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  1. Terrible idea, this is how you'll loose probably a few gigs if the card fails. Dont put all your eggs in a single basket!
  2. Is it 120fps @ 4k ? Is it 422 external @ 30fps or 120fps? Still need to know a lot before jumping to this instead of the GH5, which seems like a winner at this point.
  3. I was thinking of getting an Sony a7sII this week, but I guess ill hold...4k @ 60fps with 422 10 bit ? Damn! I was very skeptical with the rumors, but now that its announced, this is amazing! I didnt see the conference, but is the sensor still M43 ? Any mentioning on the price or release date?
  4. The best hybrid camera is either the a7rII (if you're more serious into photos) or a7sII, in the full frame realm. If you're looking for crop, I'm a lover of the NX1, as many of you may know, never tried many aps-c that can deliver such a good video and pictures.
  5. The lack of detail on this is stunning, looks abysmal. Im also surprised how can they find the worst filmakers out there to do their presentation videos...way to go!
  6. I dont use ND filters, dont really care much for the shutter speed. For some specific shots we do need to be carefull, but I very very rarely use an ND filter.
  7. I got lucky on a Fnac Store that had the last one, so I just waited until the price dropped with a 20% off day. It was the last one, so I dont think itll be easy to find it at this price again. If I ever intend to sell it, ill post around here. As for the lens, I honestly believe its slightly better than the sigma 18-35mm, the focus by wire is def. the best out there, I used the 30mm and it had a terrible focus by wire. I just prefer the handling of this lens vs the sigma, its very confortable, amazing quality and amazing stabilizer (which saved me a lot, since I dont use monopod).
  8. It is, I was surprised too, specially because of the stabilizer. Ill share a few more later tonight =) Im thinking about putting these for sell either as prints or as stock, but ill look into it further.
  9. Nop, I sold the sigma hahaha, I got a Samsung 16-50S for 375€, this one is with that lens.
  10. Max frame rate 27 instead of 30. If this were true, the rolling shutter would be out of this world, and render it unusable, let alone for the same price as the GH4.
  11. So, thats a 4k video for 1 second, not 30 photo burst in RAW. I'd prefer 10 bit 1080p instead of 60fps 4k, but I highly doubt we'll have internall 10 bit.
  12. That doesnt make sense...there is no "30fps photo", and it wouldnt do 30 single photos even for a short burst because...thats called video. These settings are so over the top, you might as well include "If you buy the GH5, you'll get a new car, for free!". Heres what I think will likely happen, 1080p @ 120fps, 4K @ 60fps (with noticeable rolling shutter), probably 8 bit 4:2:2, I'd love 10 bit, but I dont think we'll have that much. Anyway, when is this thing being announced?
  13. Absolutely fake, and if true, it would certainly cost the same as an FS5 minimum. Besides, how can it be 20mp and output 6k ? Wouldnt it have to be at least 28mpx?
  14. Bringing this back to life, this time with a picture :
  15. Altough your results are incredible, and I was super excited for this, I think the price is a bit too steep, considering you're comparing to a huge sucessfull company (Metabones) and being dumb only makes that separation even great. I will be looking into reviews and all when they come out, and eventually wait for a price drop.
  16. I would believe those are "outdated" in some way, and most people have moved to other settings. Considering everyone has slightly different settings, maybe it would be good for FilmConvert to have a "suggested settings" for each profile, and match their profiles to the most used settings right now (which can be found in the NX1 page). Maybe have a poll to figure out what settings most people are currently using.
  17. This second body is mostly for the lowlight capabilitites, where my NX1 isnt as good, and to do wedding videos, which I believe the FF aesthetic works quite nicely because of a softer look. S35 is more than enough, but in my thinking, since I wanna invest, maybe I should get something that would add to my current setup, and not just another NX1. If I could, however, id get an FS5 or something like that, with a much wider DR, but thats way out of budget.
  18. I get a lot of a red, and I dont have green at 95%.
  19. Today Ill try filming with their specific settings and checking how they compare, all my tests were with my own settings, so it might not work as well..
  20. Film Convert has just released the Samsung NX1 profile, will post some examples soon! http://www.filmconvert.com/download/camera-profile Not the best examples, but here they go : Im not too happy with the footage, maybe its becuase I havent used FilmConvert too much, but its quite hard to make them look good, will keep trying and post more as I go! Feel free to share your examples!
  21. These would be the ones I'd go to, by priority order : FS5 + good glass FS700+Odissey URSA 4.6k BMCC IMHO these are future proof and can get you pretty stunning results, specially if you pair them with anamorphics!
  22. Even for someone who does 95% video, and searching for a full frame camera? I dont want to shoot it in S35 mode and buy a metabones, I want a ready to shoot camera, without much fiddling.
  23. I just asked Philip Bloom on FB what his choice would be between the A7RII and A7SII, he says the A7RII is better than the A7SII, with slightly inferior lowlight performance. This was his actual comment :
  24. I just found an a7SII for 1300$, not risking though.
  25. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to build one for the NX1 ? Dumb adapter, I dont need smart adapters. This is really exciting for me, because I've been wanting it for so long, and never really bought into the idea that it would be impossible.
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