone and my phone calls now are just so much clearer'. The biggest 'delta' in a new phone these days is the camera. I would guess that Samsung sees itself - not as a company that has 'exited' the camera business - but as the biggest camera manufacturer in the world. I dont think that 'proper cameras' will become 'more niche' they are already outnumbered by smartphones 100:1. Here in Asia I feel there are more 'proper cameras' being bought now, as people get bi
  11. Data for digital cameras come from CIPA 2017 http://www.cipa.jp/stats/documents/e/d-201712_e.pdf Actually they show the entire digital camera market at 800 billion yen or about US$8bn (but that is at shipping values which would be lower than retail.) Mirrorless is 220 billion yen or US$2bn. Yes its growing but I do think it is really about splitting up the digital camera pie which is why Canon/Nikon is interested in mirrorless. Arguably Canon/Nikon/ Panasonic/Sony/Ollympus/Fuji are just fighting over a US$2bn market. Total number of interchangeable lens cameras sold in 2017
  12. Unfortunately, this is exactly the point. It is why every Samsung fanboy would like a new camera from them and exactly why they wont introduce one. If you produce the 'best hybrid on the market' and the resulting sales are so low that CIPA doesnt even record them, you might as well give up - which is exactly what they did. A huge shrug and moving on isnt exactly the best incentive to return to a market.
  13. I wonder if the modern digital camera manufacturers are missing a trick here. It seems the desire for a more 'filmic' look for video is fairly universal. However if I go through the 10 picture profiles on say my Sony, I basically find an odd mix of either 'digital video' looks or 's-log' which is really an attempt to give you as much leeway in post to create your own look (which isnt a lot with an 8 bit file.) What I dont see is much attempt at creating 'creative profiles' that match what would be considered a 'filmic look' straight out of camera (or with limited tweaking.) Seems this is
  14. I dont see it myself. The numbers dont really add up. The digital camera market (ILC/compacts) is a US$10bn a year market of which Canon/Nikon/Sony hold 85%. If Samsung re-entered the market and we heroically optimistically assumed they gained a 10% share - it would only amount to US$1bn a year - less than 0.5% of Samsungs US$200bn+ annual sales. Compare that to the US$500bn a year smartphone industry. However there are, I think, two 'possibilities that could bring Samsung back into the market. First, Samsung and Nikon are almost a 'perfect' fit. Samsung key competencies are electron
  15. If you happen to stupid enough, like me, to buy into kickstarter projects, you would realize that a company's ability to realize a project is inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the price, specs and timing of the product they promise.
  16. I see 'professional' and 'closed' system as an oxymoron. Who in their right mind uses a computer whose lifespan is determined by the shortest lifespan of any given component. I gave up using Macs for desktops when Apple stopped making desktops (which is a while ago.)
  17. The D610 is coming up to 5 years old!!
  18. I am sorry. Just because you think it is ‘perfectly acceptable’ doesn’t make it so. You finance your manufacturing costs through ‘finance’ not through interest free, unsecured loans from your customers. What you consider ‘perfectly acceptable’ is actually illegal in some countries. The exception is say Kickstarter where the contract is made explicit that your payment is an unsecured loan.
  19. I agree. The 14 bit raw still files out of my A7riii, I can very nearly do anything with easily in post - so much so I hardly need to get it right in camera. On the opposite end of the scale, my Mavic's 60mb/s 8bit footage needs to be pretty much spot on in camera and it is difficult to do much other than tweak in post. And I find 8 bit slog out of the Sony too difficult to handle in post without banding issues (hopefully more down to inexperience rather than incompetence.)
  20. Interesting. Absolutely no idea if it is true of either the GH5s or BMPCC but here is the pdf flyer of the sensor. https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/products_en/IS/sensor0/img/product/cmos/IMX294CJK_Flyer.pdf Couple of points. 1) It is a standard 4:3 sensor with a 21.63mm diagonal - so if it is in the GH5s it isnt using an 'oversized' sensor as many people had indicated. 2) The sensor is capable of 4k/120 although only in 10 bit (as opposed to 12)
  21. Overall I think Sony are fine. They are in the big sensor market with the A7 - cos they sell sensors. With hybrid ILCs they are very well positioned - their stills are pretty much second to none and they have a strong competitive advantage here. Their video scores as 'good enough' for most prosumers - ok ibis, decent af and no/little crop factor (And certainly good enough when compared to their FF competitors.) But when it comes to the video only/mostly crowd I think it is fairly obvious that FF isnt the sweet spot. You cant currently fit 4k/60, 12 bit raw etc into a small body with a big
  22. Well the latest rumor is that they are going to put a 'stacked' sensor similar to the A9 with a blazing fast sensor readout (A9 is 1/160th for stills). This would all but eradicate rolling shutter. That tech is very expensive though and would easily make the camera US$3500.
  23. Nearly every time a camera comes out you see compromises due to heat problems - say the Fuji XH-1. Its quite possible that the FS5ii is crippled to protect the FS7. But I actually think the heat issues mean we are a 'long way' from seeing 10 bit internal or 4k 60 in an A7siii body with stabilization. I just think with current technology the sensor is too large and the body too small. I am not even sure Sony can bring this to APSC.
  24. I think it is time to give up on the prospect of an A7siii. I feel it is either not going to arrive or arrive with underwhelming specs. If it does arrive, I suspect its stand out feature will be a stacked sensor with fast readout speed that virtually eliminates rolling shutter. That's fine but it is a very expensive solution to what isnt a major problem for 'me'.
  25. OK perhaps you missed my point. The suggestion was that Nikon introduce 16 bit files. As Sony (and others) only produce FF sensors with a maximum of 14 bit digital output, Nikon could only provide 16 bit files by 'padding' the last 2 bits (which is what a lot of the MF cameras are doing). It would still be 14 bits of information in a 16 bit container. To me this sounds like a lousy idea. It is pretty obvious, though, that it will fool some people into believing they have magically created information where none exists!! So I definitely see the marketing angle.
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