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  1. Hi, I am looking to trade up to the Odyssey 7Q+ and want to sell my 7Q, if you own an FS700, now is the time to unleash the beast! Included: 1 x Odyssey 7Q 2 x 256GB SSDs 1 x Sony Raw option 1 x USB 3.0 to SATA 2.0 Adapter You would also benefit from 1 years extended warranty once we transfer ownership. The item is in perfect condition and only used on 3 shoots. Looking for offers around £1800. Based in Bewdley, Worcs.
  2. It can be part of the puzzle, for sure..... If there is a member here who wasn't completely enamoured with the look of Blade Runner, they should log off and have a good think about their life! But there are 1000s of beautiful, beautiful films that don't use anamorphic that are perfect too. Fargo, The Shining, for instance.
  3. I watched the Ben Stiller "Walter Mittty" last night, shot on kodak film. Whether it would look the same on digital, I truly don't know.... But i do know that the image was BEAUTIFUL. The scenes inside the Greenland karaoke bar have such a magical touch (as does most every shot). I know it is easy to scoff, using terms that are scientifically immeasurable, like "magic", "organic" etc... But, well, there is a magic there that helps create a level of fantasy.
  4. ​Great, we will be in Reykjavik for a day before hitting the south coast. This is my 3rd visit now, I love the country like it is my home! We even spent a month there for our honeymoon, camping... (-2C in a tent was not very romantic, haha)
  5. I really need to get my hands on one. I need a lightweight camera for my trip to Iceland in March and, on paper, this ticks some serious boxed. As you can imagine though, Iceland can be unforgiving in terms of lighting (sun on ice against lava black rock, for example)... Which is why I am obsessing over the DR. I'll be taking the BMPCC too, so I guess DR is covered on some shots. As it stands, the decision is between the NX1, 1DC, A7s or possibly a BMPC(4K) Decisions, decisions.
  6. ​Sure, if you only shoot in rec709... or unless you care about resolution more than DR, highlight roll off, 4:4:2, rolling shutter, low light And NDs, XLRs and all around ergonomics and video features Do you have an NX1 guide about to be released, by any chance?
  7. Just just went to HPreston and after a long chat (where he pretty much confirmed the C300 mk II is on the way).... He said he could get me a C300 for £4500, 2nd hand. If I were shooting weddings and stuff, i'd be snapping it up.
  8. If the GH4 gets a proper log gamma, with the 10 bit out, it could be a game changer.
  9. This is the best I have seen out of it yet, magic hour.. not the harshest conditions, but the highlight roll off is very nice.
  10. ​that Samuel H guy said it made no difference... But worth a try.
  11. ​Your test used REC 709 on the C300, so yea... I see what I see from various C300 tests at that gamma setting, compressed DR. Like I said before, I would love the NX1 to have 11.5 stops. But you are saying it has half a stop less than C300 at REC790, which is about 10 stops max. Sure, the resolution is great. I said that in my first post. The resolution on some smart phones is better than the C300 too, it doesn't equate to being able to "outright beat it on image quality overall." either, imho. Overall image quality is subjective though, so it is fine to like whatever you like. I'm just saying that my opinion is the C300 beats it hands down for DR... Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. ​It is maybe in line with native Gh4, 5DIII and Co.... (though I still personally think not). It is not in line with the C300, 1DC, A7s etc. I really can't see why you are trying to push that idea, it's not even close. This post shows it pretty clear to me. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?332463-Samsung-NX1-getting-log-like-setting&p=1986517484&viewfull=1#post1986517484
  13. ​I thought you shot in C-Log? Rec. 709 on the C300 has no where near 12 stops. I'd love nothing more than to be proved wrong and be able to get a 4K, 1080/120p camera with 11.5 stops, but the footage just doesn't show it (yet).
  14. I really don't see anything good in the Samsung image other than the resolution. The DR is not even close. Half a stop? You have to be kidding. You are, perhaps subconsciously, trying to make the C300 footage look like the NX1, not the other way around. Post both native files and we can grade it. I doubt the NX1 even has 10 stops.
  15. There is probably only X amount of stops between the paper being exposed and black. You could shoot on Dragon and get the same results. Maybe try it with a light bulb and expose the filament
  16. Why not wait until NAB until you hang them to dry though? Last week, you were saying how the 1DC was all the camera you will ever need (or words to that effect). Surely if they bring out a 1DC mk II that is within reach of the EOSHD userbase, it will be heralded as one of the most innovative cameras ever (the 1DC still is the most innovative video DSLR on the market, if you care about a cinematic image). If NAB comes and goes and all we get is a C300 mk II that is twice the price of the FS7.... Give them both barrels. Getting upset over a strategic still image camera seems futile though. Just reads like click bait.
  17. £6000, last price drop before it goes on eBay. Grab yourself the most powerful cinema camera in this price range, ready to shoot. Just to remind you... 4K, raw, 13+ stops, 24-120fps, 2K 240fps, UHD prores. Would consider A7s as part exchange, as I will be buying one soon too.
  18. Grammar policing... The most tedious part of the internet. Maybe time to get back to discussing the 1DC?
  19. That IBIS looks really great https://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/olympus-comes-in-from-the-filmmaking-wilderness/
  20. I think points 1) and 2) might be the same thing, William. Fast action shots with even the faintest rolling shutter could be the very thing that is pulling you out of the illusion of the cinematic experience. Great post, by the way.... there is a reason people are nostalgic about film. It is because it is a beautiful format.
  21. I really don't see this as bad news... they have made a photo centric camera, logic dictates that they will also make a video centric camera.
  22. Something that doesn't seem to have been mentioned is CMOS/rolling shutter. The only digital camera that combats this and also has the resolution, DR and colour rendition to really challenge the best film stock is the Sony F65 (some might argue the F55, but it's not in the same league). You can make amazing, amazing films with the likes of the Alexa and Epic... But to say they "beat" all aspects of film is not factually correct, as they have some rolling shutter. None of us can really put our finger on exactly why people respond so well to film, but I think a lack of RS is part of it.
  23. You might want to reread what I said.... I didn't say you shouldn't moan about Canon, waste your time however you want... I said you should point the same spotlight on Nikon and others. Nikon were the first to "invest in video" as you put it. I'll waste no more time on this topic. Don't like Canon? Go buy a camera you do like.
  24. Your argument seems to be that there is no difference.... in which case, why care if something is shot on film or digital? It's not your money or time.
  25. You realise that film gets digitized right? You can stretch that image any which way you want. Each film stock is just another "sensor", at the end of the day.. Just an analogue one with a look that some people think is right for them. Choice is good.
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