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  1. I guess it was just a problem with my external harddrive, it plays fine for me on youtube as well. I bassically used the same chips used in the kineraw camera which is running on linux so it was not too hard to find drivers for it, right now its still on a deveolpment board, so its not really "small" its about as big as my ikea coffee table.. there are still lots of problems with it and I dont know if I can make it really that usefull, after thinking about it I get the price for the shogun as they have to get back their development costs, but really the hardware is not worth that much, This
  2. Hey guys, I build a 4K Recorder out of some ghetto parts, right now that still includes a Laptop and is really not that useful, its not even battery powered yet. However I did a small test and some of you might appreciate it, its by far the cheapest solution to get 4K out of the A7s but requieres a lot of knowledge of electronics and soldering (+- 200€) I am going to try to make it battery powered and smaller and add a Monitor, I think the price for the Shogun is too high. First priority is going to ditch the laptop in favour of dedicated electronics. It is also still dropping some fram
  3. Hey, I am looking for a real cheap alternative for the Senheiser Bodypacks (gw3 or whatever they are called, you know what I am talking about) I already have a couple of those, but I want to build a really cheap/small/effective way of sending audio (LTC) Timecode to multiple cameras (14 at the same time). The cameras are spaced quiet far from another so we cannot run cables. The LTC Timecode will be generated by a smartphone (I programmed my own App for that) and then send out to a transmitter, with small receivers on the cameras, doing this with the senheisers would be total overkill since
  4. Also, when using the Silent shutter mode, its not using the Picture Profiles, that way you can easily preview what the footage will look graded,, as soon as you hit that record button it switches back to SLOG2. Pretty Awesome! EDIT: it seems to be a Bug, You can not turn the Picture Profiles on when Silent shutter is enabled, BUT you can Enable PPs first and then enable Silent shutter after, When not shooting Video you can select all the picture Modes that you are used to, but as soon as you hit that Movie record button you are right back into your Picture Profiles, AWESOME!
  5. Well none of those cameras has E-Mount, so my speedbooster will not work... I bought a BMCC and sold it, not useful for my work at all.
  6. its really quit funny what some people are recommending here... like buying a 50D and hacking it for RAW, you can not be serious. I totally want huge files that are a pain in the ass in Post, shot on a camera that has no way of recording audio, its just not practical from a professional prospective, and yes I already have 2 5D3(why else would I have a huge collection of canon Glas) , which are crap for video (compared to the Fs700 at least) . The BMPCC is a toy, in the field you never want to record in Prores, leave alone 12bit RAW. (when doing Documentary/TV work). The last docum
  7. Well since I already have the EF-NEX speedbooster, I wont really want to buy the non existing EF-MFT adapter. Why would I choose the old NEX5N over the NEX5R?
  8. Hi there. I am a Media Engineering student and I am now part time working at a small production company, doing almost everything (Cutting, Grading, filming, sound...) . And I am allowed to use their FS700 for my personal projects (which I have LOTS of) They also have a NEX-EF Speedbooster . in the last couple years, I invested heavily in Canon Glas, since I am a photographer at heart ;) and I also have a HUGE collection of Konica/AR mount Glas (I mean, HUGE!!) Which I got as a present a couple years back. So.. I made the mistake of buying a Panasonic G6 , Great camera, awesome
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