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  1. I've been looking at what to get for my first non DSLR camera with a budget around £4k max. I was looking like having to go C100 MK2, but depending on the low light of this camera then it looks a winner. Bar the expensive cfast2 cards ... Under £5K for the EF mount version with all the options and under £4K if I got the EVF later on. Ergonomically it looks to be perfect as well for what I'd want. One thing I'd like to know as well, do all BM cameras need the footage graded? There are some things I shoot I just need the image out the box ... I'll certainly be very interested in seeing real life reviews of it from users.
  2. This 'rumoured' GH4 update. Ninja Star 2 4K As I'm looking at a "Cinema Camera" in the next 12 months, I'm very interested in the Panasonic AF200 that is meant to be coming out. Plus some lenses for that camera. I'm interested, though expect it'll be massively out of my price range, the C300 MKII. I'd love Canon to firmware unlock 4K out via HDMI on the C100 MKII, not gonna happen though. Possible 5DC as well? Software wise, as a FCPX user, a big update to that software. Again rumours are something is coming around NAB even though Apple don't do NAB itself.
  3. I got the GH4 as I knew it'd work nicely via a Speedbooster with my EF lenses. Had it a few days and used it a few times already and love it. A7S was just that bit too expensive (double what I paid for the GH4) and I don't like the colours I've seen off it. NX1 I really like the look of, but no Speedbooster available for it to work properly with EF lenses, so that sort of made my mind up.
  4. 50mm lens. Tried out a Canon 50mm f1.2L the other week and wow, what a piece of glass. For sensor size, S35mm, the perfect sensor size for nice DOF and the look I like.
  5. Wex Photography, £1178, £200 cash back and I also use Quidco so another £38 cashback via that! So total, £940 paid. It was meant to come today but seems to have been delayed in Parcelforce's system somewhere, so another day to wait :( My Metabones and Kingston SD cards came today though, so hoping to get out at weekend and shoot some stuff.
  6. To answer the original question. Yes, they clearly are protecting a pro range of cameras by neglecting video features on what they class as photo still cameras that do a bit of video. Saying that not to add a 4K option to the C100 MKII, even via HDMI only, was an odd decision. Sony and Panasonic clearly see the video side of the cameras being as if not even more important than the stills side. They've seen Canon are neglecting this area of the market and are going for it. I was ready to upgrade from my 7D and have been looking around for weeks at the options and have plumped for the GH4 this weekend, for both price and the quality of the image plus the fact it has video features I really want to use and I can still, via Speedbooster, use my Canon EF mount lenses on it. So it's not a total system switch out and if Canon do release something in the future or I invest in a C series camera at some stage I'm not having to buy lenses again.
  7. After reading this whole thread and a good few reviews on this camera, I ordered one this weekend as a replacement for my 7D. Even more of a bargain with Panasonic's £200 cashback, I've paid £900 for the camera! Can't wait to start using it and seeing what it can do.
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