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  1. 3 hours ago, Simon Young said:

    If I could go back I’d cancel it. Just wait for the sIII. The noise reduction you can live with but the stuttering and the frankly horrible motion cadence is ruining it for me. Decent for stills though haha

    I don’t know about the ar3, but I’ve just compared the A7iii to my A6300, shooting multiple pans, with one camera above the other, and the motion cadense are quite similar. I don’t mean it’s good, but it’s not worst.

    So far i’m really pleased with the A7iii, but I have to admit that except for the loving FF bokeh you can easily get, this camera seems to me like an A6500 with less flaws (no overheating, better battery, nice1080p, better ui).

    I kinda prefer my gh5 on many points, except AF, no punch-in during record, and the small sensor. It’s a more well thought camera. And I’m sure, reliable.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Cinegain said:

    I'm doubtful they'll add as much new things the way they did with the GH4.

    Actually, instead of new things, I was thinking about fixing one major flaw of the GH5.

    Ok the AF is not good, we have to accept that. So MFs should be the most reliable way to keep focus on our shots.

    But, without the ability to punch in while recording to check focus, I find MF not that reliable as well. Except if you use external monitor.

  3. Actually, well exposed you can do wonderful things with 8 bit, if you choose the right software.

    But if you shoot log/HLG or plan to do a lot of grading/keying/vfx insert, and don't want any banding or artefact, 10bit is nessecary for perfect results.

    That being said, "perfect" depends a lot of your sensitivity, your eyes, and of course, the broadcast media.

    Since I have a GH5 with its 10 bit, my videos are not fundamentally better, but I'm more satisfied about what I can do in postprod :)

  4. I still think this X-H1 is two years late.

    It reminds me my a6300 (bought almost two years ago) with IBIS.

    No zebra, 15mn limits (no way I'm gonna add a grip for a mirorless camera), AF doesn't seem as good as the A6300, no 4k50p (The GH5 has been released one year ago), 4:2:0 8bit and no 10bit externally, Video recorded in fat32 (seriously ? in 2018 ?),  and a sensor at its end of life.

    Ok Fuji lens are good (as expensive), but I can't see any good reason for a T2/T20 owner to upgrade for this X-H1. My co-worker from my Youtube Channel has been waiting for it and was really excited about buying this as soon as available (So am I). That was before the official announcement.

    Now I'm wainting the ASIII annoucement :grin:

  5. Just now, DBounce said:

    A new GH5 variant will not diminish the IQ of your GH5. And if a new variant is indeed what they announce, then the current model will almost certainly continue to be sold. So the value will still be there. I only hope that if Panasonic do release a more expensive variant, they do not cripple it to protect the GH5. I hate the idea of needing a GH5 for this use and the ***** **** for another situation. 

    It depends.

    If the new gh5s fixes the bad things of the current GH5, which are really poor AF and bad low light performance, then the current gh5 will lose a lot of value, which is not acceptable for a product released only for a few months.

  6. Hi there,

    I'm wondering what kind of DAM do you use to manage your videos.

    I tried GrassValley Browser, et Catalyst Browse, and they're too limited to bring something interestins in a optmized workflow. But I'm sure there are others choices

  7. 3 hours ago, jonpais said:

    Just like frame rates, 10 bit vs 8 bit is no magic number. Some camera's high frame rate results are better than others, and some manufacturer's implementation of 10 bit will be different as well. Not many of us are expert colorists, either. Secondly, unless you are pushing the color around to extremes, 8 bit can hold up very well. I try to get white balance in camera as close as I possibly can, then do mild color correction and perhaps throw on a LUT, and I've never run into banding or artifact issues, and nobody has ever said, gee, Jon, it looks okay, but too bad you didn't record 10 bit. Here and here is more about 8 bit vs 10 bit. 

    You're right that we can do a lot of beautiful things in 8 bits. But if you want to shot in log, 10 bit is absolutely necessary to avoid a lot of issue.

    But if color really matters, the best way is to get a camera that shots raw, like the bmpcc.  But Man, that sensor is small :dizzy:


    52 minutes ago, noone said:

    I m not sure what a GH5 would have for the OP's needs over a GH4.      Wouldn't it be more a function of the lens?

    I would think  a GH4  with a decent fast lens would at least be worth a try.     How about a GH6? (kidding, kidding)!


    It seems that Panasonic really improved picture quality on g7/g85 over the gh4 (Samples on dpreview). Better sharpness and ISO noise.

    And comming from an A6300 and its amazing sharpness at 4k, it's good to take.

  9. 2 hours ago, aldolega said:

    A GH4 in 4K mode with an external recorder would give almost no moire, 10-bit 4:2:2, and a nice big screen for focusing and composing. Add a booster to bring it up to APS-C.

    Thats's good to know, What will I be missing from the A6300 for the video part only ?

    4 hours ago, dantheman said:

    What lens do you normally use and at what f-stop do you shoot? Also, what's the average distance between camera and the product?

    Usually, 18 to 35mm, 1.8 to 4.0, with a disatnce between 60cm and 120cm. That fills all my need,but thinking about getting a macro lens.

    3 hours ago, Davey said:

    Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 and 42.5 f0.95 on a GH5 should give plenty of DOP.

    Or fast Sigma primes with a speed booster. On a GH5, naturally.

    That seems interesting :)

  10. Hello Jompais :)

    The gh5 seems the one, but i'm not sure about going to mft from a APS-C censor. I dont care about low-light capabilities, since I use led and softbox in a light controlled room, but nice bokeh is really important when you shoot product.

  11. Hi there,

    I own a sony a6300, and am not really happy with it for my main use which is : Product packshot and review, indoor mainly.

    My blames to the A6300 are :

    1. Only 8bit 4.2.2 with the hdmi out. Not so good for grading
    2. Too much moirè. I shot a lot of printed products like books, and it's really an issue.

    Is there any camera that could fix those two issues, with all the good thing about the a6300 ?

    thanks :)


  12. 17 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

    1) If those settings work for you and you enjoy the results, stick with them!
    2) Native ISO just means the lowest ISO you can use in S-log mode. Going to lower values outside of that mode should not lower quality
    3) What do you mean by PP?

    1) Yep that works, but I don't like to not use full potential of my gear.

    2) Are you sure ? I think I've read here that native iso, which should give better results, is not ncessarly the lowest Iso.

    3) I meant Picture Profile.

  13. Hi there, 

    I'm trying to understand why there are so many picture profiles ans sub-settings to adjust them. That's too much.

    I shoot with no profile in portrait mode -3 -3 -3 and color grade in Resolve, but maybe I'm missing the a6300 potential. So your aknowledge could help me to get it right.

    My main use is to shoot product reviews indoor on a simple table with two softbox.

    1. Should I stay with no profile or choose one ?
    2. I've read that native iso is 800. Is that mean that 100 iso is less good ?
    3. If I choose a pp, which one is better for my need.

    Sorry for these noob questions,  but all that profile thing is completely new to me.

    Thanks for your help :)

  14. Hi there,

    I need to shoot indoor at high shutter speed (1/500) and of course, flicker is a big issue. I thought that with a led powered by battery, it would be ok, so I bought a cheap 20$ one to try. Since I started this thread, You already know the results :)

    Any piece of advice ?

    Thanks :)

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