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  1. Hi there,

    I recently noticed few dirty spots on my photos.
    So I checked and clean my sensor and lenses, and they were ok.

    I took another picture today on a white wall, and oh my ?


    Have you already seen something like that ?

    I guess I need to send it back to Fuji Support ?

  2. 48 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    Sony A6400 is here. My point of view:

    Uninteresting camera, with great new AF tech.

    check the Sony video. The AF tracking seems incredible and they finally implemented touch AF. 

    While I don’t care about this camera I am happy to see the A7SIII AF will be great.

    I agree.

    Therefore, vloggers already complaint about the tilt screen position, which will be a pain to use with a mic in the hotshoe.

    Also, same old weak battery, no ibis, no headphone jack, same sensor with same terrible rolling shutter and probably same overheating issue , for 1050€. I’ll pass ?

  3. Hi Everyone,

    First time I use ND filter on my camera, and I got strange results :

    2.8 shutter 50



    2.8 shutter 4000


    I use a Hoya Variable NDfilter, and the exposure is set on the OSP logo.

    Is this normal ?
    Would i get Better results with fixed NDfilter ?

    Thanks for your help :)

  4. One thing to remind about the Osmo Pocket.

    If I agree with webrunner with the fact that the Osmo Pocket is unique, and there is nothing on the market to replace it, that’s not a reason to forgetthat there is a lot of AF issues that make this device unreliable.

    Go read yourself the Dji Forum threads, and you will be surprised,

  5. 4 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

    Every battery for their Drones sucks ass for longevity. I am not surprised it isn't going to last to forever. But you really think you are going to keep it for 3 years. Well I guess you will have to send it in and have it replaced just like you have to on a Apple iPhone. I don't see people stop buying them because they can't change them.

    Is it a great solution, hell no. But what else you going to buy to replace it that does what it does?? You really can't hand hold a GoPro. And the Hero 7 is terrible in low light.

    Will they offer the ability to replace the battery after the waranty ? I’m not sure. But if I’m wrong, that’s good news.

    And you’re right, there is no substitude a this time, which offer as much as this size. 

    I guess I will use my pocket camera that I have always with me (canon g7xII) to record video, not as well stabilized, but better indoor, with a great AF, and lots of good stuff as well.

  6. If I have to be honest, my mainly concern is about the battery which only has a 400 cycle life.
    To not be able to replace it is simply unaceptable on a 350€ product.

    I thunk it's their biggest mistake on this V1, and it will hurt their reputation in one year or two.
    Maybe less, since there are already complaints on their forum about overheating issues.

  7. After three weeks of using th Osmo Pocket, I don’t think I’m keeping it.
    This GimbalCam seemed so good on paper, but not really actually.

    Here’s why :

    1) AF is not reliable at all. Which is difficult to accept with a that small sensor.
    I thougt I was the only one, but the everydad video confirmed the issue.

    3) Tracking doens’t work in 4k (no youtube reviewers mentioned it)

    4) The osmo pocket is getting too hot, and with no amovible battery, that scares me about the device life.

    5) There are too many settings that can be changed only with your smartphone.

    6) Audio is terrible, and the jack adapter, is expensive, and not useable if you already use another usb accessory

    7) Accessories are expensive, and not campatible between them, since they use the only usb or pin ports

    8] I think the device is too light to offer a proper stabilization. Especially when you walk.

    9) The quality indoor is what you can expect from a small sensor, not better.

    I really like the idea about this camera, and will probably chek out if Dji release a V2, but so far, at 350€ + the needed accessories, this V1 is not a keeper for me.


  8. 4 hours ago, ntblowz said:

    New Firmware update (01.07)

    Finally added 25/50p for us PAL users, also FOV seems a bit wider too?

    Still waiting for Cinelike D though.

    The release notes :

    Added 1080p 25/50fps and 4K 25/50fps resolution to basic settings.

    Added support to shoot 3x3 panorama photos when the tilt axis is between -20° and 80°.

    Optimized FaceTrack in DJI Mimo.

    Increased the time that the gimbal is in position to fit into the cover from five to eight seconds.

    Optimized the focus in ActiveTrack and when detecting faces.

    Optimized ActiveTrack when the gimbal is in Portrait and Flashlight mode.

    Fixed the issue where a red tint appeared when using Auto White Balance (AWB) in scenes that were predominantly green.

    Fixed the issue affecting some devices where the charging time was slow.

  9. 31 minutes ago, Snowbro said:

    Superfine can be enabled by using the phone in "pro mode" with 4k, which stays enabled on the osmo pocket even standalone, until exited. I didn't expect it to be any better than a mavic air in low light, I am just saying, every video I see is someone saying how amazing it is in low light. It is funny. 

    Are you sure ?

    In pro mode with 4k, superfine is greyed out on my phone (android)

  10. 8 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Pretty good honest review of the Pocket, Warts and all.


    Gerald Undone is the best tech reviewer on youtube. And the most honest one.

    Of course, it’s not the only one. Iphonedo is the most inventive, and Sydney Diongzon or David Alitzer are great as well, but they seems to me too close/friend with gears companies, and I always feel that they are too nice when they review a product.

    5 hours ago, Snowbro said:

    Ok, I found something important: Saw a video where a guy compared the "fine" & "superfine" modes. The bitrate is supposedly the same, superfine just adds in digital sharpening. 

    Yes, superfine is digital sharpening.
    And it works in 1080p only, and drains the battery faster.

    40 minutes ago, Snowbro said:

    I am confused as to why I keep seeing people say this has excellent low light performance. There seems to be tons of noise when shooting indoors. It also drops the resolution shooting in lower light. 

    You’re right.
    A lot of noise indoor, and how could that be different with a small sensor ?

    I would upload a video tomorrow about that, and here’s a quick one I made tonight outdoor :


  11. 3 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

    Its just the function that zooms in on the image so you can see if you are focused. All cameras can do this but only the fuji does while you are recording. (for hybrid cameras that is).

    Not true. Sony cameras do this since a while.

  12. 19 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Lens problems mostly. You can't use their lenses on other cameras, and other camera lenses don't play well on the Fuji body. And that mechanical aperture knob makes smoother Iris control in the lens for video jerky. They sort of boxed their selves in on that part. And not many good lenses with OIS in them linked to a body with no IBIS, no sale for me.

    Now for Photo mode not really as big of a problem. But video, nah not so good.

    Completely agree with you ?

  13. I’m sending mine back to dji store.

    here’s why :

    1) The battery gets really warm too quickly (in winter !). And since it’s not removable, I wont bet on this osmo pocket lifetime.

    2) Video quality is ok, but not great. Very low DR.

    3) You really need accessories, and they’re not cheap.

    4) pro mode can only be set via your smartphone, and it’s a pain to use, until a next firmware fix that.

  14. My mistake, you can shoot in pal, but you have to configure it with your smartphone.
    It's a pro mode, where you can adjust ISO, shutter speed, and framerate.
    I didn't see anything about cinelike color though.

    My only complaint with it, and maybe the reason I will send it back, it's the heat from the grip.
    After 10min, it's really unpleasant to hold it.

  15. 5 hours ago, Shirozina said:

    I edit and grade in Resolve Studio but often find I have clips I can't get a satisfactory stabilisation result with it so have to export a clip to Premier and do it in WS which I always find does a more effective job. In what ways do you think Resolve is better?

    I find Resolve results more natural.
    Of course you have to play with the settings, and sometime use the classic stabilizer, and maybe it's because people don't know how to use WS.
    But everytime I see a WS stabilised video on YT, I can tell it's not from Resolve, or Mercalli.

  16. On 11/17/2018 at 12:07 PM, Shirozina said:

    Resolve’s stabilisation does a fast job but not as good as WS so this may be the right balance of speed vs quality.

    I don't find WS that good, and really think that last resolve Stabilizer is better in many way. 

    But the best I tried so far, is ProDad Mercalli.
    Really good for fixing Rolling shutter as well.

  17. Not to me.

    Resolve is a very demanding software, as much as is powerful, that means that you must have a clean install : no BS apps working in background - Drivers up to date.

    I may have maybe one or two crashs a week, and I use Resolve everyday.

    Of course it’s not perfect, but How can it be ?

    Blackmagic add a ton of new features at every update, has included Fairlight and Fusion in the internal process, that makes Davinci Resolve the most complete and powerful video Editor software on the market.

    And the more promising as well, since the support team is listening every users request.

  18. 2 hours ago, Shirozina said:

      It seems a universal reason to moan on forums though....

    Please keep that for you.
    I'm here to share my thoughts, even if it doesn't please you.

    I'd love to share more than that, but it seems imposible to buy one around here before 2019.

  19. 25 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    I don't find it disappointing at all. What similar camera you have for the price?

    I get more than one solution for everything you've just mentioned...

    Every single one of them...


    This camera is still a milestone. You just need to know how to shoot with it : -)

    It's not always about the price.
    I'm sure every Pocket 4k possible owners would be glad to pay more to not have to change Battery every 40 minutes.
    Or buy an additional screen, loosing all tthe tactile functions.

    The Pocket "good" price will cost more to the users efficiently.

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