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  1. ​Seems like you and Andrew are fine to use media assumptions that work in the favour of the article (eg, the guy is inept and it was just verbal), but those that don't (eg, he split the guy's lip) are just tabloid nonsense. Maybe this should just be closed until some resemblance of the truth is revealed.
  2. Said by a couple... in another room... Reported in one of the worst newspapers in Britain... Without any evidence they were anywhere near the incident. I'd say people who believe such interviews from non confirmed on lookers, in dreadful newspapers should be ashamed, and are a problem with this world too. In fact, I bet you didn't even read the article, you are taking Andrew's spin on it... so it is 4th hand info.
  3. I'd love to see 4K, s35 BMPCC, with 1080/60p Maybe slightly bigger body to allow for a small SSD and better battery. Also hope Adobe allow H265, they usually do a good upgrade around NAB time.
  4. ​eyy??!! That Is the opposite of what I was saying. The Stones, though creative and popular, were caught doing wrong and were punished for it, just like the average Joe would be (though the way they were victimised was wrong, but that is a different debate). The argument this blog is making, and I disagree with, is that Clarkson has allegedly done something wrong, but as he is creative and popular, he should not be punished because that would stiffle his creativity.
  5. I do find it odd that they wont air already recorded shows. But the overall point remains.... when these creative superstars act out, they can't be above punishment, even if they bring entertainment and big bucks.
  6. The title says BM4K? But the BM4K footage I have been viewing on vimeo has a certain magic to the motion, I am sure the global shutter helps the so called cadence.
  7. That opening shot was so beautiful and really set the tone for the film. Fantastic. I have been watching alot of BMPC videos of late, trying to work out whether to buy one or wait for NAB.... I wonder if the global shutter has something to do with the filmic feel of all the pieces I see. I has a certain mojo, no doubt about it and the DR seems very good still.
  8. I wonder if Andrew was equally appalled by the suspensions of Johnny Evans and Papisse Cisse for spitting at each other in a football match? They should not have their creativity taken away from them by some middle aged suits at the FA, right? It was just a little bit of spitting between friends. We pay to be entertained by these footballers (well, maybe not Evans!).
  9. I think we need to define PC and where the line is drawn though..... Over criticising a joke about a "special" car - Yea, PC brigade Forcing someone to apologise for using the N word, off air - Some might consider it pandering, I would say the majority realise that a public figure is accountable if he is well aware there is a camera or audience around. Suspending someone for allegedly punching a member of staff - Common sense, nothing PC about it.
  10. The paradox here is the Andrew mentions Jimmy Saville, the epitome of a company (a whole nation, almost) covering up someone's misdoings to protect the star of the show, yet fails to see the two incidents as being similar. Obviously what Saville did is far more serious than punching someone... But the crux of the matter is that celebs and big earners should not be above the law or above punishment. Hiding that notion behind some kind of anti liberal, anti PC crusade makes it no easier to stomach.
  11. If the rumours are even close to true, I will buy 2 and never think about camera tech again. Just having NDs and 4K with a good 10bit internal codec would be great, in such a smaller body (assuming a similar size to the AF100).
  12. ​It is obviously inspired by Brooker, but completely misses the target. Shame Brooker isn't on every week... Would love to see his take on the Clarkson situation.
  13. The whole issue reminds me of when footballers act out. The club and/or establishment have to tread a fine line between looking like they have control, whilst making sure their prize asset will not just pack up and move away to a rival team/league.
  14. ​Yea, quite a turnaround from Shane. I was surprised when I linked the two together too. On topic, Perhaps the BBC have to keep some details out of the public as it is may be a legal issue?
  15. SlippyWill.... Sorry, I missed that. re: second point. He has not been suspended for anything he has done as his "persona" and certainly not anything that is stifling creativity. This is why I think the blog post is a nonsense.
  16. How do you know that? Unless you are on the TopGear crew, surely ​that is prejudging him to, just in a positive light?
  17. What I find quite funny is that this blog style seems to be very much inspired by Charlie Brooker, even down to the final sentence... Brooker, a person so far from politically correct, so creative and so willing to break down the boundaries of our nanny state. Who is he employed by? The BBC. *Non UK members, if you do not know of Charlie Brooker, you should try and find some of his shows, some of it will be hard to follow, as it discusses alot of English news and shows... But his scathing satire and ranting style is fantastic.
  18. Well, yea, he did. Off camera, on camera, out take... What's the difference, he said it, he apologised. It shows the mindset of the man. I'm about as hard to offend as possible, I'm not offended by Clarkson. I don't even dislike the guy (other than being a chelsea fan)... I laughed out loud when he said he was "off to the job centre" yesterday. I just don't believe that huge stars should be given different rights to anyone else. If the producer had punched Clarkson, do you think he would be working today? This diatribe is hiding an ugly point behind an indie/creativity mask.... That big stars should be able to do whatever they want, without consequence... Because they bring in money and entertain. It's the opposite of the indie mindset.
  19. I'm not offended by your post, but I do find it a load of tub thumping nonsense. 1) If a lead star on a production punched a producer, there would be consequences, even if it were Tom Cruise. 2) You seem to conveniently paper over the fact that he was caught saying nigger on camera and also called an asian guy a "slant'. Two of numerous offences that went unpunished and led to his final warning. If you want to move into this sort of editorial you need to put down both sides of the story, especially when your followers are not all UK based. This isn't bending over to political correctness, it is very lightly punishing someone for a constant stream of problems. Most other presenters would have been kicked in to touch long ago. You cannot let someone go unpunished, time and again, just because he is a creative asset and pulls in big bucks. I don't mind Clarkson, he can be funny, entertaining, no nonsense and clearly knows his cars. But that isn't a green light to do absolutely anything.
  20. ISOs seem fine as far as I can tell, I only ever use 200,400,800 and 1600.... Never noticed the black sun and I shoot alot of landscape with it, so maybe that is fixed?
  21. I sold my 5DIII but miss it greatly. The colour is just beautiful. I have a BMPCC and it is pretty good, but I have to spend more time grading to get it looking as good as the 5DIII raw. I also think the sensor crop mode is a great bonus with ML. Means I could take out the 24-70mm lens and have an amazing reach.
  22. Sorry, just saw you put stills too... I'll go back to my original suggestion of a Sony A7II
  23. I have heard the AF100 is going pretty cheap too, and FS100... Not sure they are sub $1k yet. For skate videos, i'd have thought NDs would be high on the list?
  24. I just think NAB is overblown.... what actually got announced, last year, for the indie guy? Cion? Ursa? That's about it, and way above this guy's pricetag. The BMPCC is the only camera that ever launched at NAB at this guy's price range and took a year to come to market. A BMPCC mk II is possible, but would you really recommended waiting for a Blackmagic camera? Anyway, my view is to ALWAYS get out their and shoot, especially if you only have a small budget. Sitting on $1k is pointless when there are now so many amazing options at that price point. Buy 2nd hand now and you wont lose much.
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