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    DayRaven reacted to Jonesy Jones in I'll be at NAB, what would you like me to check out?   
    Hey guys, I mentioned this in another thread and thought it was worth it's own. I'll be at NAB this year for 2 days, Monday and Tuesday. I've been there a few times before and I generally find myself walking around like a schmuk hypnotized be all the flashing lights. If you guys have some companies or products you'd like some inside info on, it'd be a win/win because it'd give me some purpose. So by all means, if there's something you'd like to see, or some specific questions you'd like answered, please add them to the comments below.
    Most of the big bloggers do a great job with all the major announcements, so I imagine you'll get enough info about the big stuff. But what about some of the smaller companies who have some pretty sweet announcements but may go unnoticed? Or if you have a good question about a major announcement that has gone unasked by the main bloggers, let me know. It's not uncommon to even see the CEO's standing around. I can get answers straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. 
    Keep in mind that I would really appreciate specific questions. I'm not kidding when I say I easily get distracted and forget to ask even the basic stuff. So the more specific the better. Also, I probably won't have time to do a bunch of editing, but I can definitely take some photos or even shoot a quick video of something if you need that. I'll be checking in periodically Monday and Tuesday, so if something comes up Monday, let me know and I can do some recon for you on Tuesday. I'm happy to do it.
    Below are the requests or on the agenda so far:
    Kinefinity Aputure Lilliput SmallHD 360 cameras DJI - X5R? Blackmagic Probably some more that I can't think of right now. But anyway, let me know.
    Edelkrone - new products/quality? Letus - Helix Zoom Atamos - HDR, flame Tascam - new product? Yuneec - new drones Sardonic - booth C12042 360/VR/3D - 1 cam vs multirig, Nokia OZO Lytro - size, price, storage, power
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    DayRaven got a reaction from Jonesy Jones in I'll be at NAB, what would you like me to check out?   
    Edelkrone? Just to get a feel for their products, they look excellent but get mixed reviews. They have 5 new products to unveil as well.
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    DayRaven reacted to richg101 in Need some advice on Mamiya(or other) MF lenses on Nikon mount   
    I believe there are now electronic contax 645 lens adaptors allowing aperture control.  contax 645 will be the best bet - they still just about deliver on digital backs since are modern by the standards of other mf lenses in the price range.  the cheap mamiya mf glass is cheap for a reason.  The number of RED guys waiting on their Vista vision/8k sensor upgrade who are stockpiling mamiya mf lenses thinking they'll be a good move for what is effectively a full frame sensor is staggering.  Instead of putting the money towards full frame lenses that on the whole do a better job for less weight and cost.
    If your budget allows then go contax 645 for best results.  f2.8 hassy V lenses (50mm, 80mm, 150mm) are amazing lenses and a good investment since they have 80mm image circles so are somewhat future proof.  the 50mm matches a good full frame 50mm, the 80mm outdoes most 80-85mm lenses for full frame and the 150mm/2.8 hassy smashes nearly all 135-150mm f2.8 lenses for full frame.  The 110/2 is just a madman, but sadly is very costly.  if sony ever release a mf interhchangable then these will be a very desirable lens.  these lenses are gonna be the only ones worth using with the medium format speed boosters that are coming out too.
    Personally I;d suggest contax 'CY zeisses' and leitax nikon remounts.  at f2.8 on full frame they'll kill medium format lenses for overall image.  only once you go medium format does the advantage of the medium format image circle become worth the weight and expense.
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    DayRaven got a reaction from JazzBox in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    That looks like a nice cage, I particularly like that the camera can stay on it's photgraphy QR plate inside, you can potentially pull it out and go into photography mode really easily. They deliver to italy from the website for only 10 euros, so you should be able to order it directly and get the quoted price?
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    DayRaven got a reaction from Cinegain in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    That looks like a nice cage, I particularly like that the camera can stay on it's photgraphy QR plate inside, you can potentially pull it out and go into photography mode really easily. They deliver to italy from the website for only 10 euros, so you should be able to order it directly and get the quoted price?
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    DayRaven reacted to Oliver Daniel in Has Sony made a baby Alexa?   
    That's why I'm still using Sony. They have the features I need with the compromise of doing more work with the colour. I think Sony should focus on the colour science and white balance for the next A7 cameras (and battery life!!), among the predictable other upgrades (every spec higher and a bit better). 
    I do this all the time. 
    Just recently wrapped up shooting, lighting and editing this video. FS7 + A7SII. Extreme lighting that will make pixel peepers sweat with horror (the degradation of extremes is intentional). 
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    DayRaven reacted to richg101 in Has Sony made a baby Alexa?   
    I'd jump in and say that most of the colour problems are a combination of lack of understanding of picture profiles and wb user error.  I rarely get 'accurate' colour when I use a camera because i'm busy 'getting the shot' rather than being anal about it.  If i were to enjoy moaning about the colour of Sony cameras and be obsessed with shooting s-log when really I have no need to be doing so, to the point where I discard the sony for an vastly inferior camera that doesn't offer true Log anyway.  I'd first make sure it's not my own error.  
     If you're using a picture profile without understanding highlight rolloff and it's response to red, green or blue no amount of white balance accuracy will help.  TBH we're lucky Sony even gave us S-Log on the A7 range.  Canon don;t give you true log.    If you want to yield results from it you need to learn how to use it.   simply setting your WB to 3200 because your LED panels say they're 3200k ain't enough.  Setting to 5600k outdoors isn't enough either - since sky temp changes drastically and you can't do enough to 8bit footage to correct for being 1000k+ off the ture wb.  you need to shoot a grey card in the light you're shooting in, look at what's happening on the scopes and dial in a custom wb offset to suit both the light source and the response curve of the profile your're using.  Unless you;re willing to do that, either stop moaning, or shoot with canon and lose the vast lens options, dynamic range of true s-log and evf with punch in, as well as the ibis with manual lenses, speed boosters, 4k, etc.    
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    DayRaven reacted to richg101 in Slowest shutter speed in video mode   
    for this technique you want less frames per second.  Shooting at 120fps means you will degrade image quality for no reason since each frame will be sharp, and low light benefits no longer apply.
     for instance, 25p at 1/5th of a second confirms perfectly when sped up to 500% since the 1/5th shutter equates to 5 frames being exposed with one image.  hyperspeed by 500% smooths as if it were 25fps.  
    shooting 24p and 1/4 sec means you need to speed up by 600% to keep the perfect conformation.  1/4 x 600% = 1/24th sec or 360degree shutter.
    this was shot on the humble NEX5n, more than 3 years ago at around 400iso i think.  imagine how clean the a7s would be when in this mode. 
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    DayRaven reacted to richg101 in Slowest shutter speed in video mode   
    Sony allow as slow as 1/4sec at any frame rate.  shooting at 25p and 1/5th sec then speeding it up by 500% gives beautiful low light results for timelapse type stuff.  with the motion blur which is very pleasing for thing slike cars in the dark.  
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    DayRaven got a reaction from Liam in Has Sony made a baby Alexa?   
    I'm less interested in whether you like it or not, and far more interested in statements like "Sony's reds are all magenta" and the like - because for those who do use Sony - and please bear in mind, I use Blackmagic at the moment, I have Sony's for stills only, so have no dog in this race either - this information is really, really useful.
    I'm not presenting the two stills above to prove some BS ego massaging point, more to help nail down exactly whay Sony colours are doing and to help people get better results with their cameras! I'm at a stage where my Pocket camera is perfect for me, but as a result of my stills lens collection, in a year or two, Sony will be a front runner for me, so getting accurate understandings of Sony's shortcomings in the eyes of people like you, who has never, not ever liked it will be crucial in making a decision - please don't think I'm attacking your view, I want to work with you and people like you.
    I'm not going to give the answer as to which brand produced which image above, because I want people to feel safe in comparing the two images critically, without fear of being publically wrong.
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    DayRaven reacted to Liam in Has Sony made a baby Alexa?   
    I'm pretty unbiased, even into the sony colors sometimes. canon can give you yellow skins, and sony can make things muted interestingly, slightly retro or something..? not sure. but these don't seem white balanced the same at all, so somewhere there's a "problem". with a shot like this, if you don't have the other camera right next to it, I'll rarely care if it's "accurate" or whatever. none of those reds are super important or distinctly red... (maybe it's an orange candle, maybe it's a pink one, who cares?). maybe a portrait would have meant more for the test. Canon is usually too warm, and sony is called out for a magenta problem often, so I'd say 1 is sony.
    hell yes, the f35 looks awesome all day.
    if this camera does raw video, it won't make it a mini alexa. kinda click-baity  probably better off getting one of blackmagic's mini alexas
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    DayRaven reacted to Mattias Burling in Colorgrade This!   
    Don't know how others grade but to me its 100% relevant. Did a grade that usually looks nice but the codec fell like a house of cards.
    Its a trial and error until I know and that just takes to much time
    So I just did a quick thing treating it as rec709. Nothing special, leveled it 1 degree as well.

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    DayRaven reacted to Mattias Burling in Colorgrade This!   
    Its an awesome idea for a thread, but I rather have footage straight from the card, no exports. And info on camera, lens, and PP.
    Then we can see the difference in how we grade and discuss how.
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    DayRaven reacted to Don Kotlos in Colorgrade This!   
    I agree with Mattias. You have to provide the original footage for this to work. 
    I gave it a try but it falls apart so quickly that it cannot be used to create unique looks.
    Edit: Here are some frame-grabs from the same color grading across the video:
    Edit2: With the Prores version I could push the colors a bit more:

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    DayRaven reacted to Mattias Burling in My review of the JVC LS300   
    Im looking forward to completing the review, test all kinds of vintage glass like c-mounts and my K3-Bayonets.
    Unfortunately I have to return it this week and don't really have time for another two weeks....
    ..so I have bought one
    Here are 5 Reason why.
    Im hoping to get my own copy in a week or so. Ordered it from Germany and they seem a bit slow. I suspect they bring them home on order.
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    DayRaven reacted to Nicolas MAILLET in FS5 vs A7S II vs URSA mini 4.6k   
    No problem to adjust levels on A7SII footage... It's more a problem of exposure on location... When exposed between +2 Stops and 100% Zebras, no problem at all... I can adjust things like on my 5D mark III RAW... And it's even easier... The only major big problem is to define the good white balance... Ok with a color meter and some charts... But could be a problem when not well adjusted... as 8 bits can't recover anything...
    Concerning luts... i don't use one... I prefer adjust my levels with parade RGB and some waveforms by myself... This tends to have no "look" at all and i prefer that...
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    DayRaven reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Kinefinity 2016 Nian new product launches   
    Haven't there been 2 or 3 people in this exact topic who've shared their overwhelmingly positive experiences with Kinefinity's cameras? Hasn't a Chinese resident explained that they have huge street cred and market share over there, in the second largest filmmaking industry in Earth? Haven't we seen some very impressive work shot with their last few cameras? 
    To me, that speaks volumes. 'Nuff said.
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    DayRaven got a reaction from IronFilm in Kinefinity 2016 Nian new product launches   
    I think people are being tongue in cheek about the map thing - I certainly am, and it was only one guy who seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder taking the prores thing seriously!
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    DayRaven reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    IMO it is the C-line. What you are asking for already exist
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    DayRaven reacted to Don Kotlos in Kinefinity 2016 Nian new product launches   
    This is more worrisome than a Prores licence 
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    DayRaven got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    There are many ways of film making, but traditionally, a shot will be planned to an extent where a gimbal is a hinderance compared to solutions that you can use when you have that much control over the scene. Why use a gimbal and have to rely on autofocus when you can build a track for your camera and retain control? I say traditionally, because things like Canon's autofocus, affordable gimbals and the modern revolution of film making has led to tiny crews shooting gorilla movies in locations where they have no control, and then such tools become useful. There comes a point however where you can't just roll up to a location and shoot.
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    DayRaven reacted to Andrew Reid in 5D Mark 3 Raw in 2016?   
    Well the A7S colour weaknesses are sadly all too clear in that clip. Noisy, compressed, inaccurate, thin and dreadful on the Rec.709 conversion, only the custom LUT (with a lot of expertise efforts) can save it even after that dodgy white balance, mixed light, exposure all remain difficulties faced by Sony users.
    Sony need to make it EASY to get Canon or Nikon like colour from their cameras.
    They should really trash their entire picture profiles line-up and start again.
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    DayRaven reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    Because I shot with it myself!!
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    DayRaven reacted to Geoff CB in Kinefinity 2016 Nian new product launches   
    The KineMAX 6K does not have ProRes. Only the JUST ANNOUNCED 6K camera does. I doubt that Kinefinity would switch from Cineform to ProRes without getting proper licensing. Considering that everything Kinefinity has ever promised they have apparently delivered on time and time again. Just because it is a Chinese company doesn't mean they indulge in seedy business practices.
    Personally I'm looking forward to picking up the 4K after this lowers the price of that camera. 2K cineform is plenty for me   Especially with that locking Nikon mount speedbooster.
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