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  1. Hey Merce, great find with the Canon lens. Do you have some footage, you would like to share? Really fully covers the 4K image? cheers, Marty
  2. I think it is great indeed. Nice cinematic energy and beautiful to watch. Great job!
  3. Hey Eoshd fellow filmer:) What lenses are your zoom trinity?:) cheers
  4. I think the first two sentences are very true, regarding the camera. The foliage on the ground looked really great. I really enjoy the mentality of yours, grabbing a camera and shooting stuff for our viewing pleasure. regards and thanks!
  5. hey merce!:) great contribution. nice footage. funny thing, was thinking about a eoshd challenge: doin a little short with a FZ1000. I imagine, sensor and codec could hold a candle to a G6. Got some nice footage out of that G6 with grading. Problem is, got a short done with my two mates and four actors, but just playing around too much with Davinci. Unfortunately I got the best results with a by eye approach, so harder for me to reproduce the workflow on other projects.
  6. Oh, I think, the gm1 has even more mojo imagewise. Martin Walgrens vimeo footage looks beautiful, so does Eoshd´s jase´s (jan s´) footage. Sensor from the GX7 with a beautiful overall image pipline. GM1 for hundred bucks then, Mattias? That would be a crazy deal then! Thinking about getting a GM5 for being my interchangeable lens photophone without the phonepart:) Oh yeah, F3, there was one on Ebay, didnt sell for 1000 Euros, second try it sold for 2300 Euros. Great chance missed, but 950 shooting hours are not to be ignored neither.
  7. Thanks guys, the 18-105 seems very nice for run and gun documentary work. Thank you once more for putting light into the darkness of assumptions:)
  8. Hallo, I just figured, that Auto Focus might not work well for adapted EF lenses on the FS7 and FS700. Only on A7RII with its Phase detection. Would that be the same for the non speedbooster version? Wouldnt make sense then to work with EF lenses on the two cameras, if auto focus is wanted for documentary filming? So are there good autofocus solutions for FS7/700 other than native lenses? Wouldnt make sense then to buy the Canon L 24 105 F4 for autofocus purposes? cheersInsert other media
  9. PannySVHS

    Sony a6300 4k

    Hallo Mattias, that are hells of deals! What stores are selling G7s for $420 or used ones for $300? I will buy a G7 there, no sense in waiting!
  10. PannySVHS

    Sony a6300 4k

    In Max´ video A6300 has obviously higher resolution than G7, also details in the shadows instead of mud. Regarding the shadow detail it looks like a codec issue of the G7 with noise reduction dialed up too much in the profile.
  11. Now this is starting to become some real fun tradition!:) 1. D5300 2. G7 3. FS5 4. winner:) Exposure is longer on the second camera.
  12. Hey Jase, looking good. Now the high resolution is really visible even when watching it in 720p. LX100 and GM1 from your other videos hold their own though, with beautiful color. The Tiffen Ultra is the filter or the plugin?
  13. Like I said, Andy, you most definately got me sold, twice now:) Cheers and Good night!
  14. Great, thanks a lot guys! That´s great news. Thats exactely what I needed to know, no cameras after 2012 or paid update needed for real 10bit! Thanks again guys!
  15. Wow, fantastic! Thank you for this great hint! It´s really getting tempting to buy one. Now just wondering about the 10bit 4:2:2 for models before March 2012 without the update and sofore without SLOG and 4:4:4:)
  16. Hey, thank you for your answer. I have read that before. But even on the older F3s, I was told, it would have 10bit 4:2:2 over SDI without an update, just not the 4:4:4 and SLOG. But I am having a hard time to believe that, since I haven´t found any info to support that claim. So I am still a little bit in the dark:)
  17. Wow, Andy, you and Bushman Films got me sold on the G6. Now I gotta get a G7 and part with my old first love:)
  18. Hey Rich, also thinking about getting a F3 for our school. I was told it´s ready for 10bit 4:2:2 over SDI, right away out of the box. Is that true? I only know about the paid for update for 899USD for SLOG and 4:4:4. Also, is it possible to put another mount other than PL on the FZ mount, like EF or Nikon? cheers, Marty
  19. Hallo fellow citizens of the Reid States, this time your expertize is really needed and even more appreciated than ever before. I can see, over hundred people have been reading my plead for wisdom. But no answers have been found yet. Yet. Please fullfill my desire and longing for enlightement:) All you ambassadors of the Great Cameras I would once more admire you articulate and unique insight into this question. cheers
  20. Lookin great! So you traded your LX100 in for the Sony? Quiet a decision:)
  21. Hey Mattias, thanks for the hint! Now waiting for some sweet Swedish deals on the Panasonic G7.:)
  22. Oh, so can we look forward to see some footage from you very soon?:) At what length did you shoot?
  23. Hallo Andy, this is a great post to go along the angieux/tokina one. Such a great source of knowledge! Thank you very much. Just one question, test were done with the internal codec, right? So how does the HDMI to Assasin compare to the internal footage, is ist noisier due to lack of any noise reduction? cheers and thanks!
  24. Hey Matthias, would it be possible to link to these kind of offers? Seems like you always get these awesome cameras for awesome prices:) cheers
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