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  1. CR is reporting it as confirmed. It'd be great to see this as a change in Canon's mindset. If they will do C-log in a non-Cinema camera they might start adding other features. I hope it's added for the 1dxII! - http://www.canonrumors.com/c-log-coming-to-eos-5d-mark-iv-confirmed-cr3/
  2. Yep my 1DC in HD is more green than my 1dxII. The 1DXII colors are a little nicer IMO - this was same WB same time :
  3. I can try to help. First, you don't need cfast card for anything other than recording 4k @60fps. - 1000x CF cards work fine for every other recording format. According to the attached time chart from the manual. 128GB card will give you 540 min at 1080P IPB 24fps and 186 min at All-I.
  4. Nice work Joshua. What was your ISO on the moonlight shots?
  5. Looks nice and detailed. I think post sharpening is a must with Canon.
  6. This was done in FF 1080p mode, which is still beautiful looking. I think that the image is improved over the other canon full frame options out there, espically for 60fps. Colors are exactly what I want. I'll try and share a 4k wedding as soon as we shoot one. But, Is not looking forward to storing that data.
  7. The S35 1080p mode is sharper than other canon DSLR. The full frame is about the same but still slightly better than 5D,6D etc.
  8. Thanks Dave! I've never shot with c100/c300 - are they really just 1.4x crop as compared to 1.3x with 1dc?
  9. agreed. There is a difference between detail and sharpness. The sony has that larger radius, post sharpened look to it. are you aware of any sharpen plugins that behave like this for FCPX?
  10. Sorry to bump this post but there was some discussion of the WFT-e8A on here. I had a huge lag when using it with the Camera Connect app and the Ronin-m. after a bit, I narrowed the problem down to the bluetooth connection inside of the Ronin. It always on and you can't disable it. The trick to fix it is to have your Ronin-M on and connected to the DJI Assistant app so that there is an active bluetooth connection, use the "viewer" mode so that its transmitting data to your phone. THEN setup your WFT-E8a network with the connection wizard. It will detect the interference and use a different channel. Drove me nuts! So I hope this helps someone else.
  11. I knew I recognized one of the guys in MySon! Bloom visited this same village with the fs7 and a speedbooster 2 years earlier. If you want to compare images of the same folks with the 1DXII vs Fs7 just watch each these. Both make wonderful images. FS7 : and 1dxII again :
  12. If anyone needs further convincing of the 1dxII - put on a diaper and watch this in 4K. https://vimeo.com/192756025
  13. you're confused on what "white" really is. Your brain is continuously white balancing for the environment, that's why WB from the back of the screen is unreliable. Your LCD screen's white point is set to around 6500k. So if you're indoors in a room lit with 3200k bulbs your brain balances for that oevrall environment, but you have this little window of 6500k light coming from your camera. Everything will look cooler than it will when you get home. also, See my post above about WB for extreme color temps.
  14. It's really all about how our brains work. From what I can tell, our brains balance for color temps 2500k up to 9000k - after that it seems to accept the color cast, which explains why twilight (14000kish) actually looks cool and candle light (1800k) looks warm. Same for sunsets. So If anything is in between those numbers I balance for neutral white and beyond that It makes sense to just go with it. Also sunsets actually have two light sources, the sky, which can be very cold, and the warm sun. So if someone is back lit by the sun thats not really your key light. I often shoot golden hour at 7500k to match the sky and let the sun be like a warm rim light.
  15. Custom white balance does (at least with Canon and Sony) adjust for green and magenta. Magic Lantern did a great job of showing you these adjustments with its custom WB feature. Sony shows them to you as well. Canon doesn't tell you a thing. After using this for a while, I'm surprised to see how often green needs to be removed because of indoor window tint or bounce grass.
  16. Just tested going out from ethernet to usb adapter and then USB to lighting adapter to get it into iphone. Doesn't work but i think its because of the Camera Connect app. I did it through a powered USB hub and the camera gave me an IP address to use but I have no idea what to do with that.
  17. I was thinking the other night, the 1DXII is unique right now. Nothing can do what it can at the moment : 1.3x sensor with Canon color, 4k with no overheating and autofocus (and that excludes the 4k 60fps and 120fps 1080p) C300 II - crop sensor, large size c100 II - 1080p 5div - 1.7x crop 1DC - no autofocus, no slow mo A7sII - FF but sony colors, 4k overheating a6300 - sony colors, 4k overheating nx1 - crop, funny colors gh4 - crop, autofocus Now there are lots of things to like about every one of those cameras. They are all fantastic really, but the 1DXII has an edge in several areas along with some downsides, but aside from the massive file sizes I'm happy with this thing.
  18. This issue was a real problem for some 1DC owners. From what I understand, it was caused because there was no way to re-map pixels. It didn't apply to the 1DX and doesn't to the 1dxII either. I have no idea why it was exclusive to the 1DC other than it was a hot - rodded camera and had some design changes.
  19. Wait, where did this go on sale? I can't even find a used one!
  20. Which Wft are you using? I'm trying to find a way to go LAN out straight into the phone to get rid of latency. There are people that do it for internet connection with iPads.
  21. I do a fair amount of music demos and the 1DX II has been amazing on a gimbal. I LOVE the 4K, and the AF isnt just for shallow DOF movement. Big long pushes with deep DOF still benefit from the DPAF. But keep in mind that the sweet touchscreen isn't available on a gimbal, I'm currently testing ways to get it to work with my iphone. This is a teaser for a Music video, so not synced up or anything :
  22. a7s is awesome and silly sharp. The 1DXII is kind of a rip off because you not only have to buy the expensive body but you have to invest a ton in storage. I spent $550 on CF cards just to shoot a short music video. But ooh that color and detail =)
  23. I think it's about 8mp. File sizes are huge.
  24. I'm shocked at how nice some of these 1dxII frames are looking. I can finally tell which lenses are sharper than others.
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