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  1. Yes sure, you may well be right. I am merely speculating along with everyone else. I think expectations are high - almost like a GH5 specs with a sensor 4 times the size. And given the problems that Sony have had with overheating (and also Fuji specs or Canon specs) I am just not sure that's possible. The A7iii already brings substantial improvements over the A7sii in areas such as af (and maybe matching lowlight) at significantly lower price point. Sony has already exceeded expectations with the A9, A7riii and A7iii and I just feel if it cant produce a home run with the A7siii it wont materialise anytime soon.
  2. Well one of the reasons I say that is that Sony manufactures batches off the same assembly line. The A7iii will be its best selling camera so they will run a long batch. I dont think they will have the time to release the A7siii at NAB in early April.
  3. I am not actually that convinced there will be an A7siii in the near future. I mean if Sony cant give 1080 240, 4k60 or internal 10 bit due to overheating there actually doesnt seem to be any point. I would also have expected the A7siii to be released before the A7iii if it was coming.
  4. I guess that is also debatable with speedboosters etc. But I do think that Sony is making a powerful argument that FF is where we are going to eventually end up....
  5. Well of course the whole equivalence argument tends to mean different things to different people. But I found that I was increasingly looking for bigger and more expensive lenses with M43 than what I considered their equivalent with FF.... http://camerasize.com/compact/#579.639,482.683,ha,t
  6. You know, I would like to believe this is true but I dont think it is. I just find it incredibly hard to believe that a company with double the camera revenues of its nearest competitor has half the tech of everyone else...
  7. You know I already find it pretty staggering the amount of patience shown towards Canon and their lack luster releases. It seems every other camera manufacturer can release products that their customers can get genuinely excited about.
  8. I think you are misreading the press release - I believe it is saying that the 4k 30fps is oversampled 1.6x
  9. Seems very likely the A7iii will be launched today - 4pm Las Vegas time, midnight London. Rumored specs and price sound pretty good....
  10. This seems to be shaping up to a dream drone - basically the best of the P4 pro combined with the best of a Mavic
  11. I just got my son’s first school class group photo. By any standards it was terrible.Blown out white shirts, very poor printing and even worse mounting. It looks like one of those photos they stick on a plate and try to flog you at the end of a day trip. On the plus side it was very cheap. So I would imagine the photog could have done a lot better. But it seems to me the most likely reason it was cheap is that the parents aren’t prepared to pay a premium these days. I guess they all have plenty of great photos of their kids that they are unlikely to treasure a class photo of their kid looking like a mannequin in a shop window.
  12. If you want a really good lens that is really cheap, look no further than the 28-70 kit lens.
  13. I have looked but couldn’t find anything so I have just made my own... I have been shooting hlg2 and rec709 because I don’t understand BT2020 properly (again not a lot of info around). I just happen to like hlg because I can shoot at iso100.
  14. The story doesn’t really pass the smell test in terms of turning into reality. Red is a company that sells an oversized smartphone for us$1600 and oversized ssds at us$5/gb (which is 10 times the going rate.)
  15. Agree about the a6500 - a strange body. And in any case the lens selection just isnt there with Sony apsc (nothing like the Fuji 56 1.2 for instance). My feeling is that Sony is trying to move its customers over to FF and is losing interest in apsc. I think all these arguments over 8 bit v 10 bit are rather moot when you are talking about DSLR/ILCs. It is fine for Panasonic to be able to introduce 10 bit because they have a sensor a quarter the size of FF in a massive body (relatively). We know that Sony have had overheating problems with 4k 8 bit in the past (both apsc and FF). We can probably see that Fuji is struggling heatwise with 4k - by the 20 minute time limit and the bigger, thicker heat sink body size. The same argument goes for 4k 60p.
  16. I dont think it is designed to compete with a GH5. I think it is a genuine 'hybrid' camera (for those that shoot 60%+ stills). By that I mean it is a no compromise stills camera (as good as the XT-2) that shoots excellent video. It competes with the a6500 or a7riii rather than an A7sii/iii in the Sony world. The GH5 isnt a true 'hybrid' camera in my world view (and the GH5s far less) on the basis that it is oversized compared to its sensor and overpriced compared to its sensor for stills - it is bigger and heavier than an A7riii that has a 4x larger sensor. Dont get me wrong. The GH5 is probably the best videocentric ILC on the market but it isnt really a 'hybrid'. How does it stack up against the A6500?
  17. I seem to remember this guy has a pretty good track record in terms of predictions... More to the point, I like what he is saying about the Mavic Pro ii, so I am happy to believe him. Basically a P4P camera in a Mavic (slightly heavier and more expensive.) Sounds great in my opinion. Actually the Mavic Pro is pretty much perfect for me apart from the camera (by which I mean sensor.) Easily the best toy I have bought since the original iphone.
  18. The full specs for the XT-2 and XH-1 are here.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4axfg0hwqbjr4w/Fujifilm X-H1 Vs. X-T2 Specs Comparison 2.pdf?dl=0 They look very good to me but I am more a stills/hybrid shooter than a video specialist.
  19. True. However while our raw files are 14 bit which is great for editing and manipulating them - nearly all output is 8 bit jpeg with sRGB (a narrow) colorspace.
  20. The specs for Fuji X-H1 show battery life shooting 4k video of 35 minutes.
  21. Well I tend to agree. Here is an A9 v A7riii video... I think that rolling shutter is the same but 4k is noticeably sharper on the A9 and the focusing slightly better. Definitely nothing in the A7riii that would suggest you shouldnt put PP in the A9. And not having PP in the A9 is like putting a large sticker on the camera saying 'dont buy for video'. And yes please get rid of PP in still shooting - it is incredibly annoying! Maybe the A7siii will tell us. I think that the A7siii may not have 4k 60p dues to 'overheating' so I sort of wonder whether 'zero rolling shutter' (possibly based off the A9 sensor) will be its 'key selling point'.
  22. If camera sales were largely a function of the underlying quality of the camera, I don’t think Canon would dominate the market!! Samsung should focus on the areas it has a competitive advantage namely sensors, processors lcds etc rather than tackle areas it does not lenses, market penetration, marketing. Samsung’s ILC sales were so low CIPA didn’t even collect the data.
  23. Actually Godox do sell an slb60w which is battery powered and can also be powered by an optional a/c unit. What is neat about it, is that the battery a/c attachment both work with their 600w flash. The less good news is the price which is over double the sl60w.
  24. It’s a good question. I have a slightly different theory. The A9 was sold on the basis of the almost zero rolling shutter in ‘stills’ due to the 1/160th sensor readout. I think Sony didn’t want people buying the camera for video essentially expecting zero rolling shutter as sensor readout for video is 1/30 (1/50 apsc). So they deliberately crippled the video capabilities. I also think we might get a better understanding of Sony’,s thinking when they release the A7siii.
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