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  1. The paradox of your article is that you want them (Canon/Nikon) to be more like Apple/Google.... Yet who made instagram, who made facebook, who made pinterest? It is a bit rich to blame the Japanese companies for lacking foresight, while Apple and Google were also left scrambling, as startups stole their thunder (with image processing/sharing). There will be some cross over though, i'm sure Samsung will lead the way here. If I get an NX1, I will sure as hell be getting my dev to take a look at the API and see what we can do.
  2. It is smartphones AND apps... The two are symbiotic. The cameras on modern smart phones are great, the apps are great... I can shoot and edit raw images on my Nexus. As Mozim says though, this will help separate the two industries... Which I think is a good thing. Canon, Nikon etc can cater to people who care about lasting imagery, rather than shoot and share. You say "no wifi on high end",,,, it doesn't need it, it doesn't need grading apps, facebook sharing apps.... Just a very low battery consumption bluetooth, like the NX1 has. Send the raw to your phone.... Grade and share (while the raw file is uploaded to dropbox, for backup). Let the phone do what it does best. Simple.
  3. There are rumours that the C500 will go very high end, to compete with Alexa/Dragon/VariCam C300 will have to have 4K, 10 bit with some overcrank options... So I wouldn't worry too much about crippling, just yet. 4K slow motion and ergonomics will be the main separator
  4. Does it still have the same problem of only being able to dial in random shutter speeds (rather than just setting a degree), like the FS700? and only 3 preset ISOs without having to mess around?
  5. Jimmy

    Alexa Mini!

    ​(Really) Long takes, I guess
  6. Really nice, I have dismissed this camera, in the past... But may have been too hasty. This looks really beautiful and, dare I say, organic.
  7. Jimmy

    Alexa Mini!

    Can't wait to snap one of these up on eBay in 5 years
  8. Jimmy

    Red Epic or not Red Epic

    I imagine you could get a used FS700/O7Q for about the same price. To me, a far superior camera... Better DR, better low light, Pro Res option, s35 240p (RED is windowed and incredibly noisy) You are also close to FS7 territory. Also, I have seen a few scarlet packages inching towards your price.
  9. On many specs, it outperforms the new Varicam. This is a kid's wishlist, i'm afraid. Would LOVE to be proved wrong though ;-)
  10. Sounds like someone's wishlist to me. With a speedbooster, it is just about the perfect camera, for me. If it is somehow true, at the price... I will buy 2 and never visit a camera tech site again.
  11. Price drop - £1700 Save around £800!
  12. The problem is playback... Look at the floppy disc, or the CD rom. You'd be hard pressed to find, say, a laptop that could load such things. Will USB, Sata etc exist in 10 years? What about 100 years. The cloud is probably the best bet, digitally... They are backed up over various servers. Of course, the service could go bankrupt, get hacked etc... The codec could become unplayable. Film has a simple playback method that can be built without the headaches of constant technological changes.
  13. Hi, I am looking to trade up to the Odyssey 7Q+ and want to sell my 7Q, if you own an FS700, now is the time to unleash the beast! Included: 1 x Odyssey 7Q 2 x 256GB SSDs 1 x Sony Raw option 1 x USB 3.0 to SATA 2.0 Adapter You would also benefit from 1 years extended warranty once we transfer ownership. The item is in perfect condition and only used on 3 shoots. Looking for offers around £1800. Based in Bewdley, Worcs.
  14. It can be part of the puzzle, for sure..... If there is a member here who wasn't completely enamoured with the look of Blade Runner, they should log off and have a good think about their life! But there are 1000s of beautiful, beautiful films that don't use anamorphic that are perfect too. Fargo, The Shining, for instance.
  15. I watched the Ben Stiller "Walter Mittty" last night, shot on kodak film. Whether it would look the same on digital, I truly don't know.... But i do know that the image was BEAUTIFUL. The scenes inside the Greenland karaoke bar have such a magical touch (as does most every shot). I know it is easy to scoff, using terms that are scientifically immeasurable, like "magic", "organic" etc... But, well, there is a magic there that helps create a level of fantasy.
  16. ​Great, we will be in Reykjavik for a day before hitting the south coast. This is my 3rd visit now, I love the country like it is my home! We even spent a month there for our honeymoon, camping... (-2C in a tent was not very romantic, haha)
  17. I really need to get my hands on one. I need a lightweight camera for my trip to Iceland in March and, on paper, this ticks some serious boxed. As you can imagine though, Iceland can be unforgiving in terms of lighting (sun on ice against lava black rock, for example)... Which is why I am obsessing over the DR. I'll be taking the BMPCC too, so I guess DR is covered on some shots. As it stands, the decision is between the NX1, 1DC, A7s or possibly a BMPC(4K) Decisions, decisions.
  18. ​Sure, if you only shoot in rec709... or unless you care about resolution more than DR, highlight roll off, 4:4:2, rolling shutter, low light And NDs, XLRs and all around ergonomics and video features Do you have an NX1 guide about to be released, by any chance?
  19. Just just went to HPreston and after a long chat (where he pretty much confirmed the C300 mk II is on the way).... He said he could get me a C300 for £4500, 2nd hand. If I were shooting weddings and stuff, i'd be snapping it up.
  20. If the GH4 gets a proper log gamma, with the 10 bit out, it could be a game changer.
  21. This is the best I have seen out of it yet, magic hour.. not the harshest conditions, but the highlight roll off is very nice.
  22. ​that Samuel H guy said it made no difference... But worth a try.
  23. ​Your test used REC 709 on the C300, so yea... I see what I see from various C300 tests at that gamma setting, compressed DR. Like I said before, I would love the NX1 to have 11.5 stops. But you are saying it has half a stop less than C300 at REC790, which is about 10 stops max. Sure, the resolution is great. I said that in my first post. The resolution on some smart phones is better than the C300 too, it doesn't equate to being able to "outright beat it on image quality overall." either, imho. Overall image quality is subjective though, so it is fine to like whatever you like. I'm just saying that my opinion is the C300 beats it hands down for DR... Nothing more, nothing less.
  24. ​It is maybe in line with native Gh4, 5DIII and Co.... (though I still personally think not). It is not in line with the C300, 1DC, A7s etc. I really can't see why you are trying to push that idea, it's not even close. This post shows it pretty clear to me. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?332463-Samsung-NX1-getting-log-like-setting&p=1986517484&viewfull=1#post1986517484
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