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  1. To those interested, the camera is at 2.200€ on ebay. I've decided to hold up to the A7SII, since I value the lowlight on FF more.
  2. Super cute babies! Sometimes at 18mm or so, its hard to tell if its tack sharp or not, so when im in trouble, I just turn on peaking and all is great. Any other 35mm made for fullframe (like the rokinon or sigma art or something) are 35x1.5 crop, so you do get a bit more zoom, its easier to see if its in focus or not. The screen on the NX1 is great, but a tiny bit too small, it might be a good idea to get an external monitor, im thinking of getting one soon.
  3. Heres my "latest" (a few months old, but the client wanted to change some stuff and only finished now) event coverage :
  4. Damn, I had lost hope on this, but this is absolutely stunning! I'd def. buy one!
  5. What the hell!?!?!?! This just made my day! And he already has some footage, this is stunning!
  6. Im not looking for in camera use, its mostly to use out of the camera (although if it could fit on the camera could be nice..)
  7. I've been searching for some lights for a while now, I really dont know mucha bout them, I have used a cheap LED panel on top of the camera, but thats not nearly strong enough for what I need. I need a compact, battery operated (preferebly round) powerfull light, mostly for weddings and stuff. What do you guys recommend?
  8. I am looking to shoot sull frame only, I have the NX1which, in my opinion, is one amazing S35 camera and I intend on keeping it. The a7 I want to get will be used only for lowlight and full frame of course, the A6300 isnt even a choice, since its not fullframe, and theres terrible rolling shutter. Anyway, the price is gone now, so I guess ill just wait for a next time, but its nice to see the differences between them arent that huge, but present.
  9. Ill give a try on this when I get home, love this stuff!
  10. Just found a new A7RII for 2,100€, which is around 500-700€ lower than usual, I think its due to the low £ price. My question is, for video, I remember seeing that the A7RII was pretty good in low light, and with a much higher MPx count, but I dont know which is best, if the R or the S versions...Are there many differences between them? This is almost an impulse buy, because the price seems quite low..
  11. If I had that cash, def I'd pick the Fs5, its an absolut beast from what I hear, and very very versatile.
  12. Thank you, all of them were shot with the 18-35mm f1.8, they arent all from the same edit (the first shot is from another one), so they are slightly dif. in edit.
  13. Would love to get in touch with them and check what they are doing with it, maybe give them some footage for beta testing! Anyway, hase been testing some filmconvert grades : Still not totally happy with it, but they do look quite filmic imo, and they seem less agressive than some luts I usually use.
  14. Wow! Stunning grade :D Im really happy I see people trying out the settings I posted and getting great results! What settings were you using with filmconvert? I've been trying out some new grades that will share sometime this week
  15. I was thinking this as well, with the recent crashes it should be good to invest. However I might wait a bit more, Im fairly positive it will drop until 1.10€/1.05€, then it will make a lot more sense. Also, when are gonna start paying import taxes?
  16. Ill keep them both for a while and pick the best one out, will be getting the samsung today. Unfortunately, all my friends are photography freaks, so the best I could get is an 5DMk2 Raw, which I might give a try and see if I can postpone this decision further..
  17. I've been checking them on ebay theyre going new for 1000€, second hand auction, 3 days from over, is at 600€ with over 30 bidders, so there seems to be interest. I might jump in and "risk" it, but then i'd have to sell my sigma 18-35mm f1.8. The stabilization is what I want the most of course. I dont like fixed lens cameras, and getting a GH4 at this point is a waste IMO. As for the A7sII I think exacly that, is it an amazing jump from the NX1? No, and actually a step back on some stuff, but the lowlight is stunning. I will need to make a decision in the upcoming month however, and Im as confused as I can be...All cameras have very specific targets, or too costly for an overall camera (such as the FS5).
  18. I want to keep the NX1, Im in fact thinking about getting the 16-50S model, I found one NEW for 459€ in a local store (should I get it?) of course being a dead system means nothing, because IMO the NX1 has excelent performance, its a great camera and I intend on keeping it around for most small end jobs. However, getting a second body, I want one that would enable me to do more, and just be there as a second perspective. Thats why I want a different camera than the NX1/500, I want more features, on top of that list is the 10bit, followed by global shutter, low light and so on, "small" big improvements, that can help me accept jobs that would be harder to do otherwise. Hence the 2 completely different options.
  19. Heres my way of thinking, and why theres this dilemma. Im aware the A7sII and Ursa are completely different cameras, for completely different purposes. This year, I've got 3 music video scheduled as well as a couple advertisement (apart from small gigs such as events/weddings). So, if I got the URSA, It could help improve the jobs I have control on, like the music videos and advertisement, however, if I got the A7sII it would still be great, but not as good, but I could use it as a Bcam for all other stuff. Why not an NX1 ? Well, as much as I love my camera, it is a dead system, and wouldnt make sense to keep investing in it, so the A7sII is the next best choice, not only it would complement my gear, it would improve my lowlight shots, as well as have the choice for a full frame aesthetic or S35. The BMPC4k is also a good choice, its cheaper and has 10 bit prores, however having only 3 ISO choices, lack of slow-mo, and other quirks threw me off a bit. The 5DMk2 is a great choice, which i've been also dating for a while..
  20. I know I might be getting annoying with these, but I get more and more confused the more I think about it. Im in need of a second body, however this is such a struggle since every camera has its strenghts and weaknesses. Unlike photography, where the choice for a "professional" piece of gear, is usually easier to make, relying more on lens selection and sensor size, buying a Nikon D800 or Canon 5DM3 will provide incredible results, in video, the choise is much more specific. Codec, resolution, low light, global shutter, color, framerates and so on are all choices we need to make and sacrifice some stuff in return of other. As some of you may know I've been "dating" a second body, to join my NX1 for quite a while now, and now my choice is between 2 cameras, the A7RII/A7SII (can someone tell me which is best for video?) and the URSA mini 4k. The a7 has amazing lowlight, full frame aesthetic, less rolling shutter than my NX1 and the incredible IBIS, the URSA has global shutter, incredibly filmic look with 10bit 422 prores which would be amazing. Both cameras are incredibly different, and they both would fit my needs, I believe the URSA mini would allow me to take higher end jobs, however, for the low end jobs, such as event coverage, weddings and simple stuff, the A7SII would be a better choice. So I reall need someone that has tried both, to give me some insight, I've watched countless reviews, opinions but I get more and more confused everytime. Of course an FS5/C300II would be incredible but way out of my budget which is around 2500€. *Renting is out of choice, I live in a small island which doesnt have any store renting video/photo gear, if I had, I'd pick the a7s and rent an ursa when necessary.
  21. Im going to Colorado for a series of weddings and stuff. The URSA is what comes to mind, since it would end up around 1000€ cheaper than buying on Ebay, but im still not sure if I should do it or not. Maybe I can try snatching an a7s for under 800$ or 5DMk2 for 4-500$ would be great.
  22. Im going in August to the US in vacations, so im thinking in getting some new gear, since the $$ is cheaper than the €€. But im still not sure what to get, I've been keen to get a Black Magic URSA 4k (it would cost me 2.667€ new after conversion), but im still not sure if I should make that jump or wait for a different camera, this is a HUGE investment for me. To make it work, realistically, I would only need a CFcard and a battery option, right ? What else would make sense to get in the US ? Also, would I have any problems with customs if I bring the camera in my hand bag (w/o the box) ?
  23. I was doing video and not photography, what I intend to show with the image is that the detail is there, its easy to color grade, and for most usage, its quite impressive. Of course its not a 40mpx picture, and its not intended to be, or else, I would take a photo, but check the rest of the collection.
  24. I have actually stoped taking pictures all together, and only pull video frames. Full collection - http://imgur.com/a/KeilF These are all videoframes, I think they work great, on some cases better, others worse, but can they replace taking a snap? Of course they can, would this be possible without 4k? No it wouldnt.
  25. Have one already =) Ended up getting the sigma 10-20 f3.5 to match it :D now just need to get a decent 50mm f1.4 to replace my nifty 1.8 and aim all set!
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