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  1. Got my Crane the other day. Was well confused when the app looked nothing like in all your videos (which are great by the way!). Saw this earlier and downloaded the old version. It is much better.
  2. I absolutely love this. Great find. The slo mo 180fps looks superb.
  3. Sure it was on Canon Rumours. The C100 MKiii won't exist, they'll be a camera under the C300 MKii, but it won't be a continuation of the C100 line is what I think was said.
  4. Without moving too far off topic, my first Sony camera ... Then I had a VX2000, which I loved. Before moving to Canon and not having anything else really since, bar a GH4 for a short time.
  5. IF true, I wonder also what is coming in the 6D MK2 as well. If that camera was going to have a load of these specs and they've had to then implement in into the 5D iV.
  6. @Kisaha good to read the comments though. I was the same as you initially when people were telling me they were switching to this, especially with the overheating reports. I'll check out 1080P as well. A lot of wedding filmmakers over here in the UK have gone Sony, virtually all the big well known guys who do it have, possibly because a leading wedding filmmaker who is also a Sony brand ambassador and runs courses everyone goes on, so they all then go and switch to Sony after doing his course! I'm actually presently on a C100 MK2 but there are reasons I'm moving away. Panasonic GH5 is certainly a consideration though I did use to have a GH4 and didn't like using adapters (two times in a ceremony is stopped with 'lens not attached') and I had a few other issues with it too.
  7. Thankfully I know a good number of people who use them for weddings (mainly as a b/c or Gimbal cam to A7sii or A7rii) and have no issues at all with them. Including continuous running in ceremonies and speeches. Infact the feedback I'm getting is that it is a great little camera to use. I am in the UK though so it doesn't get that hot. Rain on the other hand!
  8. Thanks for the review Oliver. I'm about to get a Crane (so good to hear that is a nice gimbal) and in next 2 months have a decision to make. Sony or Panasonic. I'm a wedding shooter and leaning towards Sony and this camera as one of my cameras. I've seen numerous excellent wedding videos made with A6500s and a few people I know have moved to them and can't speak highly enough of them.
  9. Someone has asked on the GH5 FB group about aspect ratio markers and the answer is no, it doesn't
  10. Wedding shooter myself and obviously know a few others. I use the C100 MK2 as do most of the people I know, it kills weddings. Best camera I've used for weddings full stop and I've been through Canon DSLR, GH4 and tried a Sony. The C100 is a workhorse that you need for this kind of stuff that just goes and goes and goes, great skintones and out of the box. I find the GH4 matches it quite well for a B camera too.
  11. I also am very very glad I took the plunge with I think 10.0.6 which was when I think they added multicam and some other useful features. Not made the 10.3 update yet as I've projects on, but everything I've seen looks superb. They've fixed loads of issues people had and made major and massive improvements. Finally saved workspaces! The role based editing looks superb and something that the program was badly missing. People will still trash it after the now 5 years ago botched release (I bet most of them have never used it either) but this is certainly a Pro NLE now. I tried using Premiere the other day, it felt so old, outdated and slow compared to even FCPX 10.2
  12. Live stream of the event via Cinema 5D https://www.facebook.com/C5Dnews/posts/1272965216081918
  13. It works well with the 24-105, but I'm struggling to get it working with the 18-35 correctly. I have updted the firmware on the lenses and it seems to work ok with the continous focus option, but not well with the one shot focus option.
  14. I plumped for the C100 MK2 a few months back. Love it. It is so easy to use and the image really does look nice. Yeah, it's not 4K but at this time and the clients I work for (weddings, events, conferences and web videos for businesses) who cares. I replaced my GH4 with it, no regrets at all. I can just pick up this camera and away you go, long battery life and due to the codec sizes a 64GB card can last me all day at a wedding. Lens wise, I have the Sigma 18-35mm (great lens), Sigma 24-105 and the Canon EF-S 18-135. I do find the Canon lens slightly softer but it works a treat with the Dual AF system and Face autodetect. I generally shoot in Wide DR, would anyone have any good picture profiles they'd recommend. For things like weddings, I prefer as near as possible out of the camera. I've still to actually try C-LOG properly!
  15. Hi All Selling my GH4. Purchased at the end of December last year. Shot about 10-15 jobs (mainly weddings) on it, video mode. Excellent condition. Boxed. 3 extra Hahnel Batteries and a 32GB SD card. I'm Manchester based, UK, so anyone in UK wants to make an offer. Really looking for about £800. Anyone local is free to come and check it out, PM me if interested.
  16. Paul Cryer

    panasonic g7

    Pre-ordered one. Just got to decide with a GH4 and now this if I start getting M4/3 lenses or stick with the EF mounts I already have and the Speedbooster. I see Samyang have announced the VDSLR Cine Lenses they do in M4/3 mount.
  17. Paul Cryer

    panasonic g7

    I was literally about to pull the trigger on a 2nd GH4 for a B cam for interviews and weddings. I'm now very tempted to wait for this instead, seems perfect B cam for a GH4. Anyone know (going off the G6) if you can modify the picture profiles, so change the saturation, contrast etc... of neutral/portrait and the like. Does it have an actual release date yet?
  18. I've just pre-ordered the new DJI Ronin-M myself. Hopefully it'll be good!
  19. This lens is literally attached all the time to my GH4. Absolutely beautiful lens. I've never noticed much vignetting on it when on my GH4 or my previous 7D. I'll have to test on a friends 5D MK3 at the weekend and see at what point it starts vignetting on that.
  20. Picture profile settings, are the things you mention the only things you've changed from the Standard defaults?
  21. I was just reading on the BM forums, a similar post re. ISO ratings and the same response is on there, that when chatting to BM at NAB they've said the reason they've not confirmed any rating yet as because they are still tweaking the 4.6K sensor in the hope of getting a better base ISO than 800 and better ISO range at both ends than 200-1600. Hopefully it'll be able to get to 3200 and down to 100 and be useable. I'm not going to be buying for 12 months anyway (earliest Jan 2016) so hope cFast2 prices have dropped by then to be much more manageable and I'll find the camera is good for use at things like weddings and other run n gun events.
  22. It wouldn't surprise me if this is true. Due to the C100 MKII not having any kind of 4K ouput. I can't see them bringing out a DSLR with better video resolution than the entry level Cinema EOS camera they offer and sell it cheaper.
  23. Wow, they're killing it are BM. As thers have said a 4K version as well next year ... I know a few people who have been wanting monitors for 1080p recording and put off by the prices. This will sell like crazy, especially if it will downscale 4K from GH4s and NX1s.
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