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  1. I think you guys were right, I think I was stuck on the tire and not on the message I wanted to send across. The client let me incharge of all the "marketing" side of it, he just wants to show off his shop, so I kinda freaked out, but after thinking for a while, I got a decent plan, and will market them as loyal, workfull, cheerfull and so on with enphasis on the safety that a good tire provides. Im actually super excited now, its my first time doing this type of thing, its what i'd consider a "next step" into what i've been doing, so this is great, maybe I can save up enough for that URSA i've been craving :D
  2. I recently got a gig for a car tire shop promo (1:30m long and tv 30 seconds), of course I dont want to do something simple, and would love to do something more pleasing, but im in a total blank, I cant think of anything to make tires look good. What do you guys do when you're stuck and cant come up with something for a specific job..?
  3. Not trying to steal your thread, but im looking for an external monitor, any cheap recomendations ?
  4. What do you guys think of the Tokina 12-24mm f4 ? Its cheaper than the 11-16 and seems like a decent option..
  5. Found one of these for 200€, might jump in.
  6. Yeah, you didnt get too lucky on weather, its quite sunny today but most of the month was quite cloudy/rainy. You got amazing shots of the island, congrats!
  7. Hey everyone, Im in need for a cheap ultra wide lens (zoom or prime), I tried the 10-18, and its quite decent for what I need, but focus by wire makes it impossible to use on the Samsung, so am currently looking for some suggestions. So far the only that occurs to me is either the Sigma 10-20, Canon 10-22 and Samyang 14mm f2.8, but i'd prefer wider than that. What do you guys suggest ?
  8. Damn this is great! Did you enjoy your stay?
  9. Once a month I come here update with new shoots and stuff, everytime I get here, im disapointed to see this thread so dead, cmon people! Lets share those incredible NX1 shots!
  10. Really ? where can I find ? Is there a specific ebay ?
  11. Had the chance to get one with 49k clicks for 650€, with grip, batteries and 4 8GB CF cards, regret not taking it, have been lurking ebay ever since to try and get something like that, if I find one at 500€ I'll jump on it right away.
  12. I totally forgot to mention IWTLKBAP lut pack, but I use them quite frequently, they are totally awesome IMO and worth the price.
  13. No pre-lut, just apply the lut and toy with the values.
  14. I use Sunderlands Deluts most of the time, its very versatille :
  15. Hey everyone, Can someone recommend me unofficial branded batteries for the NX1 ? Something like this...https://www.amazon.co.uk/DSTE-Battery-Charger-Samsung-ED-BP1900/dp/B016JUGPH6/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1462955531&sr=8-17&keywords=nx1+battery
  16. You know there are "standard, vivid,monochrome..." and so on menu, right ? choose custom, then apply these settings, then go to video and choose normal gamma, that way the camera will follow those custom settings that you applied.
  17. You can, when you choose normal gamma, it applies the photo settings, so if you change the photo changes, they apply to the video.
  18. Luminance 16-235, DIS off (I used it on for some of the shots, like the aerial of Porto and the Wing), AF is always off since I dont own any Samsng Lens.
  19. Could only check the cam now, here are the settings : Normal Gamma | Saturation -4 | Sharpness -10 | Contrast - 3 | Master Black Level +15 (this is still to be tweaked, maybe at 8-10 should be better to avoid banding). These are def. my fav settings so far, they remind me a lot of canon flat profile, and already look good on its own, even better graded.
  20. Haha will share as soon as I get home, cant remember exacly, but its similar to what has already been shared here.
  21. Went to Porto on vacations this past week, what a wonderfull city ! Will be doing a video of it soon (trying to go for a watchtower of turkey feel). Anyway, I found a new 16-50S for 499€ and couldnt afford it, still bummed about it, but I might be able to get it, but its a shame I just got the 18-35mm...I dont really know what to do... Also, tested some new in-cam settings, here are the graded results !
  22. I had done this animation shortfilm, a few years ago, quite amateur, but I used that technique : This was supposed to be a "dynamic" storyboard, to then try and make a full shortfilm, but it ended up being shelved due to lack of budget! Anyway,speaking of stock, do you think I can put up some of those clips from Alest for sell ? Do those things make money ?!
  23. I was going to keyframe them, to move together with each individual shot, but simply didnt have time :/ Yeah, AE has a thousand different ways of doing exacly the same thing, its just a matter of finding the best way for you, I dont use the 3D camera much, but it might be much faster for these types of stuff.
  24. Maybe it is faster, I havent thought of that actually! Will give it a try !
  25. Thank you, still rocking the same settings I posted earlier, havent changed a thing! Im now very comfortable with these, and they are easy to work with =)
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