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  1. Hmcindie : i don't pretend i know much. Then i'm just giving an answer, my answer to the topic. And yes i can stop using the points but this is my way to write... You can say i'm wrong while i speak about arriraw used on movies but you can't easily ask me to change my way to write. I know there are rules on forums and using points at the end of sentences is surely not forbidden... I think i'm doing my best to give my answer to the topic's question... And now i have to justify myself... No problem to quit this topic.
  2. I totally agree. Colors are not the Canon ones. But in terms of dynamic, frame rates available, file size, usb charging, EVF when recording... Etc etc... The canon is beaten... In terms of photo, i'm obliged to say the A7SII is out... Way way out... End of the discussion for me. Every camera seduces by its pros and cons. Some people prefer that one for this, that one for that... This was my answer to the topic : 5D mark III in 2016.
  3. kgv5, commercials are almost all shot in RAW when possible... This is a choice guided by the production and nothing else... Like 4K when only 1080 needed... Productors want 4K to have the ability to resize... This is not a choice made by the ones who shoot... 5d mark III has RAW... cool !!! I've used it on a big French National TV broadcasted commercial 7 months ago... I don't say it is a bad camera or anything else... i just say this is really not the best option to shoot with today... And today an A7SII is better to my eyes. Way comforter... non hacked, 81 minutes on a 64 GB card, and everything with a slight better dynamic, and slow motions... I don't speak about high isos... lights are always controlled on my sets : 1DC right here 3 years ago... used in 8 bits 1080 only... No 4K MJPEGs... Reaaaaaallllly small budget... But broadcasted on French National TV channels during these three years... Just youtube it : "Pièces jaunes 25 ans"... Shoot with what you want !!!! One time i did replace the F55 we're used to shoot with by an A7SII, my personal A7SII... We had time to play in post. Dynamic and colors are not the same, but the result was here : the client didn't say anything about the quality... No strange skin tones around... Take a look at this too : I don't shoot 5D mark III anymore. Too limited camera. Great picture but limited camera, not flexible, and not matching cameras of nowadays.
  4. I don't shoot 2.35 native... I shoot 1.78 with 2.35 frame... And it is 7 minutes on a 64 GB card more or less. When i get 6 minutes, i change card not to have problems if the shot can take some time... 64 GB for 7 minutes !!!! Western digital is a good partner of yours... Come on !!! Maybe 90% of high budget productions are made with less bandwith than a RAW video from 5D mark III ... Take an alexa... a good choice for a camera isn't it ? If you choose ArriRaw codec, uncompressed, you have the same files as the Raw from 5D mark III... Could you tell me how many movies have been shot with ArriRaw ? I speak Big productions... like Marvels etc... I tell you : a few ones... because it is too heavy ON production... Big production movies are shot Prores... And to be honest once again, the prores used massively is not the 4444 XQ... Then files are not that ones you'll get with the 5D mark III... that is only 1080... compared to a 2800x1660... If you want to be the guy that buys HDDs like candies, i mean i was at 4 hdds by 3 months... just shoot RAW with a 5d mark III... Results are good enough with a A7SII and, with the good persons, skin tones with A7SII are matching the ones of the 5D mark III... But files are waaayyyyy less heavy. That's a choice... I've made mine, after using the two bodies. You make your choice. The two possibilities exist. No problem.
  5. KB 1000X is ok for 24fps without stopping. 25fps is without stopping... but when you control your files... dropped frames. random ones. Can be fixed in post but not reliable on set... Outside, never any stopping camera... In a studio, with lights, 20 persons on set, mid July, South of France with 35°C outside : multiple stops... Obliged to rent a 1DC to finish the shots of the commercial... 5D mark III is not made to do some serious work... The RAW mode is a cool thing, but can't be used anywhere anyhow whereas the A7SII can...
  6. Rolling shutter is the worst thing about this Sony A7SII. But grading A7SII is not so much complicated... Just use the right tools when you shoot : i use a Sekonic C700 to adjust my white balance and my exposure on the talents or elsewhere i need it to be exact... And then in post i've got no problem... Problems come when lights are mixed... as it is an 8 bits camera... But when you know it once again, you can live with it... Adjust the color temperature of your lights well... It takes time you're right... To be honest, i've already used the A7SII for paid works and no problem !!!! The camera is (to my opinion) the least tool you have to consider on a set... I'm sure sometimes an iPhone could do the job on some shots... Great lights, great sound and you're done... And on set, the 5D mark III just doesn't do it for me... Backup backup backup !!!!! 6 minutes on a 64 GB card... Can't do full HD 25 fps without dropped frames... Some people speak about overheating from Sony... And 5D mark III with RAW enabled ? The screen on, hdmi port giving monitoring, and record for long periods and you're done... You have to stop working for some big minutes... To me the A7SII is a camera that i can trust more in. A high speed card and you're ok to shoot 81 minutes on a 64 GB card... 4K, 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps... slow motions, high isos... The 5D mark III is out for a long time right now... I think choosing a 5D mark III right now to work with can be more masochistic than to choose an A7SII or any GH4... But i'm aware that this is my choice as this is my way to shoot... I'm selling my 5D mark III on the topic gear sale. 2500 euros with two Komputerbay 1000x cards and 6 batteries. For the one who wants 14 bits RAW image.
  7. Hi Squig, not to put the mess right here but the A7S is just a wonderful camera... even compared to 5D mark III. I have an A7SII and a 5d mark III Raw video... and to be honest i prefer the A7SII, for its dynamic range that is better, and for the results you can get with a non hacked camera reaaaaallly low weighted files.... You should do some tests by yourself if you haven't already.
  8. I have the 5D mk III and A7SII. Both have pros & cons... But in fine, i use more the A7SII for its Quality/space ratio... 5D mkIII RAW is just wonderful to work with... true... Convert your mlv to dng and boom !!!! Resolve and you got it graded in only few minutes... Mixed lights ? No problem... (not too much...) Errors on set with white balance ? No problem... A7SII is a different animal : don't like at all mixed lights and don't like AT ALL when you put the wrong, or average White balance... and i'm not mentioning white balance with Nds etc... which needs the right correction (I love you Sekonic C700...) For me, after using these two beasts, i can say i do love my A7SII. And i only like my 5DIII Raw. (Video speaking only...). Files are waaaayyyyyy smaller and the dynamic range looks superior on the A7SII. I admit, colors are difficult to work with... but taking care of it on set and you have your post production more or less effortless. And to the advantage of the A7S, shooting by night is just a pleasure : deep depth of field even in dark conditions... Time saving when you have to stay focused on a moving subject... You have strong enough isos to be pushed to close your lens... For me (and my focus puller) it's been a pleasure to use... in almost every light condition... Have you used the A7SII enough to judge it to its real potential ? Colors are a bit of a pain to deal with but with the right tools it can be ok. The only big problem i can see with this camera is the rolling shutter that produces that big jello effect... Can be a pain in some cases... Shoulder rigged with no stab for example... and some fast pans too... Why don't you LOVE it ?
  9. Yes !!! Always there out of the field of view !!! Have tons of it with different strengths too.
  10. 1 : 5D RAW 2 : FS5 3 : BMPCC Maybe i'm wrong !!! But it's a cool game !!!!!!
  11. Hi, ready to sell my 5d markIII with some 5 batteries and 2 CF cards komputerbay 1066x. And a bmpcc with a set of lenses and 7 batteries : olympus 12mm F2, panasonic 20mm F1.7, olympus 45mm F1.8 and a 18-140 non constant aperture... Cheap kit lens from a GH2... Every thing is perfectly like new, with bills and boxes. Do you have advises for the price of each lens and each body ? I bought my 5D mark III 2990 € and the bmpcc 895 € all brand new. I don't really know how they cost today. Hope i can sell them at a good price !!!!
  12. Guys there is a fact that when you upload a 4K footage on Youtube or Vimeo, when you look at it, it looks nicer, and sharper than if you downscaled yourself before uploading on 1080p on youtube or vimeo... Compressors on these platforms don't do the same work if your upload is 4K or 1080p... This is like that !!!! And that's the Wayyyy it is !!!!! (for the 80s lovers !!!! lol)
  13. Hi, 2 x 2K "blond" with diffusion panels in front of them and gels to correct the yellowish tint 3 x 650W ARRI fresnels with diffusion panels most of the time too 1 x 150 ARRI junior fresnel light with some manfrotto magic arm most of the time to reach some points... 2 x LED panels with 200 leds more or less (Chinese cheap ones Aputure) that i almost never use... Low CRI and mixing with other lights is not an easy task. 1 x Chinese ball that is sometime interesting to work with. 400W if i remember well. When i need more, i rent...
  14. I think canon has built it more for photographers than for movie makers... They know it themselves as their 1080p is softer than soft... lol. Joke apart, this will be a great lens to have, in some years when it will be a better bargain for a 35mm prime.
  15. Wow the Canon looks to be a great lens on these tests !!!! Sharp piece of glass !!! Certainly a difference when shooting with it. I'd love to buy it to be honest... but my sigma is just enough to my needs... (video 80% - Photo 20%). You're right the difference will sit in the corners on a 24x36 and mostly on the AF speed and accuracy. Not a bargain but if someone could put the money difference, it would surely be worth the extra money... That's what we say : to obtain a 90% quality thing, it costs you a reasonnable amount of money... To obtain the last 10% of quality, you have to spend a BIG amount of money... I think we are here with these two lenses.
  16. This is not normal... The consumption is very high (when it is shut off... lol...) Of course i can get it out when not shooting... But this is totally crazy... Is Sony aware of this problem ? Do we have to ask them in person ?
  17. Ebrahim i often agree with you. For video, the sigma is surely the best option. For photo it's clear a sharper lens would be the best option. 1800 US dollars though is not what i call a bargain... I have some lenses at this price range, that's true, but i would love to see a side by side comparison... as i think the sigma is already a sharp good lens... Some vignetting wide opened but i can't imagine a 35mm lens F1.4 could be free of it...
  18. Hi, when my a7sII is shut off, the battery goes down not so slowly : i've measured 13% off every 24 hours... Shut OFF... I mean without using it... It was 100% yesterday... And it is 87% today at the same hour one day after... this is not the first time i check this phenomenon with the a7sII... But this time i've officialy measured it... am i the only one with this major issue ? This is insane !!!! Firmware is the last to date. Only sony genuine batteries.
  19. The question is : do we have a body not well calibrated ? 5500°K on body, recorded like a 5900°K in real life ... This could be possible... Then a correspondance sheet could be created to move the right WB on the body corresponding to the WB in real life... I've got a color meter... How could i test the WB of the A7SII (that i got in my hands) ? I've got some X-rite color checkers. My mind says i could estimate the difference (in %) between the color chart seen by the A7SII, and the color chart in Resolve... Then compare it to what the colormeter says at the same moment on white card... Maybe a new post could be created together to try to estimate the calibration of our bodies ? Maybe someone has already done that ? What do you think guys ?
  20. No problem to adjust levels on A7SII footage... It's more a problem of exposure on location... When exposed between +2 Stops and 100% Zebras, no problem at all... I can adjust things like on my 5D mark III RAW... And it's even easier... The only major big problem is to define the good white balance... Ok with a color meter and some charts... But could be a problem when not well adjusted... as 8 bits can't recover anything... Concerning luts... i don't use one... I prefer adjust my levels with parade RGB and some waveforms by myself... This tends to have no "look" at all and i prefer that...
  21. Oh oh ohhhhhh... this is gone to be a second Christmas in the year !!!! With RAW abilities, this camera does not look the same... When Sony spoke about an update with RAW abilities, thought it should arrive 2 or 3 years later... Sony Rocks right now... Even the Alpha 6300 is a sexy tool... I think they have understood how to sell more : listen to the ones who buy... Wow !!!! What an amazing discovery !!!!!!
  22. Insaaaaaaane !!!!!! That should certainly have been a great moment for you !!!!! Could you tell us something about RAW upadate ? Module at 5000 euros ? Big boy on the rear of the camera or what ? Or just a firmware ? Please... with a RAW Update via firmware i think i could look at this camera twice...
  23. Canon 135mm F2 EF ... F2 every shot... Fast, sharp, cheap... My favorite by far... On a 5D mark III, pictures always look good... The wow effect every time. Most used lens : Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART. Sharp and contrasty as hell, but needs to be screwed down to F2 minimum to avoid too much vignetting... Just a question of taste...
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