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  1. I was really surprised that how everyone reacts for my listing. And just fot that high price.even i never asked anyone to buy.. Lol. For just information there is a country where people make their own gods with stones and then pray and they also pray cows and drink cow pee. And they have many weird comic type gods but noone cares. But here i see that too many ass burnings for just one post. You can criticize in other way. Not the way that i did some crime or i killed someone or i punished the cow pee drinkers and worshippers. Its just ebay. Where everyone seels their own way. Listing anything
  2. If you are able to file a cyber crime. Then please file.. Your mother fcuking language is not everyone's native language. I thought it would be 80 to 90 bucks according to your smile. But again you are even not able to think about buying at that low price.
  3. Interesting replies from everyone. Well honestly i am not selling a pirce of printed comic book or a star wars pocket plastic figure or a old play card and demanding millions. Well everyone on ebay have the full right to list anything on their own price. And ebay dont force anyone to must buy. Its upto the buyer who always search for the cheapest price plus shipping. I request everyone that you can get this lens cheaper if you or anyone of you have managed to found it or ever sold it before on ebay then please share so i will list it according to that price. If that was too common then they mu
  4. Hi, i was just searching for rarest lenses, and i found that. its interesting to see. check the link. and if anyone have some info then share here.. it looks like a beast, and great lens for collectors, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RAREST-PROTOTYPE-LENS-ON-EARTH-1959-CANON-45-200-mm-F2-8-C35-LENS-HOLY-GRAIL-/163039120661
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