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  1. Hallo dear community, Davinci is giving me great pleasures and pain. I absolutely enjoy this beautiful freeware programme (Lite Version:) My computer is a nice and cheap setup for HD and Davinci. I7 2600K, 16GB Ram, system SSD, 7200rpm HD, GTX 970. A lot of times my computer all of the sudden shuts down when I´m rendering with some optical flow clips in the timeline. Also shut down appears when I´m messing with 200mbs clips in HD. The same with 4K footage from XC10. Temperature of the Geforce never hits 60 degree Celsius. Help, advice or moral support:) is very much appreciated! This is driving me nuts. No problems with my cheap piece of editing software Videopad I paid 80 euro for. cheers and thanks
  2. Let the fun continue!:) Thanks for the great challenge! I´d say GH1 with a 35mm Cmount lens.
  3. Hallo Ebrahim and everyone, I´ve been searching for a 28-70 zoom with constant F2.8 in FD mount and I found a Sigma one but never had a chance to come across one of these on Ebay. Info on it is very rare to almost none. Anybody got their hands on one of these or knowledge about it? http://allphotolenses.com/lenses/item/c_2084.html# BTW, we did a short with the Canon FD 28mm and a China speedbooster on the G6. Nice setup and great price.
  4. Hey guys! Check out Andy Lee´s post about the footage he shot with the G7 on natural. Looks sick, thick and not thin at all! LX100 might look similar on natural with skillful lighting and grading! Though sensor and lens are not the same. Here is a taste of Andy´s footage.
  5. Are you kidding me!:) Give us some moving pictures of that footage, some little teaser, Andy! This looks awesome! How did you meter/measure the light within the limited dynamic range of the G7? Is this all your Bourne lens magic?
  6. Cool! Can´t wait to see you shoot some beautiful footage with it. Really enjoyed your VLog and C100II shorts and tests. Where did you get that deal on the Odyssey with 1Gig of SSDs? Did you buy used? You gonna forget about the GH4 Assasin combo? Cool! Are you sure about that? Sorry for questioning. Should have done my research maybe! I just really consider you guys my research partners by communicating with one another!:)
  7. Hey, beautiful Trailer, moody, sincere, coming of age intensity and melancholy! Grade looked maybe a little bit stronger towards an orange and teal touch in certain parts. I´d say 7DII, pretty clean HD and nice colors, S35 look.
  8. Hey guys! On the Atomos site is an announcement for a Shogun Firmware Update to version 6.6, for Q1 2016, promising CDNG. One thing to consider is the cost of media. Shogun takes normal SSDs, Odyssey needs media from Convergent Design. cheers
  9. Hey Stab, that was obviously too easy for you:) So maybe someone can pull off something trickier. I really enjoy seeing what´s possible with these 8bit h264 consumer cams. cheers
  10. Hey Jimmy, thanks for your great input. So Sony unlock is needed then. Still a great option with the Shogun, if 10bit is all one is asking for. cheers
  11. Hey guys, thanks a lot for all being so helpful! So, Ebrahim, with Firmware 6.4 Shogun would record 10bit 4K without having to pay Sony for a FS700 4K Firmware update? Not shooting high class cams (yet:) Still wrenching my G6- film grain really helps to dither out some nastiest macroblocking. That FS700 is from my filmschool and needs some new energy put into it. cheers, Marty
  12. Hey, you are true camera lovers!:) Here are the ungraded shots. I graded by eye, so the canon guess is taken as a compliment. It´s a G6, graded in Davinci, lit with one 300w tungsten and a golden reflector. Shot on 3000Kelvin, Natural, all -2, but color at 0. As for the aps c reference, it was shot with a china speedbooster!:) Great guessing, guys! Lens was a Canon FD 28mm lens, F2.8, the dancing shot is a Tokina 11-20 2.8 on another china speedbooster. Hope you liked the grade and thanks for that little fun guessing game. The grain was put on top twice, once for the darks and another one for the highlights. Helped big, big time to make the ugly macroblocking disappear. So G6 to the limits with ISO 1600 and a speedboosted Fstop of around 2.0. Thanks for enjoying and cheers, Marty Exactly, G6! ApsC (through speedboosted lens) is right too, LX100, GH4, Panasonic, Sony, all great guesses. Thanks for the fun, guys!
  13. Well, well.. Wouldnt want to tell you just yet. Unless you got the feeling the right camera has been spotted already, which might be true already:) Here is another one from the same setting, if you still enjoy the little challenge. Don´t wanna put you on the wrong track:)
  14. Hey guys, I would be thrilled, if you would like to guess the camera, this was filmed with. Lens too. Pretty exited about it. Screenshot from the video, please see below. cheers, Marty
  15. This would really be a great opportunity to enter the world of 10bit 4K then In that case- better than selling a FS700 is to keep it and plug it into the Shogun then. Great! Thanks for the advise!
  16. Would the Sony HXR-IFR5 Interface be needed in order to feed the RAW signal into the Shogun? Also a costly Firmware update from Sony for the FS700? If so, the Odyssey might be the more compact and cheaper way, with 12 bit 4K RAW and 240fps 2K RAW. cheers
  17. Hey Jimmy, Thanks for your reply. Did I get this right- Shogun records real 10bit 4K from the FS700 with the new Atomos Firmware? Before, all it took from the FS700 was 4:2:2 8bit 1080p. Odyssey Q7 with Raw update is pretty pricey. Update itself is over 900 USD. So a real 10bit solution with the Shogun would be awesome. Anybody shot with that combination getting beautiful 10bit 4K?
  18. Hallo, Is it possible to get real 10bit 4K and 10bit 1080p out of the FS700 using the Atomos Shogun since its newest update? In June there was a Firmware update for the Shogun. It says 4k is with the Fs 700 would be possible. Would that be real 10bit Prores? Would downscale from the 4K feed to real 10bit 1080p be possible with the Shogun? Is there any fee to pay to Sony or Atomos to be able to get that feature? Are SDI and HDMI both possible for that? Would be great to hear from you guys. Thanks a lot, Marty
  19. Hey, cliptoolz is still available. Check the link at the very bottom, i mean very, very bottom of the linked page. There is a dropbox download link still working! Hey Bami, I used a setting for wrapping into mov container. So, do you or anybody else know, if that would be a losless process for wrapping my creepy mts files (davinci doesnt like em:) into mov? It didnt take longer than 2 seconds for a 2 minutes clip. So I guess, there was no converting (thatfore that being a lossless process) involved, unless my computer turned into a supercomputer over night:)
  20. -internal super clean 10bit ALL I 1080p, with a perfect downscale from 4K like the Sony A7s, all that in 24 to 60p -internal 10 bit 4K -VLOG -super clean 1080 120fps 8bit slowmo - 2000 USD -small battery grip like HDMI recorder with XLRs and HDMI connectivity for external monitors for around 800 USD no supernatural feats, just great possible features:)
  21. Hey Aaron, great colors and shooting on your vid! Definately "cinematice":) Your captures above show posterization in the shadows. As Zak has shown, 10bit seems the way to go. In the 8bit 10bit VLOG thread, EOSHD user bunk recognized impact of white balance on the quality of the VLOG footage. Hopefully Zak can do some more 10bit testing.
  22. Fantastic colors! Great shots too! These colors screem "cinema"! Don´t wanna exaggerate, but best GH4 colors I´ve seen so far, by a mile! So this is the definate testimony to go the VLOG route, I would say. Am I wrong?
  23. PannySVHS

    GH4 V-Log $99

    Judging by Nick Driftwoods examples, VLOG in 10bit is a real treat. Threw an Arri to REC LUT on it and looked great. Maybe it´s because they put some nice lighting up for the footage, would say most definately so. It´s just not visible in LOG, but after the LUT or grade on top of it:) Seems VLOG 10bit is a different beast than A7s/RX10ii Slog! Can´t wait to see the first cat videos and walking heads in VLOG 8 and 10 bit
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