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  1. Nice image, thumbs up, but the edit is really drawing away my attention
  2. Get the EOSHD C-log for your canon, than you can shoot any picture profile with the Pana camera, you'll still have the options to match colors. Or test the Picture Profiles on both cameras and try to find to most similar. The differences between standard picture profiles should not be very different, they tend to look like rec709, but with the curves can fix anything in post
  3. I know that feel, sold my Moller 19/1.5x and now I miss it so much, it was one of the greatest anamorphics I had in my collection. Now I'm really tempted to get a 32/1.5x.
  4. Hey Matt! Andrew wrote some very specific reviews on both cameras, check out the eoshd blog. What kind of projects are going do shoot? Do you need weather sealing? Do you need lowlight capabilities? Do you have fast lenses? Do you need slow mo? do you really need IBIS? Some pros of the GH4: you can shoot up to 200Mbit/s in 1080p which I think still keeps up in the competition. It does slow mo. Great handlng. Some cons of the GH4: do not use ISO above 1600, no ibis, color is better on the G80, but you can still fix it in post. The G80 looks great but keep in mind that the 1080p bitrate is very low! So if you're doing 4K, it's great. Also no options for slow mo. Andrew tests showed that it's cleaner in higher ISOs than the GH4. Good luck finding the camera that fit your needs
  5. funkyou86

    GH5 Prototype

    Too bad that no rumors are coming up about the anamorphic mode, live stretch or the REC709 preview in VLOG... I strongly hope that these features will be improved. Also, can anybody tell me, why is panasonic setting time 29m59s time limit for a recording in europe?!
  6. i think that we can agree that the ISCO is much better choice than the cinelux (because of the focusing mechanism).
  7. Depends on what you're looking for. I personally would avoid Cinelux, it's almost impossible to focus on the set via the screw. Both Isco and Sankor got great IQ. The Isco is larger i think, has no flares, but you can get it cheaper than the Sankor, which is smaller and got flares. Do some research in the Tito's anamorphic lens collection google documents where you can find pros and cons. Otherwise, I still use my t3i as a B-cam. It's only problem is that you can not record raw video to the SD card.
  8. My Tamron is up for sale. Comes with front & rear cap, without a box, also with a UV filter. The external has some marks of using, the glass is clean without scratches (some dust particles on the front glass, not sure if inside or outside). The built in stabiliser works great, the constant aperture is also nice! Works with Canon APSC cameras (like 600D, 60D, 70D, 700D, 80D, 7D, etc.). The only downside of the lens is, that zoom ring is a bit stiff, I know it can be a problem for some of you, so here's a video to show you what I mean: https://youtu.be/H9bkcTiRljM If you have any questions, or want more photos, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm shipping the lens from Slovakia, EU to the countries of the European Union. Price: 179 eur + shipping
  9. fap content. Show us some footages pls
  10. I really feel like spamming, but hey, it's up to ebay now, the bid ends in 24 hours. Merry christmas and happy bidding! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sankor-2x-Single-focus-Anamorphic-Cinemascope-Lens-4K-FHD-anamorphot-/112240186795?mfe=si_en-GB_itemClick&mpt=1482499439847&clk_rvr_id=1143770964336
  11. Buy a domain name for 10 bucks at name.com. Register @ tumblr, create a new blog, point your domain DNS to tumblr, add a free theme, bummm! you're done. Here's mine.
  12. Price dropped to 599 GBP! Seriously Mate, bargain. Also, reposting the music video I shot recently:
  13. This might work: Upload video to youtube » your translator easily adds captions via the online editor » download the captions from youtube » load into premiere like that » you're ready to cut.
  14. Thanks folks! really appreciate your comments!
  15. No problem, mate We planned to shoot this anamorphic, with long rails and a dolly, but since we were short on time we decided to give up on the idea.
  16. Thanks @PepperJay! @Dr. Verbel', like I mentioned in my post, it was shot with a spherical lens. To be more precise: GH4 + Lens Turbo + Tokina 11-16 set to f2.8 (x0,72 = f2.0 &), shot in 4K (so 11mm x 2.2 crop x 0.72 lens turbo = 17mm FOV). I did not bother to add anamorphic lens flare to it in the post. Everybody can feel the difference between the shots so why fake it? The camera was mounted to a glidecam, the operator was sitting in a trolley, therefore we eliminated the Y axis but it was still a bit shaky, so I stabilised it in premiere, you can see some artifacts, but hey, like we care :D
  17. As a GH4 owner I really do not understand the current GH4 bashing. Yep, there are much more "advanced" cameras in the market. There'll always be. The GH4 is still a solid performer for 700GBP (amazon). But not to go offtopic. I have a Lens Turbo and it performs absolutely great, there is not much difference between the Zhongyi and the SB. Check out this video: Of course, If you wish to use your canon lenses, SB's got the aperture control. Lens turbo is great for vintage lenses where you set your aperture manually.
  18. So, we had a quick shoot, here's the result: Setup: GH4 4:3 anamorphic mode, pentax 50mm smc f1.7, Sankor Compact 2x Single focus anamorphot which is still for SALE, DIY LED panels, homemade dolly with a fluid head and a regular tripod work. You might notice that the opening shot is with a spherical lens, well that's because of the glidecam. Edited & graded in premiere with some luts. Cheers!
  19. Here are some sample clips: Sorry for the bad focus, i shot this handheld with the camera LCD only.
  20. This. Topic. Again. Is 4K good? Do we need 4K? I wrote budget 4:3 4K, because the next camera that can do native 4:3 anamorphic is the URSA Mini. But let's not push this conversation to off topic. IMO, try to search after AGFA 1.5x anamorphot commonly known as Moller 19/1.5x, it's the focus through version of the Moller 8/19/1.5x. Cheaper than the Isco, quality wise: really sharp!
  21. Even Panasonic's budget line's got 4K 4:3 mode, and it's absolutely worth it. I sold mine 1.5x anamorphot half a year ago, now I regret it
  22. Okay, so how will this focusing mechanism fit your NAP3-2M, also do you think the price of this mechanism (with servo motors) will be cheaper than the RF?
  23. So, I have finished the building of my two LED panels. And they work pretty good! I have used 6000K leds, and each got a luminance of 4000 lumen. Here are some screengrabs from the music video I shot few weeks ago (not graded, only the scr1.jpg). All shots by GH4, the first one with tokina 11-16, the rest with Pentax 50mm SMC + Sankor Cinemascope Anamorphic, ISO around 400.
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