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  1. I quite like the high shutter, on occasion and it didn't distract me at all. 180 Shutter speed is just another rule that can be bent and broken.... Saving Private Ryan used fast shutter to perfection. Rolling shutter does quickly take me out of the moment though. I'll be shooting in 1080p i think (for short films). 4K for my bread and butter landscape work.
  2. haha, if all these rumours come true, the big boys are gonna freak out compressed raw, 240fps at 1080p, crop mode along with all the current features... Boom
  3. I look at this and start to care alot less about a bit of moire and aliasing. They are giving you a gimbal at sensor level... It is incredible. This opens up far more cinematic qualities than 4K. Camera movement counts for so much.
  4. The first company ever to exaggerate in their marketing
  5. ​Brawley, who was first to review, clearly said there was moire and aliasing and said it is up to you how important that is to you.
  6. Would love to see both 4K and 1080p sensor crop on the NX1.
  7. Looks nice... Has a s16mm feel to the grade 2 days until mine arrives, buzzing to take it out! Think I will be shooting alot in 1080p though, the jello is a bit much.
  8. If only we could have the stabilisation from this... the DR, full frame and low light of the a7s... the 4K, AF and 120fps of the NX1 and the 10 bit and centre crop of the GH4. One day.
  9. I will never understand why people get worked up over brands.... I treat any camera I own as a lease. Buy it, use it, sell it, upgrade to whatever ticks my boxes... ad infinitum. This last three years alone I have been through Nikon, Panasonic, RED, Casio (!), Sony, GoPro, Canon, Blackmagic and now Samsung. As said above, I buy manual lenses that fit Nikon mount, they will work on pretty much anything.
  10. Yea, quality work there all round. Shows that script, acting, good lighting, camera movement and sound design are far more important than the next big camera spec that we all need.
  11. Jimmy


    Just pulled the trigger on an NX1, thanks Brother... You are leading the way!
  12. Jimmy


    ​Because we are a tiny, tiny part of their target market. Unfortunately, these big companies have to be cautious so that they don't have thousands of customer service calls per day about why their new camera doesn't record raw to their 10 year old SD cards. Hopefully the API will open up these sort of pro features though.
  13. Jimmy

    Color DNG in ACR

    yea, just bring it in manually and sync it up to the start of the raw sequence. There might be a simpler way, but that is what I do also.
  14. Jimmy

    Color DNG in ACR

    re: 5) there should be a check box "import images as a sequence" or something like that.
  15. Your post to is about still imagery only. Of course you have posted more than me on your own forum. It doesn't mean what you post is right though. Canon stills are FAR from dying
  16. Classic case of misleading stats. They suit the Canon bashing mantra of this site though. So get shown, without much thought or research.
  17. This is all similar to music making apps. I have a few, they're great for fast creation, sharing ideas... Even creating full compositions. Certainly doesn't mean I want wifi and facebook on my piano though. I hope the current state of affairs just focuses the manufacturers to make even better pro tools.... If they don't, someone else will. I wont begrudge some way of moving files into the cloud or onto devices... But I would hate to see them turn DSLRs into wannabe smartphones just to attract the insta-generation. Maybe i'm just getting old
  18. I doubt Arri even care about RED, let alone Canon. The reason they announced it now is they simply don't need to make waves at NAB. The Mini will likely be the most rented camera ever. That's not to say the C300 mkII isn't happening though. It has to happen.... and I have a feeling it will be good.
  19. My experiences with JVC have been poor. I don't expect much from this one either. Nothing in the test footage has made me stand up and pay attention. Feels like the pursuit of 4K is bringing us right back to 2009 in terms of DR, rolling shutter, 8bit, 4:2:0 etc
  20. What kind of apps? If Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung etc etc all have their own OS, and all create bodge job apps that do a bit of instagram grading, that would push them ahead? No chance. That's without the UI nightmare of building a nice interface for a DSLR screen that works on each model. Imagine instagram on a BMPCC, haha. Their best bet is to just keep building pro tools. We are probably already due a "full circle" where the insta-hipsters will shoot on DSLR because iphone is so passé
  21. ​Battery use, cpu/ram use .... Would require a capable OS... Would require devs to create apps for yet another platform. They could reskin android, but very few get it right. Samsung are way ahead, in this respect, so they will be the most likely to bridge the gap.
  22. Bluetooth is about 2Mbitsps, fine for sharing small jpgs... But yea, depending on the image, wifi would be better, but brings about a HUGE battery drain.
  23. ​Wifi is a massive battery hog, switch it off your phone and you will get 20%-30% more battery time. We don't need it in cameras, not even consumer DSLRs.... Just bluetooth or something similarly low power. Tap over the occasional JPG, Raw or compressed video to phone. Let the phone do the grunt work with an OS perfectly suited for PROPER grading and sharing apps. The very last thing Canon or Nikon should be doing is trying to shoehorn mobile tech into a DSLR.
  24. If 4K, 10 bit and sensor stabilisation make it into the cheaper C300 II, then it would still be a winner.
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