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  1. ​I was thinking of getting this setup, would u be so kind to share some shots/footage ?!
  2. ​The GH4 is one of the best video cameras around (for the price of course), you may have been just unlucky with the footage you got. The 5D2/3 videowise dont go anywhere close the GH4, let alone the NX1, and this camera doesnt seem to get close to neither.
  3. ​Looks good, but for the price, I cant help thinking you're much better off with a GH4/NX1/NX500 or RX10. I seriously cannot see who the target is, but then again I was never too much of a fan of the Canon Look.
  4. EF-s lenses work on the normal EF adapter. The Nx1 has a 1.5 crop (similar to Nikon APSC) instead of 1.6 crop on canon. So using EF-S lenses shouldnt be a problem, the only issue is no aperture control. I, like you, will be buying the NX1 tomorrow or so, and am thinking of getting the 18-35mm f1.8 as my go to lens. Will probably buy the Nikon mount since there are adapters with aperture control for nikon lenses.
  5. ​You're dead wrong on Video. I dont believe FF will actually become the norm in video, because the excessive bokeh isnt necessary since we're emulating the Super35 look, unless low light performance like the A7s becomes the standard for FF, which wont probably happen in the next 5 years. APSC isnt dying, its actually growing, lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm give spectacular performance and FF like images on cheap bodies, while retaining high burst rates, adding the high megapixel count that most APSC bodies have (like the 28mpx on the NX1 and 4K) I cannot see how anyone would think APSC is dying in either photography or video.
  6. ​ I've wanted a full frame camera ever since I got my 600D, I thought that was the way to go, better image quality overall and better bokeh. But as I've learned more and more on photography and video, I realizes that is not what I needed, and actually started looking at smaller and smaller sensors (GH4 M43). At this point i've decided to get the NX1, and I dont have any second doubt this is the best video camera I can get for the money, that surpasses any other sensor out there.
  7. The Nx1 says you're wrong...
  8. I get you and feel your pain. I myself am 25, never done a feature film (mostly because I dont think im ready yet), have done a few shortfilms (heres my latest : https://vimeo.com/111478234 ) and I've had ups and downs, where I felt like I could conquer the world, and others where I should just sell everything and move along. But then I realized, I will probably never stop having this "hunger" for filmmaking...even if I dont do anything for a year, I will then watch a movie that will trigger it back. I now have a job as a graphic designer, will be buying a new camera (Nx1) and start making shortfilms again, it is what I like, so no matter where I am in life, I will keep doing it. One of my biggest problems is of course financing (the hollow was done with around 100€ mostly for gas and what not), and once I get that down, and have some backup/help, I wil follow this full time. Remember, whatever you do in life, is irrelevant, but its important that you do it, because if you dont, no one else will.
  9. Do you need it ?! No Should you have it, if you're upgrading anytime soon ?! Yes ! I myself am leaving the 1080p this week, and joining forces with the 4k on the NX1, I've had some customers already asking for 4k, even though they would still go with me with 1080p, its just a matter of time until they "demand" it. For us, filmakers, its such a "relief" to be able to reframe and stabilize footage without many worries.
  10. The Log Profile is one of the major additions the nx1 needs !
  11. ​This is my thinking, currently with my schedual, I only deliver my works in 2 months (max.) so 1 day wont make a difference.
  12. ​Years ?! H265 support will probably arrive to most systems this summer. Its not just about the image quality, the Nx1 seems like a higher quality camera all around, there would be no point in getting the GH4 at this time IMO.
  13. The downsides on the NX1 are related to the new codec, those "problems" will soon go away, leaving me with a superior camera on the long run.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a videographer, most of my work is currently in weddings and such, and will be upgrading to the NX1 in the upcoming month. I was at first inclined to purchasing the GH4, but now realize the NX1 is a much better choice, and the best video camera for the price. Anyway, the problem is, it is currently very hard to find stores that have it in stock in Europe. I live in Portugal, and the camera wasnt even released here yet. I want to avoid using Amazon.co.uk because of the current price ( £1,260.15 - 1,760.31 € Body Only ) but I cant seem to find it elsewhere... Where do you guys recommend I get the camera ?! Im looking for the cheapest price online, with delivery to Portugal.
  15. We should look into processor related improvements, since it has one of the best processors around, what I think the improvements can realistically be : Reduced Rolling ShutterHighter 4K Framerates6.5K videoChoice between 264 and 265RAW HDTrue Log profileI still dont have my NX1, but will be buying mine in may, and boy, this camera is getting more and more amazing.
  16. Some of those look cool, but I prefer the look of the Impulz ones, so far the best i've seen.
  17. The article doesnt really specify : Eiterway I highly doubt it would produce a higher quality result that would justify + 10k$.
  18. I really cant understand why overspend on C300, when the Nx1 produces better results (http://www.eoshd.com/2015/02/samsung-nx1-vs-canon-c300/). Just because you have loads of money, doesnt mean you should make stupid decisions, figure out whats the best price/performance for what you need and get it, dont just follow the trends.
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