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  1. I got dirty cheap M42 and FD, working perfectly fine. I got a telescopic Kiwi to NX, perfect. Got other cheap Chinese ones for other mounts, never had any issues. I would like to get an EF, Nikon and maybe an EF-S too. Maybe go to the Chinese solution again, except maybe the Nikon one.
  2. Maybe I am simple minded, but the NX1-NX500 is the cheapest, lightest, smaller 4K A-B camera set right now, for "simple" things like interviews and live events (such theatre plays, or music/dance shows) and low budget jobs are just fine. For the whole 2016 I think I am set (have a good year, by the way!) and with a minimal "investment". Samsung is so big, that they really do not care at all, if next year (or the year after) believe that a full frame camera can make them some profit, they will, and if it suits my needs and my budget, it will be in my shopping list. They are mass producers, the
  3. Neither. The NX500 has a 1080p HDMI output, I just don't know if there are any advantages using it with an external recorder (mostly for the time restrictions, and the ProRes files). 90% it is not capable to do anything with that output (except view the pictures on TV) but I just thought to ask, just in case.
  4. Does it make any sense to connect the NX500 with an Atomos Ninja 2/Star?
  5. With the 12-24 it is 28.8mm, not very wide, but still workable, and quite wider than the 38mm. I believe works good as a B-cam, the crop factor cleverly used, can be an advantage, as the dissent (for the price) 45mm becomes 108mm, perfect for an interview close up. The only major disadvantage I can see is the lack of DIS, I would really like to see that, and I think that it can be done internally. I am that person looking to spend 500 (euros in my case) on a 4K camera and lens ( so I can't really complain about the DIS, but still..) !
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