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  1. I use variable ND filters and my impression is that even the ones nearing 100€/$ are not very good and create more problems than solve. I wouldn't like to have one fit into the adapter, complicates things vastly, and raise the price significantly!
  2. Cojocaru: It is very simple really, it is an EF adapter, then you can adapt to other mounts with cheap dumb adapters (or more expensive ones of course, I just do not see the point buying expensive ones). One adapter to rule them all. You still need to buy the other mount adapter you need (e.g from ebay). You then can have the FF look, but still you won't have any electronic control and/or aperture control, which in my opinion (and needs) is more important than the FF look, which If I needed I would have bought from the begining (A7ii is not that bad in that sense, ofcourse NX1 is much better, but the Sony can be found for cheap used, and have all the active metabines/speedboosters).
  3. IIt is almost a 28-308 lens, not a 24-150. I have a NX500 and I use both cameras, NX500 is so small, that you can have one of the cheap.zooms or small prime ot even The fish eye on it. Cheaper tham A 18-200 zoom lens, and a second body forinterviews or live/events videophotography. t is alnost Sorry for the "retarded" typing, blame it to been near The beach on southern Grecce, and terrible forum/android cooperation.
  4. The 45mm is something of a miracle. I have 50/55/58mm lenses of different systems, most of them have something unique to offer, but since my 45mm I rarely use any of the others (maybe FD 1.4f and the Helios for the swirling bokeh, but rarely).
  5. Yep, I can't wait for that too.. On topic; it's good to know that it is possible to fix broken files, I have another 20minute file that it doesn't work, and I do not even known why, so it is not only a matter of time limit, files broke!
  6. My video partner bought the LS300 a week ago. Overal we are very happy with the camera, for the price it seems to tick all the boxes, the construction is plasticky, but it does not seem fragile (except maybe the monitor connection to the camera). The viewfinder is unusable I guess (I do not use it anyway), and the "prime zoom function" is a nice addition (especially with Zeiss and Leica primes that we have tested it). There are a few (ergonomic) concerns though, the ND dial is very easily turned, and that needs extra caution. The camera is very front weighted (especially with EF zooms, but even with other lighter zoom lenses, e.g EF-S). The other very serious issue we had is the very heavy cropping at 120/100fps. We have tested it only in AVCHD mode, and the camera will be working the whole week, so no time for further testings, but if anyone knows anything about the slo-mo mode, please feel free to add to this conversation. I was expecting to buy the camera in autumn, but maybe I will wait to see if there will be a similar offer from Panasonic (with better ergonomics, and/or slow motion), and instead I will -mildly- invest in S lenses for my Samsung NX cameras that positve surprised me every time. I am talking about very low budget productions, for anything bigger, renting is the best solution it seems.
  7. Does anyone knows if there is a crop in 120fps?
  8. Dmitry has already developed the new version of his program that works with H265. He is currently experimenting with some of our files (from the other thread at DPR) and some of us have already donated. http://slydiman.me/eng/mmedia/recover_mp4.htm The H265 version is NOT out yet, I just link, in case someone wants to support keeping it as a freeware. In case anyone donates, just mention please the NX cameras.
  9. http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57883319 Just an update for whoever cares, maybe it is not an issue for most, but corrupted file errors are quite common and for whatever reason, so it is nice to have a tool that can fix such errors.
  10. So, I did it, don't ask me how, but I didn't stop the recording before this cataclysmic event. Does anyone has any idea how to fix this? There is the DPR thread with some info here and some programs tested, and some things said http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57872593 If anyone has any ideas, or any knowledge of the H265 codec, let us know. I have identified the parts that are missing, but I have no clue what to add to the Hex code to make it work. It would be nice if we had a 73 (or 72 or 70) minutes limit with the video recorder as it would be much more safe.
  11. It is not just "extra cash", in my country LS300 is half price. I have to test it by myself, but for 16 years now of pro work I was never impressed ergonomically from anything Sony. I would bet in Canon for ergonomics and built quality.
  12. ΝΧ1 has a mic in, so you can use whatever mic you want. 4K crop can be an advantage, 2 camera setup for interviews, wide shot on NX1, close up on the NX500 (the 45mm is incredible for that). There are 3 cheap kit lenses, the ancient 20-50 (the sharpest among these three, very small, but not very wide, no IOS, not very fast focusing), a more traditional 18-55 (a bit wider than the previous one, IOS, better AF, more reach, overall an ok kit lens), and the newer 16-50pz, super small and light, Power Zoom buttons for zoom in and out (with changeable speed), IOS, relatively fast focusing, the widest of them all (even thought 16-18mm is not very good, still it is an option). The last one, is the only one I use, but it is not even close to the 16-50 S, but it costs 850-950$ less, 5 times lighter, a lot smaller, and does the job (especially on gimbal work). They are just different tools, for different needs.
  13. He has mentioned DIS already. OIS works with whatever lens hasOIS, notonly the S lenses.
  14. NX500 is a great little camera, in reality you just get a super compact NX1 with a few less features (not total control of the video image, too). But the few differences, plus better ergonomics and better battery life, makes the NX1 a must for pro work, and the NX500 good as a second/third/fourth/backup camera.
  15. Mattias, do you have any other comment after almost a month with your LS300? Have you tested any AF mode (or lenses, or whatever), and could you compare it with any other camera(GH4? C100markII? Any Sony? NX? Anything?)? For some of us, you are the only source of information about this very interesting camera.
  16. I agree, and that's why in my search for the best hybrid system I chose NX, but for run and gun jobs, the C100ii with the Dual Pixel AF and the 18-135, has the best ergonomics, battery life, broadcast quality straight out of the camera, etc etc It is theonly video camera that I use AF with, which is just incredible for me (and weird,as I could never have imagined doing so). Jvc is a good option (I am strongly consider it as my new purchase this September), but it is not thoroughly tested in the field. Specifications does not mean everything, I too laugh with every new Canon announcement (80D!!), but they must be doing something right, all these years, at least most of their features work as they should be, unlike most Sony ones.
  17. A7 cameras are terrible in those specific matters, but these type of cameras are not the right run n gun cameras anyway..I would choose a Canon C100mkII over any other camera, even with that silly bitrate they have..
  18. I have used A7 cameras, A7Sii is great, but only using it as a sensor (as we use the black magic cameras, no ergonomics whatsoever), the battery life is the worst ever fro pro work (together with black magic pocket!), menus/button placement just terrible, screens (back screen, EVF) not that great, and I am against full frame sensors for video (I do not like the aesthetic and practical problems it creates). Also, maybe A7 cameras are smaller than NX1, the lenses are big and heavy, so I can't really see any advantage there, in the contrary, with such big and heavy lenses you need a sturdy dSLR like style body. If you earn money from the NXes, the investment is just minimal, maybe for a hobbyist ia not very wise to invest (actually, I am resisting too), but as a short term investment, is not that bad (considering that the S lenses are 2 to 3 times cheaper than similar ones in other systems). GH4 ergonomics are really far behind NX1.
  19. I from the other side just consider getting the 16-50S and/or the 50-150. I am reconsidering my options very dynamicaly (almost real time!) and I do not see anything better with similar, or slightly more cost, than a NX1+16-50S combo. The practicallity of this, is just priceless. IBIS is the only thing missing, but the NX1 is perfect size/weight wise, for the most image stabilizers (e.g Ronin), and I do not see any APS-C camera surprass it anytime soon, and when it will, it won't be cheap (including glass), so I huess I am good for at least a couple more years, which is a lifetime for equipment of this sort. Together with the NX500, is just a perfect combo for 4K low budget jobs, and if I want run and gun 1080p, I go C100mkII.
  20. Samsung offered features in their updates that other brands offer in one to three generations of new bodies. The only other company that I respect in that sense is Panasonic, always trying to offer the most to their customers (again not because they are "nice people", but because they want to attract customers), but with paid firmware updates or new bodies nevertheless. Maybe the most like-able people in the industry are the Fuji ones, and I do not see their cameras and firmwares being bold and beautiful. That was probably the last reason that NX failed though. We have discussed many of them before, now it is not the time, as it is actually kind of optimistic that they have a new firmware update. The fact that actually someone took an order to fix the connectivity issues with newer Android versions, (for normal "normal" people of the mainstream, the target group of Samsung anyway, that is far more important than the mods/hacks; we, the others, can still go on with our firmwares) leaves all the opportunities open. Plus the filmconvert situation!
  21. All the rest of the cameras that are not in their profiles, and they are not named "BlackMagic Design Ursa mini 4.6K - Samsung NX1 - Sony a6300 - Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus - Sony FS7 Slog3 - Canon C300II" and have less of 6% of the votes
  22. FHow is it possible for NX1 to be #2!?! That is just incredible. Very good news, plus the new firmware updates, create some interest on the NXes. I can't wait for the NX profiles, that will be a great advantage for our workflow (and our pride). I still can't believe the second place, above Canon/Sony/Apple..
  23. NX1, done! Althought there are a lot of very popular cameras on that list. Someone has to post it on dpr and/or other forums/social media, even if not "win" the poll, our votes matter for future consideration.
  24. We had a shooting with 3 5DmarkIII the other day. We used 3-4 batteries on every Canon and 2 on the NX1, plus just 1 for the NX500 (used only for backstage photograpgy, almost 300 pictures). One 5D started to behave strangely, and we had to change both card and battery a couple of times. I have never experienced any overheating problems with any of the NX, even in event videography.
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