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  1. Since we know from the 1dx III that Canon can now handle oversampling, does anyone know whether oversampling more pixels , as would be done in the R5, requires more processing power compared to a sensor with less pixels or is it all the same? I just don't see how they can get more processing in less space, unless they actually held back on the 1dx III.
  2. I agree. If you take raw files and convert them to tiffs with no highlight recovery etc, you've lost a lot of what raw has to offer. You basically just did what the camera does internally. Though it did seem very sharp and had decent DR though.
  3. No it happens in video mode as well. I saw it in another review. It’s no good at all. Gimbal work could be messy with this. I’ll see when it gets here.
  4. That looks like awful rolling shutter, something I never notice on the 1DXII. Crap.
  5. Is the EU tax on the 30minute recording limit still active or is Canon limiting it as a cripple?
  6. I said the same thing about the 1dxII MJPEG files. 3 Years later I'm shooting weddings on it. It's important to remember that the RAW option will become more viable as time goes on and storage gets cheaper.
  7. It seems like this is regular Canon Log, and not Canon Log 3, even though the 10 bit codec should be able to handle that. Does anyone have any other info?
  8. exactly how I feel. Such potential. Ugh. So sad to think of how things could have gone! Rocking a FF 4k 5DC would be amazing
  9. With a speedbooster XL the gh5 has me questioning my 1dxII - better files sizes, ibis, small size, flip screen, and the colors are nipping on Canon's heals.
  10. $7499 - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1340800-REG/canon_2215c002_eos_c200_ef_camera.html
  11. EditReady changes the color of my mjpeg files. Skin tones shift a bit from MJPEG to Prores proxy.
  12. Rev22 is speaking if an angel of the lord, not Jesus. He freely accepted worship in “And they that were in the boat worshipped him, saying, Of a truth you are the Son of God” (Mt. 14:33). The Jews killed him for claiming to be God. “You, a mere man, claim to be God” (John 10:33). And the Bible isnt meant to help people in some earthly way. Everyone of the apostles suffered horrible deaths and so did most of the early church. And they knew it would happen because its a promise that the world will hate the truth.
  13. This has nothing to do with publicly praying in order to be praised. That's what the pharisees did. Jesus said this, but he also read and quoted scripture publicly. The two are clearly different, but I think you already know that.
  14. Nobody quotes script to be cool, they do it to share the gospel with the lost. You just said he lost you when he read it, so it was meant for you. Good for you Dave, nice review too!
  15. The whole "new updated cameras or send it back" has me scratching my head. It only makes marketing sense if this release is the 5DC and you have the option to send the 5dIV in for the upgrade.
  16. I think the fact that they are strange means they aren't made up. Who would make up "3k" for no reason.
  17. It makes sense to fix the 5D first because A: there were WAY more complaints about the video features than the 1DXII and B: It's a much bigger market. Nobody likes the idea of paying for all of the photo features of the 1dxII to turn around and use it for video only. I hope they update the 1dxII afterwards, it already has the heat management to handle all of this.
  18. Naa, the 1dxII looks better than the a7sII to a lot of people. This update will put the 5dIV ahead of the 1dxII if it's true.
  19. 75fps would be a 40% slow down for those delivering in 30p. So it's the 60fps equiv for a 24fps.
  20. This whole thing reminds me of a steve jobs quote that he said when they were adding an iPod into the iPhone - "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will." Canon should have known they'd fall behind, I'm just thankful they are playing catch-up.
  21. so would the new 5632 x 2970 sensor readout would be 5.5k oversampled to 4k right? Man, if they can do this on the 5d think of what could be done with the 1dx II . I feel left out.
  22. I have access to both cameras but refuse to buy a fake c-log picture profile.
  23. DPAF starts at the sensor level. DUAL PIXEL. It's not an upgrade option on the 1dc.
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