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  1. 1DC is sweet and does have mojo. As far focusing, I find it tough coming from a 6D with Magic Lantern (used peaking) The small hd 501 on top is perfect for it though, and makes up for a bunch of the downsides like zebras, peaking, false color, LUTs for log. I like the full frame mode too, it takes to post sharpening really well.
  2. Thats a good plan. It's good to be at peace with your choice. I like to get camera obsessed every once in a while and then choose my tool and stick with it. The 1DXII is fantastic looking.
  3. Can anyone post a 1dc frame with maybe the wideDR lut applied and the same shot with prolost picture profile for comparison?
  4. please share some images then.
  5. All of my 1dc clog files seem to have a green shift to them compared to the neutral or standard profiles. I'm using the LUTs from canons site to de-log and they all exhibit this shift. Am I the only one?
  6. It seems like it's a bit bottom heavy since it always wants to roll back to center. I'd move the body up slightly, which may make the tilt a bit off. Sometimes you'll just have the mind the best comprise and let the motors do the rest. For what it's worth, I made this on the ronin-m with no lens mount and an unbalanced camera. It was my first shoot and I didn't have a chance to read on balancing. It still performed pretty well.
  7. It's not a wider gamut, if you're referring to color gamut in it's true sense (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamut) Thats my only point.
  8. Clog having an enhanced color space is a myth. You can look at the data and both color spaces are nearly identical, as in if they were any closer together it'd be the same colorspace. If technicolor said something it was either because of the motion.jpeg format, which does seem to be richer than h264, or it was the act that it was a paid pump piece funded by Canon. 8bit Clog has about 2 stops more DR at the expense of less shades per stop. Thats it.
  9. people become self aware once they realize a camera is on them.
  10. efficient 4k codec full frame 4k c-log 120fps 1080 60fps 4k internal functions like false colors, peaking, custom crop marks I'd be happy to pay in the 6k range.
  11. This 1DC is sweet.I just had a day of hating CLOG until I found a LUT that works properly. This is over exposed by about a stop and then brought down in post before the lut. The FF 1080P file sharpen nicely too.
  12. Because I got it for $2500 cheaper than a 1dx II. And it looks better. What's everyone use as a LUT for grading Log?
  13. Just bought a 1DC for an affordable price. Pretty pumped to start shooting with something that seemed so out of reach a few years ago.
  14. This 1dxII footage at 120 fps is gorgeous. I mean just beautiful.
  15. I sent mine back. I can't see the Lcd outdoors. The colors are funny. It overheats unpredictably. Beautiful 4K image though!
  16. The manual says something about only recording 60fps 4K for around 10 seconds. Is this the case?
  17. This video looks pretty great to me. Better than any other canon except maybe the 1dc at 4k, :
  18. Matthew19

    Sony a6300 4k

    Hey guys, just joined here. The main reason being that there are many users here who seem to see the magic in the 5DII and III when it comes to skin tones and people. I find lots Sony fans just love the specs and detail. Anyway, I did love the a6300 image and wanted to test it out. All handheld and bad editing. But it's just a test. I do like the ITU709 color mode because it doesn't have that drab look that I've seen in so many other videos. I still enjoy the skin tones of my 6D more!
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