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  1. Yes, rotational play. Ok, I imagine not all manufacturer lenses mate well with all bodies, but more than I would consider reasonable for that cost. Did not experience it with the same G85 and the 12-35mm or 35-100mm Panasonic lenses in the same store. The "salesman" acknowledged the play and said the pin on the Panny is smaller than the hole on the Oly lens. It was consistent with 2 different cameras and 4 different lenses. I'll check all this out at another store this weekend if I have time. Just trying to ask others with this same set up if they notice it happening on theirs.
  2. Hey Dean, did you notice any fit issues, any movement with the 12-40mm Pro on the G85? No at all a helpful reply...and you're a moderator?
  3. I was in two different local camera shops checking out the G85 and Olympus 12-40mm and 40-150mm Pro lenses. In both stores one thing that I noticed and has put me off about the lenses was a slight play/movement between the lens and camera body. Has anyone else that has one or both of those lenses on a G85 noticed this?
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