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    Ty Harper got a reaction from salim in Thoughts on the Litepanels Brick One?   
    Anyone with thoughts or experience with the Litepanels Brick One?
    I currently have a Litepanels Astra EP Bi-Color and am wondering if two of these Brick Ones would make for a solid 3 point interview lighting kit, or are there newer, more affordable options that might pair well with an Astra EP? 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kye in Mini Slider   
    Looks like Edelkrone's finally did it: https://edelkrone.com/products/motion-box
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    Ty Harper reacted to SR in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    Whether he had a raw video hack or not, the way this thread devolved into a vehicle for bitter cynicism under the subtext of truth-seeking is quite something.
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    Ty Harper reacted to noplz in NX1 RAW VIDEO???   
    The kid is not holding anybody else's money, he will either deliver on his own time when he's good and ready, or he won't and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled activities. Brow beating and bear baiting is not going to change anything. I agree it was probably a strategic mistake to start posting about this before it was completely done, but that's understandable given his age and probable level of excitement. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Marantz PMD-750 Digital Wireless   
    Never seen this product before, as it is a brand brand new product that isn't shipping yet. But as a Marantz it should be worth checking out. 
    Has a low low price of US$399
    2.4 GHz Digital Transmitter (like RodeLink, no need to worry about what frequencies are legal)
    All info on the top, which is nice. But perhaps my favorite feature: "Receiver Can Pair to Two Transmitters". Handy! 
    Annoyingly the input is a 4 pin XLR, which doesn't match up with any transmitters I own currently.
    Unfortunately it is not shipping yet, and there are no reviews of it online, but it looks like a product to keep an eye on! 
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in Sennheiser G4 is coming (available April)   
    Nothing to write home about. 

    At least not for the 100 series (which is what people usually mean when they say "G3", or now "G4").

    Some improvements with the 500 series, but at their higher price point I think a person should just seriously think about Lectrosonics/Wisycom/Zaxcom/AudioLtd/etc instead.
    Often people seem to not have a clue at the true value of items (leading to prices waaaaaaay too high, but also prices waaaaaaay too low!). 

    I've paid prices kinda similar to that myself in the past for wireless. Sometimes you get lucky! ;-)

    But do double read the auction, and inspect the pictures carefully. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Hitfabryk in Canon 1DC in 2018   
    Definitely still a great camera for video and pics. I have one and will probably never sell it because I love its look so much. 
    That said, I doubt that I would've bought it if i'd seen and read this thread beforehand: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/archive/index.php/t-333479.html
    And unlike most Canon dslrs the 1DC can't fix dead/stuck/hot pixels internally. You have to send it in to Canon which will cost you, and is also only a temporary fix because the issue apparently returns in time.
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    Ty Harper reacted to mercer in Canon 1DC vs Canon 5D Mark IV   
    Yeah, not great but better in 1080p. Then again, do you plan on doing a lot of back and forth whip pans? 
    They’re on the verge of cracking the 80D which has a faster buffer than the 70D and more AF points. Plus the original Canon firmware 1080p is better with a higher bitrate, all-i codec. Plus the revered Canon crop mode. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dave Maze in Canon 1DC vs Canon 5D Mark IV   
    Ive done tests and have found when it comes to baked in profiles the 5DIV actually appears to have better IQ than 1DC. I should do a real review/test and see. I haven't tested the 5DIV Canon Log yet. Im sure its great
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dave Maze in Canon 1DC vs Canon 5D Mark IV   
    I can confirm that 5d iv 4k is almost identical to the 1dx ii and 1dc 4k. Just have that heavy crop
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kaylee in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Mmm I think playback is still the choppy Black and White... at least on mine it is but I also haven't upgraded in a while.
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    Ty Harper reacted to jhnkng in Zhiyun Crane 2 - improvements and drawbacks   
    I have one, and while the weight is similar to a glidecam + camera you don't need to have the arm brace because you can hold it in both hands, or swap hands, or just shift the weight around so it doesn't hurt your arms. That said, you still need to be disciplined and manage operator fatigue -- I tend to brace the bottom of the gimbal on my hip between shots to take the weight off my arms and I put it down at every possible opportunity.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Snowfun in STOP VERTICAL VIDEOS 2018   
    Standing up is an interesting technique & variation...
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    Ty Harper reacted to IronFilm in The cameras used on Netflix's Original Films and Series   
    Or you're just in your early years of your career. 
    Or you're not a specialist / owner op in the camera department (maybe shooting is just a side thing, and you're usually a director/producer/whatever, then having a mirrorless camera to shoot with is a lot of sense).
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Don Kotlos in So, my Canon 1DC seems to have just bricked on me.   
    For sure, and I'm not a super experienced camera person, but it does seem like pixel remapping is one of those features most might expect to come standard in a camera from Canon's C-line.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from webrunner5 in So, my Canon 1DC seems to have just bricked on me.   
    Good to know! And thats $1500 Canadian, which is still really steep imho. I could buy another 5D MKIII for that price!
    Actually all-in I could've bought a 1DX MKII at this point!!!
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    Ty Harper reacted to treb999 in So, my Canon 1DC seems to have just bricked on me.   
    Mine was getting erratic, then it bricked.  By erratic I would have to turn it off, take out the battery, then turn it back on.  I was hoping it was just the battery so I popped 160 bucks for a new one, but that worked one time.  Then I sent it into Canon.  I figured it would be around 750, so I was close.  The problem with Canon is they have lost their sense of pride.  Granted, paying for a repair is par for the course, but when it came back the viewfinder wasn't cleaned, if anything, there was more junk in it.  And, dust on the sensor.  There is always dust, but, well, for almost a grand, you expect a little bit more from a company like Canon.  
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    Ty Harper reacted to treb999 in So, my Canon 1DC seems to have just bricked on me.   
    If it's the PCB, in US dollars mine cost almost 900 to fix.  Turn around time was about two weeks.  
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    Ty Harper reacted to sam in Canon 1DC Transcoding Software   
    Yes the pixels can come back. Resolve 14 has a  pixel fixer or can be done manually in other software.  You can minimize heat and extra long takes when possible to decrease the chance of occurance. I myself wouldn't have the slightest concern about buying the 1dc used or the potential pixel problem,  but a new 1dxii would certainly be less of a risk.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dave Maze in Monitor For My Canon 1DC   
    Soooo here’s my experience. I actually own the gratical but I don’t like using it with the 1DC. I bought a loop for the screen and it’s SO much better. You can have a rode mic on screen and the way you hold the camera along with holding the lens for focus. 
    So I recommend the focus monitor, and the Zacuto Z Finder type of thing. I bought a cheap off brand one and it works well. 
    Side note, I haven’t seen anyone really talk about this camera much recently. It was a forgotten camera really. Much like the Digital Bolex. Would you or anyone else on this forum like to see a thorough 1DC review/ tutorial? 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Kisaha in One Camera - For Life?   
    Missing the point of the exercise and more tragically the point of a camera.
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from mercer in One Camera - For Life?   
    Missing the point of the exercise and more tragically the point of a camera.
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    Ty Harper reacted to mercer in One Camera - For Life?   
    I think people are overthinking this fun hypothetical exercise. I believe the point is... if tech stopped now and we were left with what is available now, then what would people choose based on what is on the market now.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Don Kotlos in One Camera - For Life?   
    Yeah, image quality wise we are not going to see dramatic changes. Sure things can & will improve like rolling shutter, dynamic range,  codecs, sensitivity but none of these really hinder our ability to create a compelling image today. 
    The dramatic shifts are going to happen on the computational side like DBounce said. 
    But then again I am of the opinion that if you notice the difference between a shot taken with an Alexa and one with a Canon 2Ti, then the script is bad. 
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