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  1. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

    What put you off specifically?

    I'd say :

    - Poor battery life (40min is not acceptable)
    - Drop frame in raw 4k60 (!)
    - No way to use a powerbank and a SSD,
    - No Ibis, and Im ok with that since I have a Gimbal, but with no afc (even a bad one like GH5) it will be painful to use
    - The design with the hole on top for ventilation scares me a little for durability.
    - No remote control compatibility with any gimbal (but that could change)
    - The 120p crop
    - No tilt screen ( I don't care about fully articully)

    At this time, I see no reason to buy this camera instead of the GH5 with VLOG.
    Or even the X-T3 if you take stills a lot.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Simon Young said:

    You are not usable or useful. The X-T3 looks surprisingly good in incandescent lighting and the auto white balance is a lot better than other cameras I’ve tested. IBIS is extremly overrated, mostly hyped by vloggers and amateurs.

    For video ?
    Yeah right, no need to go further.

    I got My X-T3 with the 35f2 this morning, and playing with it next to the A7iii.
    1080p120 and 4k50 are really great, but not really usable without a gimbal or tripod.

  3. 57 minutes ago, Inazuma said:

    I feel that way with my Sony a7 iii. After thinking about "why?" for some time I've come to the conclusion that it's because it's a near flawless camera, which means it's better than me and I therefore feel inadequate or maybe even antiquitated by it. So my lack of love for it is a projection of my jealousy of it. This sounds really silly I know but im totally serious ?

    I feel the same way, and am seriously considering selling my A7iii and all my lens, for a Fuji X-t3.

    It's a big step since FF gives me all I want, but not this Fuji feeling.
    I'm also not really convinced buy the fuji lenses I could want, like the 56/1.2 and their old AF motor (painfull for video).

    But the fun I feel when I use my Friend X-T3, it's above all those technics considerations.
    And even if I do whatever I want with raw stills, there is something about Fuji colors I can't describe.

  4. After playing with it today, and really enjoyed he Fuji feeling, here’s why I prefer to wait an upcoming X-h2 :

    - The battery is weak ; 43mn in 4k recording.
    - No Ibis. Even If Idon’t find the A7iii one relevant, it’s quite usefull to avoid micro jitters.
    - No flip screen. I know... it’s a youtuber or vloger thing. Well, not really. It’s really useful when you are a one man crew, and don’t want to deal with an external monitor.
    - Cause I don’t like h265 codec at high bitrate, a 4k50 10bit 422 in h264 would be nice.
    - Crop Factor ; 1.53 + 1.25 in 4k50 is too much for my taste.

    I really think the X-t3 is a fantastic Cameras, but I also believes that a lot of these above will be fixed in their next camera.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    So we are comparing it to the EOS R are we :)

    It is 4k60. EOS R doesn't even do 4K60!

    No-additional crop in 1.5x Super 35mm 4K/24/25/30p. GH5 isn't 1.5x crop. It's 2x crop. Quite different.

    Speed Booster = full frame. On GH5, close but no cigar.

    Codec - FAR superior to EOS R. Rolling shutter - FAR superior. Build quality - superior. Low light - superior (yes, really). Handling - superior. EVF - superior. Price - $700 less!

    Actually, I have no interest in the EosR, but was asking myself since I already have an A7iii and the Gh5, and after using a XT3 this afternoon, felt in love with it’s ergonomics.

    But 1.78 crop for 4k60 is difficult to accept, when you already have the two cameras above.

  6. On 9/5/2018 at 4:42 PM, Luke Mason said:

    It's due to both the body and the lens, newer lenses with quad linear motors are better for smooth AF, for example the f/2.0 primes and f/2.8 zooms.

    X-H1 also added customisable AF speed setting.

    You could try manual focus.

    Thanks. Unfortunately, manual focus is not an option for my kind of work.


    On 9/6/2018 at 1:24 PM, jhnkng said:

    I’m afraid the only Fuji with reliable, controllable, and smooth AF in video is the X-H1. It’s not quite as good as Canon’s implementation but it’s pretty darn good.  

    I’d love to see what a xh1 could do with a 35f2 about smooth transition.



  7. Hi There,

    I own a XT-20, and something that really bothers me when I shoot videos, is the no-smooth transition with the autofocus between 2 points, when I use the 35f2 lens.
    No problem with the  16-50 f3.5-5.6

    If you can't see what I'm talking About, here AF test Fuji

    So I have a few questions :
    1) Since it's seems to be a lens related issue, is there a list with FUJI lens that offer smooth AF transition ?
    2) Do you think it could be fixed with body settings ?


    Thanks for you help ?



  8. The GH5 is pretty capable for still, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    I had to use it for shooting en Event, and it was not a pleasant experience ;

    This camera is thought to make video, as its ergonomics.

  9. After many test, I decided to keep the GH4 along with the A7iii.
    I need something really reliable, maybe with less creativity possibilities, but which will never let me down in difficult situation.

    As much I like the A7iii, I can't be sure that if I have some shoots to do outside at 35°, it will be usable. Also, the 4k50p is very helping when you need slowmotion or agressive stab.

    Keeping both is expensive, but now I feel good about any work to come.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Good to hear! 

    How much continuous video in 1080 and 4K the Sony can record? Battery life seems great too, nothing like mkII bodies used to be.

    - 29mn59s continuous in both mode.

    - 2h45mn of video with one battery

    - 2h45mn at 4k25p 100m with a 128go sdcard


  11. Ok, so here we go :

    My only battery had 66% left, so I could only record 1 hour and 50mn.

    The temp in my room was 21/22 °C

    Results : NO OVERHEATING AT ALL :grin: Neither warning sign.


    Of course, results under the sun might be different, but I'm quite satisfied.

    I'll do a longer test with a powerbank later.

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