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  1. Nope. Stock settings. And never crashed at stock settings. My overclocking is just from today... for fun, to see how the softwares react in better clock speeds... Premiere pro loves the boost clocked, but not the HT from Intel. This is what i conclude.
  2. What is getting on my nerves right now with my computer is the live playback in after effects... Wayyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo loooonnnngggggg ... Impossible to work at 1/2 without having to wait... In premiere pro, no problem as CUDA seems to work effortlessly. Photoshop and other softs don't have any problem... The biggest problem is After effects that takes so much time to work with... Complex 4K DCI projects with average 50 to 60 layers of little effects of objects to move. Is there anytip to edit faster with fluid live playbacks in after effects ?
  3. at home, i can run Resolve, open a project, see the timeline etc and when i'm going to pick a media up, it crashes without advertising... Simply crashes. On this computer i have some 5DIII RAW files, h264 files, RED RAW 4K DCI, some blackmagic files CDNG and prores, Panavision Genesys files, Sony F55 etc etc etc even Canon mxf files. No problem with previous versions of Davinci resolve... The fact only happens with the Beta 14th version.
  4. Don Kotlos : you were right. CPU Z gives me 4.5 Ghz max... And it seems to be logical : 100 mhz x 45 multiplier i've put in the bios... I'm not an overclocker ... lol ... I've just tried it to see how it would affect the rendering times in premiere pro... I've seen that HT disactivated was giving a better performance than activated... 4 cores and 4 threads better than 4 cores and 8 threads. So i can deduce that premiere pro is not optimized for a multithreaded able processor... If i am not wrong. I'll upgrade when threadripper would be out for several months to have some better feedback. I'm looking to have 128 GB of RAM, a NVME samsung SSD pcie evo 960 for the OS (120GB), another one for the adobe cache (250GB), another one to store the project files temporarily (500GB) , a 1060 OC 6GB. Graphic cards are way too expensive to my tastes... don't know if a 1080 worth the price when i only edit on premiere pro, after effects and resolve. The other things i do are basic sound design and some photoshop... I think a 1060 6B is the right spot. ? no ? My GTX580 will be missed... Such a good graphic card. But now i don't know which platform i'll choose... X399 or X299... AMD looks to have a great flagship CPU at the same price as the 7900X ... Time will tell.
  5. Hi 2 All, i'm about to change my computer as i think my machine is just a bit slow to edit some footages coming from different cameras... My actual machine is : I7 3770K 16GB Corsair RAM SSDs GTX 580 I've seen the new AMD solutions : Ryzen 1800X and the future threadrippers. What about the motherboards coming with them and the support of the X399 chipset ? ... Intel won't react to AMD ? Prices will be revised for Intel ? i think putting 3500 euros max into a brand new computer. But... I've just overclocked for the first time my old 3770K and come to a stable 5.76 gHz performance ... I find it a bit strange no ? Is it possible ? How could i check the real frequency ? In fact, i've reduced by 2 the time to encode a footage with complex timeline and lumetri colors from stock frequency... using premiere pro. Overclocking seems to be a good choice to wait for a better performer... but which one ? How could i benchmark my computer performance to see if a ryzen or a 7900X machine would do better ? is there any standard known footage to encode to see the time your machine gets the full encoding to compare it to a cpu database ?
  6. Got Sony xavc files... bizarre problem... Will try the OpenCL function in place of CUDA to see what happens.
  7. Hi, i've just installed the free version of Resolve 14 and no problem with the installation but when i want to add medias from the media pool the software crashes... My computer : Windows 10 I7 3700K 16 GB RAM Corsair Geforce GTX 580 SSD No problem with every version before that... Any one for a solution ? Any one in this case that solved the problem ? Thx 4 all.
  8. Oliver Daniel i truly understand you... i know what you're meaning with the FS5. 5DIII Raw files are way too heavy for me and difficult to manage on some big movies. Good to shoot sometimes with but not a camera i like to carry with me now since i got my A7SII. Here is a great camera... A7SII. With a powerbank and a good lightmeter with you this camera makes such fantastic things. 8 bits ok... we all know this... What i like is the Slog and its great latitude in contrasty situations and its 24x36mm size... Big shots with this cam. And the slomos are great when light is enough. Great 120 fps even with a 2X coefficient. A 16-35 2.8 does the job well for me with this 2x high fps mode. What we can expect from an A7SIII will disappoint us i think... i think this won't be 10 bits... And a 10 bits hdmi output will disappoint me also as what i like from this camera is shooting ultra light, gimbal or zacuto shoulder rig and that's all... I've shot with 7" screens on the rig etc etc and i really don't like it... Too much equipment ruins creativity... Personal point of view of course. The GH5 looks great to my eyes too... And this little beast has made some charms to me... I used to shoot with a GH2 and have been blown away with its inner qualities. The GH5 has a v-log mode and high frame rates... tempting features. But, micro 4 thirds with native electronic lenses i don't like it, and metabones adapter with EF or other mounts that's what i used on the GH2 and sometimes had problems... Why don't you use that fantastic A7SII ? have it from its exit right now and still have no problems with a cheap commlite adapter, damped with black cloth inside it... My advice in your case would be stay with an A7SII till an A9S comes out !!!!! ;-) As you know the tool is secondary and that A7SII ticks a lot of what i need to make it my A-cam on most of my projects. Why would i need to upgrade or change this lil baby ?!!!!!! My A-cam for little projects like this : Trailer for a drama company. My 0.02 euros. :-)
  9. actually have this config : i7 3770k, 16GB RAM, GTX 580 and SSD for OS. A good machine truly. These Ryzen look good to me. But the i7 7700k looks better than the ryzen 1800 in perfs... no ? And it's less money too ... Am i wrong ? If i want to upgrade and have a good gain using After effects and premiere pro, does this AMD Ryzen is the better choice ? I'll upgrade RAM to 64 GB and a M.2 HDD for Adobe Cash, maybe not the GTX580 that seems good for the tasks. What do you think ? Here is a config i've done : Should i go to an AMD Ryzen config ?
  10. Hi, I've got an A7SII. There is nothing really disapointing in using it actually. The only drawbacks i find are the battery life and the 8 bits codec... But to be honest the camera has followed me on several films and it has done the job pretty well. For the battery life i use a power bank via USB and Voila. 8 bits codec is cheap... If the WB fails on set and exposure is not done correctly... wow... crappy camera. But using a colormeter every shot and exposure meter too and this camera does a good job. I always use Slog3, knowing its weaknesses... What i expect from an A7SIII is not necessarily a bigger sensor, but a faster with stacked memory. Rolling shutter on the A7SII has never worried me by now, but i understand it can be a pain for some persons. What i expect is also a better codec, 10 bits higher bitrate... but i know Sony a bit and the A7SIII will be a "for everybody camera"... And 8 bits 100 mbps is great for everybody... Us, guys who want to buy a decent camera will not use that kind of a camera to shoot a commercial... therefore 8 bits 100mbps is average good to shoot cats and ducks on water... Those of us who want a more serious camera will go on the FS5 or FS7, more pro oriented... Sony won't shoot them in their foot... A7SIII won't have 10 bits chroma in my opinion... even if i truly want it. Then what i want is an USB port like the A7SII. 240fps and 120fps 1080 Better menus Better IBIS if possible... A price that is related to their targeted market. Not crazy price... Better AF even if i'm always Manual... lol... i think i've never used the AF on my A7SII... not once !!! I am canon equipped for lenses... Better EVF if possible Voila !!!!!! hope this will be tomorrow morning here in France...
  11. Amen !!!! Oliver Daniel you're damn rignt !!! Camera is just a tool. It helps when your tool is a good quality one but you can even tell stories with iphones or "shitty" cameras... How many movies miss the focus ? How many movies have some bad camera movements ? How many films have big problems with technique itself ? Some big movies i've seen have sometimes these mistakes... and so what ? When the story is here and talents too... you have a good movie. That's all folks.
  12. to me : - Aspect ratio - 24 fps with motion blur associated - Shallow depth of field - camera movements - Music used - colors and lights and the most of it : Actors and story. Here's a little joke i've made with friends that uses some codes of what i call a cinematic video : Slow motions here to be a bit parodic... And you'll notice a hommage to Marion Cotillard somewhere in the video... That couldn't be more cinematic with this !!!!! lol
  13. Thank you man !!!! this is right for the bullets. I could have add it... but big work for such a little video. I'll give a try to the soft you told me. thanks for your comments. It goes right into my heart.
  14. Hi guys, with friends we decided to give ourselves a challenge and see what could be done in 1 hour shooting. That's what i've done with my A7SII : This is a joke. Big big big slowmos... too much slowmos.. but this was the goal, with the dramatic music !!! If you have some videos to give, shot in 1 hour only, no more. Color grading in Lumetri, première pro, with a custom LUT made in photoshop. Hope you like it. N.B. : LAPIPA does mean nothing... lol. N.B. 2 : a bit of hommage to MARION COTILLARD...
  15. A bmpcc with a 2.5k sensor à la bmcc and big dynamic range à la ursa mini 4.6k and boom !!!!! I'm back with blackmagic !!!!! But what I fear is a 2019 more or less shipment, sensor problems, battery system chosen... etc etc... blackmagic knows how to do great pictures from their sensors, but their choices to make strong user friendly bodies are sometimes a bit mystical... Though excited by this press conference...
  16. Hi, To me the success is when your movie looks like and tells the story you've wanted as close as possible. This is a truly difficult thing. Even more when ideas are not yours. I consider myself satisfied when i see my video on tv or on youtube preroll, when friends or clients call me to say the video has been seen there or there... Great feeling for the work that has been accomplished.
  17. Hello, a7sii for Stills is not good enough imho. I've got a 5d3 and this a7s2 and each one has its own role : 5d3 for stills and a7s2 for videos. Some people say the a7r2 can deal with both stills and videos. if I had to choose then I would take the a7r2.
  18. Hi guys, for me, the W. A. Mozart requiem at Pleyel Hall in Paris. I Was 7. Simply magical. Then a bunch of artists. Music is the most important thing in my life. By far.
  19. i have a powerbank to feed my A7SII, so no problem... but this is what i call a bug...
  20. Just remember how the mark III was disappointing besides the mark II... The only major boost was thanks to Magic Lantern... And without magic lantern the only thing i considered a good step up in the video field was the lack of aliasing and moire... But it was disappointing... Some people asked themselves if they would go for the upgrade... I've made it, and really enjoyed the hack of Magic Lantern. Really enjoyed. Then i think Canon will do the same with the mark IV... Poor codec, poor output, maybe 4K, certainly the DPAF and we're done... Oh, maybe one slot with CFAST ? Nothing really WOW... Price ? 3900 euros body only, thanks to the "needed everywhere" 4K. No thanks Canon. I'll keep my 5D mark III as a really good camera for itself. Great still camera, and very good video camera when ML Hacked with some pros and cons. Time will tell. Nothing that what we say right now will change things, anyway...
  21. Jcs that's a good point. Those 3 pictures looks almost the same... There are differences of course, like colors, and resolution but hey, this proves there's no need to fight when speaking about cameras. My preferred goes to the one on the center. If it is the A7SII i'm glad i chose that camera. And if it is not the A7SII, i'm happy too because everyone here can't tell which is which while being 100% affirmative...
  22. 5D RAW is good enough for projection on a big screen. Made it several times with always good results. DCP in jpeg2k and you're done. Just have to upscale your size from the native 1920x1080 to 2K. Projectors accept only DCI standards and no 1080... Concerning the project : a doc. For documentary for sure i'd go with an A7SII and not a 5D RAW... By far. I've got the two bodies at home and as jcs said, the only major drawback of the A7SII is the jello effect from the Rolling shutter technology... Too bad really. Annoying even on tripod with micro jitters. But when you know it you do with it. The A7SII has by far more little files, has better dynamic, and better low light abilities... Everything i would go with for a documentary. Get a power bank like an Anker astro E7 26800 mAh and you have more than 2 days of shooting with you. After using the A7SII, i never use anymore my 5D for video... I only use it for pictures, where it shines a lot compared to the A7SII.
  23. Wonderful !!!! I ended with an A7SII... I love it for its dynamic range and convenient aspects like small size, USB charging, 24x36mm look. In some ways i don't like it : 8 bits luma, color that have to be adjusted very well depending on lights sources, and the major drawback, the rolling shutter that sucks a lot... I've used it in replacement of some big cameras on some shots for commercials i make, and it is truly a good camera to my eyes... But clients don't want small photocams like this and i still rent the big brothers i'm used to. This FS5 looks like it's a cool camera... I'm waiting the RAW update to see if it does like the FS7, where the benefit is not a big big step... We'll see !!!!
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