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  1. At this price point, his main options are still camera/hyrbids. NAB wont affect that market too much. The only thing likely to come out in the $1k price bracket is a Blackmagic product anyway.
  2. If you wait until NAB, then you also have to wait for all those cameras to actually come to market. You could be sat around for 6 months (or way more). Buying now, with your budget, might just be the PERFECT time to buy, as people offload older kit. For your budget and needs, i'd try and grab a 2nd hand A7II, good 1080p, slow motion and 5 axis stabilisation, something that would help with skate videos. Get out there and start shooting, rather than waiting for the next new toy. Even if the perfect camera arrives at NAB, you could probably resell your camera and make back 70-80% and have another X amount of months filming under your belt.
  3. Another thing i'd like to see, When doing timelapse in 4K, the shutter speed should be able to go slower than 1/30th .... to get more light and blur.
  4. BTW: Can also do a deal at £5000 without lens. Would also consider part exchange and cash, if you have a Sony a7s. If you have an a7S and don't want the glass, I could do a deal at £4k
  5. It's not unusable.... For occasionally setting focus and then recording, it would work fine. Just not that great for rack focusing while filming. Bare in mind I only tried for a few minutes too...
  6. On a stills/timelapse tangent. I think the camera needs raw at smaller mpx too, like Canon and Co do. 35mb per frame is pretty heavy for timelapse. 10gb for about 12 seconds.
  7. Cheers mate. It is certainly a camera that can stay relevant, image wise, for many a year and it also looks like CD will keep adding firmware to the 7Q. Just too big for my line of work. Will be sad to see it go though.
  8. Just checked.. It kind of works, but seems a bit clunky.
  9. haha, yea... I'm the same, but it's been fun testing this stuff out. Can certainly see some uses for it. I wonder if the Android app allows for focusing? Will have to add that to my test list. That would be great to have someone operating the cam on a gimbal or something and then using the app to pull focus.
  10. I have not experimented with half shutter yet, but you can use the touch screen to choose your focus point, even when recording. In the menu, you can set how fast or slow or rack focuses too, nice touch.
  11. Willing to take £6000 cash for UK buyers. I need a smaller camera, for travel, but If you can handle this sort of set up, this is the deal of the week! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321686644379?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Hi, I am selling this great, well looked after 4K cinema package. Everything you need to get shooting.Some key features with this combo:4K raw -24/25/30/50/60 fps (120fps for 4 seconds)Ultra HD - ProRes 24/25/30 fps2K raw - 24/25/30/50/60/120/240fps4K raw to 1080p ProResAround 13-14 stops dynamic rangeAmazing low light shootingAuction includes:CameraFS700 (inc. Slog and 4K upgrade) Metabones EF to E mount adapter Lenses (E mount) Samyang 14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR LensSamyang 24mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR LensSamyang 35mm T1.5 AS UMC VDSLR LensSamyang 85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC VDSLR Lens Recorder/Monitor Odyssey 7Q 2 x 256GB SSDs Sony RAW Upgrade PEC Charge Plate Batteries and accessories 1 x Mount for monitor 2 x SSD Lead H-SDI Lead 2 x NP-F970 2 x NP-F770
  12. Jimmy

    Codec Market

    What saddens me a little is GoPro bought the Cineform raw codec and has yet to do anything with it, bar the Kine cams (and no major manufacturers seem interested in licensing it). It could be such a great solution for low filesize raw. No, it is not as perfect as cDNG and REDraw, but it is still exceptional.
  13. I quite like the high shutter, on occasion and it didn't distract me at all. 180 Shutter speed is just another rule that can be bent and broken.... Saving Private Ryan used fast shutter to perfection. Rolling shutter does quickly take me out of the moment though. I'll be shooting in 1080p i think (for short films). 4K for my bread and butter landscape work.
  14. haha, if all these rumours come true, the big boys are gonna freak out compressed raw, 240fps at 1080p, crop mode along with all the current features... Boom
  15. I look at this and start to care alot less about a bit of moire and aliasing. They are giving you a gimbal at sensor level... It is incredible. This opens up far more cinematic qualities than 4K. Camera movement counts for so much.
  16. The first company ever to exaggerate in their marketing
  17. ​Brawley, who was first to review, clearly said there was moire and aliasing and said it is up to you how important that is to you.
  18. Would love to see both 4K and 1080p sensor crop on the NX1.
  19. Looks nice... Has a s16mm feel to the grade 2 days until mine arrives, buzzing to take it out! Think I will be shooting alot in 1080p though, the jello is a bit much.
  20. If only we could have the stabilisation from this... the DR, full frame and low light of the a7s... the 4K, AF and 120fps of the NX1 and the 10 bit and centre crop of the GH4. One day.
  21. I will never understand why people get worked up over brands.... I treat any camera I own as a lease. Buy it, use it, sell it, upgrade to whatever ticks my boxes... ad infinitum. This last three years alone I have been through Nikon, Panasonic, RED, Casio (!), Sony, GoPro, Canon, Blackmagic and now Samsung. As said above, I buy manual lenses that fit Nikon mount, they will work on pretty much anything.
  22. Yea, quality work there all round. Shows that script, acting, good lighting, camera movement and sound design are far more important than the next big camera spec that we all need.
  23. Jimmy


    Just pulled the trigger on an NX1, thanks Brother... You are leading the way!
  24. Jimmy


    ​Because we are a tiny, tiny part of their target market. Unfortunately, these big companies have to be cautious so that they don't have thousands of customer service calls per day about why their new camera doesn't record raw to their 10 year old SD cards. Hopefully the API will open up these sort of pro features though.
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