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  1. I agree. It's kind of sad how self destructive the camera industry and its pundits have become. Hopefully this is just an ebb in inovation. It will be so interesting to reflect on this period some years down the track.
  2. Yep, there is a mode dial. M (manual) and M (video) are next door neighbours on the dial and whatever you set - e.g., frame rate, aperture - on one remains the same when you switch to the other.
  3. So true. My in-laws watch their favourite network channel in SD on their 65inch 4k tv and they don't even realise until i say something and switch it to HD for them.
  4. Sometimes. A couple of months ago I picked up a GX85 with kit lens for $300 usd from Amazon and they honoured it. Was supposed to be $500.
  5. It is pretty good but the focus throw is a too short.
  6. I have the Olympus 12-100mm. It has more 'rotational play' on my Panansonic G7 and GX85 than my other lenses (more so on the G7 than the GX85). The 12-32mm Panasonic is particularly tight in comparison. I remember the same kind of 'play' when I had the 85mm Samyang lens so not just an Oly thing, but certainly a thing. It doesn't affect image quality, afaik.
  7. Awesome edit. I went to the same places a few years ago so that brought back lots of good memories - thanks for sharing
  8. I agree. I recently purchased the 12-100mm for doco work because of its versatility. It makes swapping lenses a thing of the past, as long as there is enough light. I considered the 12-60mm but concluded the extra reach of the Oly outweighed the extra stop on the wide end, and I use primes for low light environments anyway. Still, I think if size and weight are a major concern, the 12-60 would be a good choice if you don't already have the 12-35/40 2.8 zooms.
  9. Yes he talks about it a little but the test is not comprehensive enough for me to make an opinion. Supposedly it is improved.
  10. Yes, - I forget how far in but he does a quick test. Looks good.
  11. Would be interesting to see a rolling shutter test, cheers
  12. Yep my bad. Is only 102, and all intra so maybe not so great
  13. Based on these specs from Olympus' site you get a decent bit rate of 202mbps in 60p but only in 1280x720. FHD 60p gets 52mbps: "[MOV] 4096 x 2160 (C4K) / 24p / IPB (approx. 237 Mbps) 3840 x 2160 (4K) / 30p, 25p, 24p / IPB (approx. 102 Mbps) 1920x1080 (FHD) / 30p, 25p, 24p / ALL-I (A-I), IPB (SF, F, N) 1920x1080 (FHD) / 60p, 50p / IPB (SF, F, N) 1280x720(HD) / 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p / ALL-I (A-I), IPB (SF, F, N) 60p: 59.94 fps, 50p: 50.00 fps, 30p : 29.97 fps, 25p : 25.00 fps, 24p: 23.98 fps, C4K 24.00 fps FHD ALL-I (A-I: ALL-Intra / approx. 202 Mbps), FHD IPB (SF: SuperFine / approx. 52 Mbps, F: Fine / approx. 30 Mbps, N: Normal / approx. 18 Mbps) HD ALL-I (A-I: ALL-Intra / approx. 102 Mbps), HD IPB(SF : SuperFine / approx.26Mbps, F:Fine / approx.14Mbps, N : Normal / approx.10Mbps)"
  14. Anyone used the Zoom H5 and the Tascam DR100mkII? I'm considering getting one of these two to use with a Sennheiser mke600, so any opinions on which you would prefer and why would be great
  15. I am a tyre fitter at a small tyre dealer and if I could think of one thing that makes it stand out over the other large franchises in the area it is genuine, quality service. If it is an independant like the one I work for then this is the only thing that makes it stand out from the crowd and worth visiting. Perhaps you could think about how you could display the quality of this busines's workmanship by making tyre fitting look like an art. IMO this could be done well. Ask them to teach you how to fit a tyre and maybe you won't feel so uninspired anymore?
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