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  1. News Shooter gave it a look here - http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/02/24/testing-out-the-jvc-gy-ls300-a-4k-budget-super-35mm-camera-with-a-micro-43-mount/looks a little digital maybe, though there was room for grading of course, and it did look pretty good regardless. that adaptability is really interesting
  2. Any chance this could be that mft sensor sony made a while ago with global shutter, high frame rates, and amazing dr and low light in like an af200?
  3. Seriously confused about Canon. Doubt the 5DIV will have 4k. I have a hunch sales of the XC10 will give "proof" that the section amateur-low-budget-filmmakers can't really handle 4k and don't even really want it... when in actuality there are of course other reasons not to want that camera (though maybe broadcasters will love it). Similar to how sales of the eos m "proved" that we don't like mirrorless...... But really i don't think Panasonic is gonna come out with much without a 4k option ever again. If 4k is really going to be the new 1080p, and you can't get a phone or compact without it, jump on that right away. Who's buying a 720p camera right now? Even point and shooters? they should already be at 4k mirrorless. And they can even severely cripple it, I guess, like a 5D style with a 4k 1:1 crop of the sensor to be smaller than apsc, no canon log, and sell it for $5000, since they're so concerned about their c line. They'd still get sales. It's weird that even that would be a pipe dream. That would be a step up for Canon and still not great.
  4. Good point. Canon could try giving a fuck about people shooting movies for cheap.
  5. It's a competitor in the mildest sense - 4k, sub $8k, small. Think some wires got crossed. Reeally don't think their intention was to take business from the gh4, because if so.. :/ could be specific uses where you'd want this over the gh4, but really not a competitor
  6. ​nope, 17.5mm flange on c-mount verses 25.5 on nx. you have to put it in slightly for cmount-mft adapters, but this is too much
  7. If it had a micro four thirds mount it would be a really cool option. Speedboosters, cmount s16 glass, super fast mft voigtlanders. But I've gotta disagree that it's a great comepetitor for the bmpcc or that you'll love it if you love s16. Yeah it's possible to get the range you want, but nothing compared to the similar gh4 crop or the bmcc/bmpcc
  8. Heard DVDFab gets rid of banding with a couple downsides. Not really sure if it's a plugin or what. As far as what the core concept is that you could do on your own without any of these effects and the most basic of adjustments, no idea
  9. What's drawn you to either of these to get you to this final decision? Sorry, i mean i assume you've done your homework and know you want one of these two, just asking. Is it the 4k? I could see why someone would decide that's necessary at this point, but if not, there are other really good options in and below that price range for low light, sensor size, colors, lens options etc. Though these are obviously great cameras for the money for more than just the 4k, and I'd think native h.265 editing and v-log are on their way to make both options better. Having less color grading experience and not needing auto focus (or OIS really), I'd go for the nx1 between these two and adapt manual nikon lenses
  10. Probably not even an fz1000 competitor. Lens is worse, probably more expensive, guessing it won't do stills. Not gonna go to this over the fz1000 because you already have canon glass.. Though i guess it keeps a wide end in 4k
  11. so much wrong with this.. viable if it's $200
  12. this whole thread is kind of a bummer.. hope you get some more on topic advice soon about what lens you should go for instead of scoffs and people telling you to ditch your whole kit :/ idk what lens to look at but you're obviously talented and have more than adequate tools, good luck!
  13. Don't just totally steal someone else's video though right? Be original SOMEHOW. I wouldn't be upset at a film that has tons going for it and then uses some slomo. These are all obviously tools, but people seriously use it as the only tool. If you upload something that's more than just a test video with the intention of "hehe, now people will know how talented.. my camera is," maybe you did something wrong
  14. If only you could fit a speedbooster on there. Or maybe risk a slight vignette if you had the ability to adapt c-mount lenses. Anyone know of good lenses with the nx mount in 4k crop? Other than super telephoto?
  15. Yeah I'd say it's overused for sure. And like Tarantino slows down 24 frames per second sometimes. Making it really choppy, but probably no one cares, and it looks great and gets the job done.
  16. Well i thought the nx1 looked pretty great for build quality and stills too, but i haven't used either of these and I'm a photography newb. Rolling shutter in the nx1 could be pretty bad for all the sports videos you're shooting. 4k definitely isn't a necessity. If you can cope with that fairly unadaptable Nikon mount, seems like it's perfect for you. Nx1 could be like $1000 cheaper it looks like too, which i assume you've taken into account. Not sure where you're looking to buy. Good luck!
  17. http://www.eoshd.com/2014/11/sony-a7-ii-review-5-axis-stabilisation-video-mode/ Not sure if he's changed his mind any since then. The Camera Store's channel on youtube also did a review. I usually kinda trust them.
  18. Wow, I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff. so maybe it means nothing that I'm impressed, but yeah, I'm always looking for the cheapest option. good luck working on it more. a diy external 4k recorder that's battery powered, has a monitor, and doesn't drop frames if you can fix that, for a fraction of the price of the shogun? sounds good to me! and though I've got a slow, low resolution computer, what i was able to buffer looks really good. Well done!
  19. I just need to rant a little and not give any new input probably, because this is just my favorite subject. First of all, bravo, Ed! “I didn't know what you couldn't do. I didn't deliberately set out to invent anything. It just seemed to me, why not? And there is a great gift that ignorance has to bring to anything. That was the gift I brought to Kane, ignorance.” - Orson Welles, in reference to still the greatest film ever made This is why I left school really. It wasn't a school with particular emphasis on film, which showed. it was zero to do with creativity and all to do with the terrible formula for making films the crappy way. One of our textbooks was Your Screenplay Sucks - a book written by a man who has written maybe a handful of unknown, low-rated feature length screenplay that have been made... one of them was Ernest Rides Again. I wish I was kidding. . I had never been more inspired to not care about what I was doing. I once made a mistake of writing about something I cared about for her class, and since stuck to bullshit since that's what it would become anyway. She disrespected innumerous amazing films in our class by saying an aspect involved in it was horrible. Along with many things, she criminalized montages altogether.. which is literally a term for "editing". It can be used in sort of an overdone "cheating" fashion perhaps.. but it's clearly an insane set of parameters. Since leaving school, I buckled down and wrote my second longer screenplay, which I'd had in mind for years but couldn't touch because I was kept so busy with nonsense. I absolutely love it, and I'm satisfied to say in that class it would have been torn to shreds. It may not end up feature length even! Which I love! That's freedom! Because no one wants that. Let's not conform to an standards by adding rubbish to your film so that it's long enough, nor keeping a short film short enough that it can hold the attention of the audience by falling into a different formula. "A movie tries to pacify people by keeping it going for them so that it's sheer entertainment. Well, I hate entertainment." - John Cassavetes, my favorite director. And with this mindset he has made the most entertaining, amazing films. When making Faces he and his team didn't know if it would end up ten hours long. They made it anyway, expecting zero profit, because screw everything. There are legitimately good 5 hour long films which people won't give a chance. Let's do what's right for the story. The films I've written had been entirely formed in my head before I started typing. And it wasn't active brainstorming. They just happened and they mattered. Not that every film has to be developed that way, but shouldn't we all be that lucky! and then people come in to criticize and change things. But if my professor could have changed Citizen Kane, she would have. We'll end up with bad films if we don't try to change something when we see a "flaw", but we'll also end up with amazing films. Sidney Lumet is fantastic, but could have never made Kane in his studio setting. And Welles made KANE, but also made some real stinkers, because he fought for that freedom. He would have been much more crazy if he could have, and I really wish he could have.
  20. I should go through the past responses when i can, looks like good stuff i've recently (well a few years now) been insanely inspired by all of John Cassavetes's films. They feel so real because of his directing style where the actor has so much wiggle room to just be in that situation instead of reciting memorized lines. But it's really inspired me in my screenwriting to write more in the way people actually sound. That's only one reason he's my favorite director. Writing directing and acting are things that can take a backseat sometimes with this "amateur" work, but i hope we're all making films about things we care about, with each shot having a purpose (at least for narratives). Let's make films, not just a series of demo reels that look pretty. Good luck, filmmaking brothers and sisters!
  21. not totally sure how to jump into this conversation, but have some thoughts classic film (like Dog Day Afternoon, let's say) has a real charm I think that is at least very difficult to recreate. if you want that look for your project, I'm not sure you can really get the colors or feel just right - though maybe something like Koji is good for that (haven't tried it could be terrible, and really guessing it's not amazing since it's so cheap and unknown). I'm guessing that type of film though has actually been dead for a long time (THAT'S the real shame) since film has been heading towards more accurate colors etc - really today's film-films do look the same as digital to me. even crappy digital looking classic film like United States of Leland has some seeerious charm that again is gonna be very difficult to recreate in certain situations. guessing that was filmed on like a teeny ccd, which I also want to remain as an option for filmmakers people making their projects "look like film" makes sense to me more as like a way of not being so transparent - I don't want to know you're filming with a Sony because of the freaking weird colors, I don't want digital to hold you back from whip pans with some terrible rolling shutter - really a mechanical shutter whip pan is the most beautiful thing, and I notice rolling shutter issues all time, even global shutter in not as good as mechanical shutter (which I realize both are options with digital) Wolf of Wall Street combined film and digital (an ARRI - no whimpy machine) and I think it was usually insanely obvious which was which. they tested extensively beforehand and found film to be better for sure, using digital just for greenscreen, low light, and shutter speed effects (don't get me wrong, those are impressive wins for digital) maybe we can just forget film and fully embrace the high quality digital that we have, as long as it's not painfully over-graded. I WILL definitely want to work with film at some point, even though the capabilities and price of digital right now are a godsend. idk, pretty much I'm on board with Andrew, might as well always use digital, but - "what's the point?" - it should be an option. I realize you added it should stay an option, but I mean.. THAT'S the point. film is awesome. Just some ramblings. keep on keepin on, Andrew and other filmmakers here!
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