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  1. Looking good! How are you liking the pack? Do you have the Redrocks lut ? If not hit me up with a PM and ill send it over Sharing a small clip that I shot in Aug. on a trip to the US with a fellow NX1 user, that is also a user here on the forum, Mr. Adam Bradley :D https://vimeo.com/195702832
  2. Hi! I wouldnt say its the best luts, but have a look at these, they were designed specifically for the NX1, and they are 25% off right now! https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/-XMAS/
  3. To everyone interested, theres a 25% off during christmas. https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/-XMAS/
  4. I know im on the minority, but I only use camera + lens. I dont use tripods/monopodes/gimbals/NDs/cages and so on. I never really felt the need to, I might use light in some situations (an interview for example) but thats it. Dont get stuck on how others do things, that you feel a need to do it the same way. There is no wrong or right, use whatever you have, but keep it simple.
  5. You could tweak and push the saturation of the yellows/oranges of the Redrocksto match an M31 look, but it will not be the same. The main goal of these is mostly to have a specific look, and not emulate other luts, so they have a distinct unique look. Play with them, try the Aspen or Landscape ones, that have the most saturation of the bunch.
  6. I think the fact that most people are comparing the NX1 to RED's or URSAs is already something astounishing to say, considering the NX1 was on sale a few days ago for 500$ and the rest of these cameras cost +4k$. I personally do believe its one of the best consumer cameras out there, it has a lot of strenghts and its weak points (at least to me) arent that big of a deal, but of course this all means nothing if your needs are different. But one of the things that most of my clients say when they first see the films is "the colors and image is beautifull", so I think even random clients appreciate the colors much more than what we think they do.
  7. Sharpening is an issue, some people apply blur on post, you could try some ProMist and it should work fine, but i've never done it myself.
  8. The filmic look comes from dynamic range, but unfortunately not all cameras have enough to have that filmic look, therefore we raise the black levels to mimic that style. Its a stylistic choice, I dont like vibrant looks, to me, thats as vibrant as I would go. But I dont think its the cameras fault, its as versatile as any other camera. This is a friends work, also with NX1 : I think the NX1 has a much more pleasing look than any of the sonys for example, specially after trying my new a7sII, its very easy to have terrible skin tones.
  9. This was a specific clip to go for a moddy style, but you can go for a more vibrant style very easily and it still looks great. Most people who did get the NX1 arent good, they were consumers who wanted a camera, very few prosumers/professionals actually got the NX1, so i'd pick carefully what you're watching online, because most of it is going to look terrible.
  10. I havent read all the comments, so what im gonna say might have been said already. I own an NX1 and a7sII right now, although I barely used the a7sII, because im waiting for some lenses to arrive, from what I've tested, I dont think ill like it as much as the NX1. I have seen people using and creating beautifull things with the Sony, so im sure you can eventually make stunning stuff, but off the bat, the footage isnt as impressive as the NX1. Also, after getting the 16-50s, I dont feel like I need anyother lenses at all, it hasnt left my camera in quite a while (I had Sigma art 35,50mm, sigma 18-35mm, samyangs, tamrons etc), so you kinda have a full package with around 2k€, which is stunning. With the a7sII, you will need a combination of cameras, and some time to learn how to grade (if you dont know already) and treat your image, but its still an amazing camera. NX1 footage :
  11. Haha totally, these things need some cheese. I did, a very tweaked version of Aspen.
  12. Small intro, because the first shots are some of the most important <3 :
  13. The fact that you have 100k$ and dont know where to spend, makes me believe this money is going to be spent very very badly. Maybe join forces with a director? Someone who would have any idea on the technical side of things, that could bring your vision to life?
  14. Hi everyone! Good news, heres the free lut so everyone can try and enjoy. IF you havent checked my lut pack yet, please do so, also please follow me on Sellfy! Let me know what you guys think! https://sellfy.com/p/4eZU/
  15. Hi everyone! Good news, heres the free lut so everyone can try and enjoy. IF you havent checked my lut pack yet, please do so, also please follow me on Sellfy! Let me know what you guys think! https://sellfy.com/p/4eZU/
  16. I might be in the minority, but, I dont follow any rule, nor use any ND filter. Fully manual, I set my shutter speed as if im taking a picture, for example, outside on strong daylight ? 1/5000 with f1.8 ISO 100. Very rarely people will notice the lack of motion blur, because on normal circumstances, there is little to no motion blur.
  17. Great! How are you liking them so far ? Lisbon have the luminence on the blues higher than normal, so skies might stay slightly bright. Im just finishing a couple of new luts that will be added to the pack, so everyone who has already the pack will be able to go get the new ones for free obviously. If you guys have any recommendations or other looks that you'd love to see, i'd like to know :D
  18. Just want to say thank you all you guys for all the support since the start of all this, i've basically only became more serious on colorgrading after I got the nx1 and feedback from you guys, which has been really outstanding! The aspen will look best for portrait or baby scenes, its the softest of them all, the others are less saturated.
  19. Great! How are you liking the whole pack? Aspen is the softest of the bunch, so its probably the best for babies and portraits. I just finished another lut that I will add to the bunch (I think the people who bought it, will receive an email with the new updated pack). This lut will also be free for download for everyone, i've received countless messages on people wanting to try them out, so this might be a good alternative.
  20. Thank you! Let me know how they work for you :D I only shoot handheld, I find monopods/tripods and gimbals too troublesome for any run and gun shoot, I do use them for planned shoots though.
  21. Im thinking of putting up for sale individual ones, so people could choose which they wanted. This pack is basically my most used luts over the time, Denver was created initially to go over some city footage I had, and to make it look kinda like some vintag'ey movies with a slight magenta feel to it but nothing too extreme, it quickly developed into one of my favorite ones so far. Thank you, I never look at the meters, so I wouldnt know if Im doing the "right" thing or not, I just shoot how I like it, and how I think will eventually look good after grading. I've actually received some very positive feedback from Canon users, Nikon, Sony using cine4 profile (no Slog) and a friend who used it on an XT2 seems to be pretty happy with them, so they're def. not specific to the NX1, but thats what their based on.
  22. Finally had the time to finish the video with all the luts before and after, have a look and let me know what you think.
  23. Finally had the time to make a small showcase of all the 9 available luts, here it is :
  24. Hey everyone! Heres a small walkthrough on some of the looks available with these luts : This one is called Lisbon its a high contrast, faded look : IMO this works best if you're going for an urban, industrial feel. The next one in line is Porto, its one of the most stylized ones, with a brown faded look : This one is called Denver, colder highlights with saturated blues : Next is Aspen, its the softest look of the bunch, with nice bright colors : Theres still Blacklake, Landscape, Lighthouse, Woodland and Greenleaf which I will update later on, I should have done all this before, but its hard to find the time to do so. I've already received some positive feedback on people trying it on other systems, basically any Rec709 should work great! If any of you guys has had the chance to try them, let me know what you guys think! Sorry, this was fixed already, the email adress had a mistake!
  25. Greenleaf is one of the luts Im updating everything and doing the screenshots right now, I just uploaded the file to those who are already familiar with it, I will update everything soon and post lots of examples.
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