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  1. Hey everyone, I've made a thread so its easier to keep track of everyones opinion and feedback.
  2. This thread was created so we can all share our opinions on the lut pack, as some of you may know, these were created specifically to the NX1, however, I've made some tests on Sony Cine4, Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark 3 with very pleasant results. The lut pack contains 9 different luts, ranging from color to black & white, stylized looks to achieve a filmic effect on the nx1 footage. Heres a sample of what to expect from the looks : Fully Graded with Greenleaf Later today I will add new screengrabs of all the different looks, and what its best used on. Feedback is very very important, this was created for the community, and I will follow all of your opinions in order to update the pack and deliver the best possible results! I hope you all have fun and like using them as much as I've had created them! Happy gradings!! Buyhere : https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/#
  3. Thats the goal! If any of you guys want to try this on any other system, or settings, send me a couple of video files and I show you how they look on the Lut. Later today I will open a thread, so its easier to keep track of everyones opinion, Im really excited to know what you guys think!
  4. Thank you so much! The before does look good on its own, the luts only give it a personal touch and change the feel of the image. All clips were recorded at 1080p 60p and 4k, the 120p option works amazingly but only until ISO 100-200, after that it softens the image and becomes hard to properly grade it.
  5. Thank you so much! As far as color goes, everything was graded with one lut (Greenleaf), without any adjustment. Heres a small Before/After : https://vimeo.com/192050191/a9f067a86b
  6. So, i've decided to make a small teaser for one of the Luts, Greenleaf, its one of my favorite, but also one of the most moody/muted ones, so it may not be to the liking of everyone, but its one of my favorites. Let me know what you guys think :
  7. They probably tried to go with some peoples settings at green 0.95, but they should fix it, I dont think i've seen anyone using it with the NX1 profile, it works much better with any of the others.
  8. Last time I tried it, it wasnt a very good solution, with a magenta tint all over the image, but that may have been changed/updated. Its still an expensive app for newcomers (149$ if im not mistaken).
  9. Good news! The color luts are complete, I will now create 2 black and white, and a free lut as well. Heres another quick look : Some are soft, others are more stylized. I also tested them with the Nikon D800 files a friend sent me, and they work great! Im really excited to hear what you guys think, what should be tweaked or added and all the stuff you can come up with!
  10. Yes, all the footage is with the old settings, nothing changed.
  11. Small update on the lut pack, I didnt have much time to finish all of them yet this weekend, and I really want them to all serve a purpose and be used for different scenarios, so I will need another week. Heres a small update on one of them, that is actually one of my favorite ones. And full images : These examples were all one click only, no tweaking necessary. This lut will be called Greenleaf.
  12. Thats what my friend told me, and it does seem to improve, thats why I recommend it, but I have never actually tested for it, its good to hear other people saying it as well!
  13. I just followed a friends advice, it seems to preserve better the highlights, but might be a placebo effect. I have started to create the Lut pack, it will have between 10-15 luts, including color and black and white, and it should be available in the next week or so. Pricing will likely be between 15-20$, and should include a small "tutorial" on how to use them properly. Most of them will work nicely without any adjustment, one click edit, if you guys are using the settings I've been using for some months.
  14. Thats something i'd like to ask you guys, what do you guys think its a fair value for a small 10-15 lut package? This is something i'd like to keep doing, so depending on the sucess of this first pack, I will continue to improve and release a pack 2, 3 and so on. The pack will include black and white, as well as color. My current settings are (I didnt share them earlier because I really havent had much time to come home and sit down) : Gamma Norm | Master Black level 7 | Luminance 16-237 | Smart Range+ ON | Saturation - 4 | Contrast -4 | Sharpness - 10 As you can see, they arent as different as the others I was using, but the difference is quite big when grading. I am not a pro colorist, or anything of that sort, but these work great for me.
  15. The luts would work with those settings, it seems like a lot of people still use them, including myself, so all my "gradings" would work on those settings. All luts would work with those settings alone, since its what I use the most. My new settings are just slithgly improved, they dont change the look much at all, just slightly less banding.
  16. Thank you so much! I still believe this camera can be so much more explored, its really an amazing piece of tech, I just got an a7sII and IMO its not producing an image as clean and sharp as the NX1, but im still testing it. Another one, this time, a GIF from a wedding im just finishing. http://giphy.com/gifs/l3vR4dV4Dzorzsfm0
  17. Thank you! I honestly cant remember, its been quite a while, but it wasnt too hard, Ill try have a look and try to get something for you Im currently testing some new settings, heres a few examples, these are all separate projects, so they all have a slightly dif. look. These are all videoframes, and not pictures, as soon as im done testing these settings, ill share with you guys! Im considering creating a specific lutpackage that could be sold at a very affordable price, what do you guys think?
  18. Theres actually a new video up comparing 10bit vs the sony a7sii SLOG 8bit, and the difference is very very little. We should however, have a thread sharing dif settings and profiles, to find whats best for all sorts of needs.
  19. Anyone know if this will work on the a7sII ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tilt-shift-Lens-adapter-ring-for-M42-mount-lens-to-Sony-NEX-7-Support-AV-M-Mode-/201249846631?hash=item2edb6cf567:g:6N4AAOSwNSxVNhEN I have a cheap Mir-1B and would love to make it tilt-shift lens.
  20. I dont think it looks bad, I think it looks way more filmic than the P4 with its oversharpened settings. This is the first drone im really excited about, but will wait for some more stuff on it.
  21. After much thought, I have decided to get an a7sII as a B-cam with my NX1, I have a couple of Canon lenses which I will be using on the Sony, but now I dont know which adapter should I get...I dont need super fast focus, I will only use AF for hobby photography and nothing major. I found the Commlite, but it seems to have some flaring issues, and the Viltrox III which...I dont know much about...what do you guys recommend, it has to be cheap.
  22. Im currently testing some new settings to get different types of look, will share later I think this camera shines when you put the 16-50S on it, I've had the 18-35mm Sigma and I dont think its as good as the Samsung lens. I do love the 35mm f1.4 though.
  23. Stunning work! Really love the look!
  24. *up until ISO 400.. Dont get me wrong, I'd love to get an ursa, the image looks stunning...but terrible low light performance is not something I can live with, since my work isnt in a perfectly lit studio.
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