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  1. That's awesome Tito! Make sure you copyright that before animorphicstore puts it on his site and claims it as his own :P "Do you hate Communism?" Hilarious!
  2. Leslie, that is the 35mm B&H, which doesn't share any similarities with the 16mm lens in this thread. At 6 pounds, this 35mm beast is the one of the heaviest anamorphics out there. I don't think it would be of practical use unless you were doing tripod-mounted/narrative filmmaking. Extremely heavy and bulky for run and gun. It's one advantage is the enormous diameter glass. I suspect that it would allow you to shoot with a wider taking lens than just about any other 2x anamorphic. But because the front diameter is so big, a single-focus solution would have to be custom made. I imagine it's focus through, but I suspect its minimum focus distance is probably between 10-20 feet. I have a pair of these giant B&Hs, but I haven't figured out how to disassemble them...Unfortunately I don't have any time or money to do anamorphic tinkering any more, and will probably put these and the rest of my anamorphic & camera gear on eBay soon.
  3. I wouldn't recommend buying a thing from that guy under any circumstances. His products are overpriced and in some cases appear to be of poor quality. I'd recommend taking a look at Rapido Technology's clamp selection instead. I have one of his clamps. He doesn't mess around - the quality of workmanship is great and the prices are reasonable.
  4. I've made some tweaks to lower my website's overhead, so for the moment the site is up and running (...fingers crossed).
  5. Hi Leslie, thanks for the heads-up - I'm looking into the bandwidth issue and should have it resolved today. Most projector lens designs are pretty simple and can be disassembled, cleaned, reassembled as long as you have the right tools, a good work space, and lots of patience ? I'm sure other isco Gottengen 2x and NAP32 owners would appreciate posts dedicated to those lenses! Cheers, -Bold
  6. My site is finally live now. If you're interested in my B&H mod, you can see what I offer here. Has anyone else been doing modding or shooting with their B&H? Please post your footage and keep this thread going!
  7. I'd avoid that eBay seller. Overpriced and poor quality.
  8. I don't know if it's all that common. However these lenses are old and they sometimes arrive with threads that are caked with years of grit or gunk. So take great care to slowly & carefully clean them (particularly the silver ring on the back of the B&H). In my case, I bought a B&H with a projector lens still attached, and there was so much grit that when I tried to remove it from the anamorphic, it jumped the thread. This essentially locked it to the B&H anamorphic. Further attempts to remove the projector lens from the anamorphic lens resulted in cracking the rear glass of the anamorphic. But I salvaged the front element, which was still intact. I definitely would not recommend separating a B&H in good shape, just to get the front glass to use for a focuser. That would be a waste of a great anamorphic lens!
  9. As far as loosening the B&H on top of the stove: I have used a similar method to get them apart: I've had a couple lenses where the front retaining ring was stuck tight. I put the lens in the oven at the lowest setting (175 F) for 15 minutes. Using some thick rubber gloves, I took them out of the oven and applied the lens wrench, and voila - they came apart easily. The temperature was high enough to looosen the parts but not high enough to affect the lens coating or anything. I didn't even have to lubricate the seams. Something to consider for those anamorphic tinkerers who are having trouble getting their lens apart. This. A thousand times this. Thanks for sharing your work whoisjd!
  10. The front element can be removed fairly easily, so it should be easy to clean, I'm not an expert in lens fungus, but my best guess is that the impact on the image will be minimal. Those tabs are part of the B&H design. For a 60(ish) year old lens, yours appears to be in pretty good shape.
  11. I suppose it's easier to become monetarily wealthy if you are ethically bankrupt.
  12. mirketi, I've finished building my website (complete with shopping cart) and I've shot some more test footage. What remains is to edit the footage it to the website along with some product photos. The mod itself is ready and available. I'm offering the complete mod (lens included), a modification service (send me your B&H and I'll mod it), and a mod kit (do-it-yourself). PM me if you would like details, I'm hoping to launch the website next month.
  13. I would encourage you to experiment with it, as I don't think you're going to find anyone with hands-on knowledge. The size, weight, and cost of this Isco has probably deterred filmmakers from using this model Isco as an anamorphic attachment. You may very well be the first person on this forum to try it! My guess is that the image quality is quite good. Because of the size of the glass, I suspect you will be able to user a wider taking lens than a typical 2x scope, and that it will work well with wide open apertures. Of course rigging this thing will be a challenge, but don't let anyone's disdain for big scopes disgourage you from forging ahead - I would love to hear what results you get, please post your discoveries! Cheers, |. . | .|
  14. There's another thread here that may give you some ideas.
  15. The B&H mod in action. Hope you all had an anamorphic July 4th! (or July 1st, for my neighbors to the north)
  16. This LA7200 is over $500 above the average asking price on eBay. You'll have better luck selling your anamorphics on this forum if your price is realistic. The same for your Rectilux.
  17. Seku, I don't want to derail the thread any further so I'll pm you
  18. I do! I will be selling it as soon as I finish building the website (which is taking a little longer than I hoped). Some key differences between my design and the other guy's version: Mine isn't made from ridiculous red 3D-printed plastic. The housing is made from anodized black 6061 machined aluminum that I had commissioned. I disassembled, degreased, and re-greased the helicoid with superior lubricant. My mod includes my custom-built dual-bracket 15mm rail support clamp. My mod doesn't require re-alignment when switching lenses. I don't cut corners or try to hide anything. I make no secret that this mod wouldn't have been possible without the help from the good people on the EOSHD forums. I make no secret that you can build this mod yourself (you can read my development thread here). My mod is a turnkey solution - it doesn't require an overpriced, threadless 3D-printed lens clamp. My mod will be selling for less than his. Side note: Like Carlo, I've also found John Barlow (Rectilux) very helpful and quick to respond.
  19. You'll notice at the bottom of his website, some quotes. One of those quotes is from himself. Hilarious... as if it were some kind of impartial testimonial. In his eBay descriptions this guy used to label his 'Custom' anamorphic as an "Iscorama," but in reality it is a Bell & Howell anamorphic with the label taped over - conveniently hiding the true identity from consumers. Did he want his customers to believe they were buying an Iscorama? It sure seems that way... His 'Custom' design is nearly identical to mine** and only appeared for sale after I had shared my B&H mod progress on the EOSHD forums. Did he plagiarize my design? It sure seems that way... He appears to have gone to (unsuccessful) lengths to hide is identity - as well as the origin of his products. Now, I would never say this guy is a disingenuous, price-gouging, plagiarizing swindler. But you can certainly find better anamorphic products & prices from forthright sellers. Sellers whose product info is accurate - not exaggerated or misleading. This guy's business practices aren't necessarily illegal, but 'shady' might be one way to describe them. ** NOTE: my design wouldn't have been possible without invaluable contributions from Rich, Nick, and Tito
  20. Check out Tito's excellent anamorphic calculator. You'd probably get best results with a 1.33x adapter, like the Century Precision Optics DS1609. You'd still probably get vignette at 18mm.
  21. @Ethan Bandiera, yes - I sent you an email.
  22. Thanks for the update Nick! Bummer that the Helder didn't work out, but it opens the door for experimentation with other glass element to perhaps get a sharper, wider field of view. Keep on tinkering! Thanks! Would love to see pics of your setup once you get your collar back from the machinist! I am extremely pleased with my final product, and will be making it available for purchase to those that are interested :-) Cheers, |. . | .|
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