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  1. Hallo Beny! Examples are looking great, G6 samples look very tempting! Did you put the LUTs on the files available via Vimeo download or did you have access to the original files? Would you upload one or two video G6 clips as examples, if it´s not too much of a hassle to you? Also, what software can these LUTs be used with, also Virtual Dub or FFMPEG? best regards
  2. Very cool! Any nice examples for it with G6 footage? cheers
  3. Oh, and don´t worry about the bokeh, had a hard time to handle focus with F2.8 on 28mm focal length:)
  4. ​ Would really consider G7 instead of A7. G6 has been a great choice for my first short this weekend. Put some Canon FD glass into the play and you got a great setup for a beautiful picture, strong and light codec, nice handling. I did my shoot just with one 28mm lens, lighted the scenes up and was happy to be able to stay within 160 to 200 ISO. About the Lens Turbo, I´ve read quiet a few convincing comments about it. As far as my experience goes, received mine yesterday. It has a loose fit on the m43 mount and I almost couldnt unmount my FD lens later on. Pin within adapter was bent, though I do know how to mount to my normal FD adapter. Any way, 28mm is still wide enough on M43 and still has a nice perspective considered normal enough for Super 35 Cinema standard. My 20mm 1.7 Lumix lens just went over the edge perspective wise. G6 plus adapter plus lenshood plus FD cost me 320 Euros all together. For sound I recommend a Beachtek preamp I rented over the last weekend.
  5. Hallo guys, Thank you for your replies! Mercer, yes, gorrilla pod seems like a great idea. I shot a short this weekend with an beautiful sirui photo tripod. Highly flexible legs helped for being used as a shoulder pad and camera arm and so. But sometimes one or two legs were a little bit in the way for camera movements. First time in my life that I rented lights and preamps. My first short for sixteen years. What an adventure. G6 turned out to be a great choice! Shot all on my FD 28 without focal reducer. It´s really a beautiful and very useful all purpose lens. After the shoot I received my Camdiox Focalreducer. But that one has a loose fit on the m43 mount. After mounting the FD, it almost didnt come off, because a pin was within too tight tolerances. After struggling unmounting it, it was bent. Did everything right, since I got used to mounting to my normal m43-FD adapter. Unfortunately that Speedbooster clone from Camdios- not really recommended from my point of view. Don´t know, if Camdiox is the same as RJ. So, anyhow, happy to post the result pretty soon. And, still my question, how do I implement X264 Codec for conversion in Videopad? I can only pick H264 for rendering. Thanks you all! best regards, Marty
  6. Good evening:) Midloch, Thank for you very much for your answer! So I think I´ll use 24p for rendering with my Testversion of Videopad. Guess I gonna buy it. Was´nt able to pick suggested X264 codec for converting for vimeo and such. I rendered in 23.87, so gonna go for 24p. Anybody with hands on and experience with Videopad? Thanks guys for your help. Great to finally made the step buying a G6. Great suggestions I´ve been finding on this forum. Good that I didnt spend all on a GH4. By the way, would feel kind odd with a rig trying to fly under the radar at a public place:) I´ve seen some great handheld footage outthere. Never thought it to be that tricky! Thanks guys and Cheers
  7. Hallo Midoloch aka Bushmanfilm! I´ve been following your work for a while. Really loved the Yoga India one. Really awesome stuff with the G6, would be worth any camera! Your posted recent piece is professional with a clean n mean:) look. Great work! My vid was a tester for the manual FD lens and some profile testing for the harsh sunlight. I felt it was kind of a nice so called organic look. Maybe it´s my monitor. Does the vid run smooth in HD and full screen when steamed on vimeo? Your vid runs smooth on Vimeo in HD and full screen. What frame rate did you shoot (completely 50p)? And what frame rate did you convert to when compressed or rendered? What codec did you render with? What else could be helpful to know about the vimeo "problem"? Thanks for helping out! By the way, you were the main guy getting me hooked on FD. Andy Lee got so many other great lens and lensmount suggestions, I lost my sight:) Regards
  8. Hallo Rudolf, yes, some great books have been named around here, like that one great one on grading or "shot by shot". Oh, you don´t believe, how exited I was just to touch that manual fitted onto my G6, shakiness didnt bother me at that moment. I´m pretty happy how the corrected colors look and agree on the highlights, they are too washed out. Thank you for the link. It seems the current version of videopad doesnt allow export to x264. Since this will be my editing tool for my little project, I guess I depend on the quality I got on vimeo so far. Anyone on videopad and it´s options on converting footage? It has ffmpeg plugins, but in verson 4.08 no x264, as far as I was able to recognize. Advice on the converting, bitrate and X264 options with videopad are greatly thanked for. The link above states, triple or more the bitrate for your material before upload. Videopad doesnt seem to allow that. Thanks and regards
  9. Hallo Antonis thank you for your reply. Otherwise does footage look okay on your monitor color and compression wise? This my first test footage with a manual lens. No rig, that´s right:) With a fly by wire focus it would have been even unsteadier at least with mine. I am still looking for good conversion settings for vimeo. The SD file of my footage from vimeo looks terrible. Would be using Avidemux, FFmpeg or other opensource/ freeware suggestions. Any hints and tips would be highly appreciated. Did that little color correction with a Testversion of Videopad. Nice and straight forward user interface, but preview window is small and response for color correction on I7 2600K without dedicated GfxCard is so la la. Might be Vimeo quality suffer from that program already? Converted file looks great on my monitor, its just that HD vimeo has jerky playback on my computer and SD looks awful. Converted the MTS file into H264 24 frames. Should I convert to 30p? These are my first practical steps into digital video. Any advise is very appreciated. best regards and thank you.
  10. Hallo fellow cinephiles and gear maniacs short story short: does video below look okay on your monitors? Shot Natural on G6 all -2 except color 0 and did little changes to rgb channels and overall contrast. Very happy with G6! Better battery life would rule. For video the 20mm perspective of the Lumix 20mm was too exagerrating for me in some instances. A classic 28mm deals with that much better as a general purpose lens. On my I7 2600k vimeo playback in HD is jerky and SD playback is a blocky mess. Anybody of you guys knowing some compression settings with ffmpeg for a great vimeo upload quality for SD and HD playback? I´ve seen videos on vimeo looking great in SD resolution. Sorry for posting the same question again. But maybe my headline was not fitting enough or my text was not enough to the point. Thank you and best regards, Marty
  11. Heck, I bought my FD Adapter on Sunday on the Fleamarket and my 28mm FD from a Ebay guy, personal pickup of course. So tech is important! No lens means no film, no camera means no film, right! Or like Steven Spielberg stated: "my filmmaking really began with technology. It began through technology, not through telling stories, because my 8mm movie camera was the way into whatever I decided to do..." For instance the troubles with weak batteries, that is something I would love to cure by buying GH4, just like I changed the nasty ergonomy of my panny 20mm into some nice grip onto my 28mm FD. By the way, the look is totally different too. If it wouldnt have been for Andrew´s GH2 videos from the Far East I discovered in 2012 I might not have been started video again since my SVHS(C:) times more than 15 years ago. But it is great to have the images from within to turn inside out and G6 is starting to giving me that pleasure. So yes, new camera (with oh so old HD technology:) affected my outlook and aspiration totally! BTW, did I forget to say, Panny G6 is a great camera?:) Cheers and thanks for contributing so much, Andrew and you cool cats outthere!
  12. Hey dear community! Finally bought a m43 cheapo adapter on a fleamarket on Saturday. Downloaded a prog called videopad, people on the Slashcam forum kept recommending for easygoing editing. And, voila, I did some super quick color correction. BUT, I would like to know some exellent settings for h264 conversion with ffmpeg and such for best vimeo results! The video quality looks bad in SD resolution. Looks nice in HD but slow streaming on my I7 2600K with 16GB and SSD. By the way, when I bought that adapter and "pulled" the focus with my hand, I just felt totally different than doing fly by wire with my panny 20mm, I started feeling like I imagined PA Pennebaker must have felt:) I was exited about the quality of the footage and resltus that tiny color correction gave me. Both were new for me, the software side and the FD M43 experience. Do you guys n gals like the colors? Oh, and please give some feedback and help on my technical file compression related question. Thank you! Regards and great to be here! Oh, and, G6 really is a super cool cam. Thanks Andy Lee and Maxotics and Daniel (GH3 music video man) and inazuma for his quasi G6 support (GX7 IS the prettier sister with the same beefs:) Oh, and wow, loving the storm over Hong Kong vid by Marginalia Film!
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