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  1. I can see some weird skin tones on some videos, that's true. But on some others, no problem... Isn't that a trick with grading ?
  2. Hi guys !!! Some news about the next Alpha 7s on the NAB @ Las Vegas ? I'm ready to buy the A7s if there is no successor at NAB... From what i can see the picture with the A7s is really more pleasing to my eyes... Even if my 5D mark III goes a bit further when pushing triggers on RAW... With the A7s (or successor...) i think i'll save space on my hard drives... and maybe time when editing the files... What are the news ? Do you know something about Sony's new goodies @ NAB ?
  3. An idea with the green cast showed in slog2 : maybe the vnd filter used when you're 3200 isos in bright sunshine... My tiffen vnd filter tends to make my colors a bit greenish even if it is a good rated filter... I've found it in my bmpcc and 5dIII files where i have to take care of this little effect.
  4. Hey come on guys we're just talking about 5DIII Raw video and a7s S-log2... not everything else... I do love Alexa you know... but it's too pricy for me !!! lol I'm just balanced between 2.5 k dollars... I find them to be really close in the final results if we don't speak about colors... Advantage to the Canon in this respect. I don't think i have problems to grade BMPCC ultra flat profile, therefore i think i wouldn't have so much problems to grade Slog2 ?
  5. That would be a cool thing if that GH4 had more DR than the a7s... cheaper option with 4K internal recorder... but not 35mm Full frame sensor...
  6. This one got me !!!! Look at the shadows in the 5DIII file... this is what i get if i don't overexpose by 1 or 2 stops... in the same conditions the A7s looks better IMO... What do you think guys ?
  7. I can't rent one as no shop around me has it... The only thing i can do is buy one on amazon and send it back if it does not fit my expectations...
  8. That's true ML RAW video's got great colors and surely would be easier to grade than that 4:2:0 chroma depth... but for some personal projects i think this would be ok. What i want is a great dynamic with enough sharpness and iso rating... Rolling shutter it's bearable for me... That's the only con i can see right now that really deserves the camera... but 5DIII has it too... less i'm ok but it also has it... I've seen some great footage by night really stunning... great definition and not so much noise... This camera looks to be a great all around camera... Great dynamic, great low light performance, SD card, space saving next to 5DIII RAW... I think i'm sold...
  9. Isn't that great dynamic range i can see in that video ? For me i'm near from what i can get with my 5DIII Raw video... All this with only 8 bits of luma and 50mbits per second ? Maybe i'm crazy but it seems i'm saying goodbye to my 5DIII no ?
  10. Hi, i make some commercials for brands in France. National TV channels for some videos. This camera is more to my personal videos, but sometimes i use 5D mark III for some professionnal videos, with all the accessories needed to be as comfortable as possible... What i've seen from the S-Log2 in the FS-700 and A7s is that S-Log 2 looks great, even with the A7s... which is 8 bit luma... What i want is to use Full frame format (the one i like much) or Super35 format like BMPC or FS700.... What i want is to have the best dynamic range as possible to give me the possibility to adjust what i want how i want. And what i want by now is also a camera that has a fantastic dynamic range but that does not eat hdds like candies... What i'd like to have too is a codec that is readable right onto the camera... RAW footage is not easily readable in the camera... Your answers are so great. That's true nobody can help me without i myself go and try it... but to hear the A7s has the same quality in grading as the 5D III is already a good thing... In some situations i really need to know if they are equal : High contrast between interior scene not lit at all and bright sunny exterior through a window... If A7s has the same performance but with a codec that saves space and is ready to play into the camera... i'd be sold !!!! Thx 4 your answers guys !!!!
  11. No way ? Reading files been shot on the 5DIII is a pain in the ass and the crew doen't really like the way we have to work with this tool... In fact my bmpcc is smoother to work with. But of course it lacks shallow depth of field... A7s looks like it is easier to work with than the RAW video mode on the 5DIII no ? Is there such a deep difference in dynamic that i must not switch ? What i can see from some videos on vimeo or youtube is that fs700 or A7s with s-log2 don't look horrible at all even with the 8bit luma depth ... Does someone know any video that compares 5DIII raw video to the s-log2 ? The one andrew made with sunsets is well done but i'd like to see some extreme contrast scenes where highlights are extreme and dark areas really poorly exposed... For example some interior shots with windows... Raw video from 5DIII is good but the way to work with this camera is getting on my nerves as it is not designed to... Playing files to check focus is insane... 64 GB for 7 minutes... A step more to transcode .mlv to dng... Then files not readable directly on pc... I think the xavcs is readable right from the card no ?
  12. Hi, i'm a canon user from several years now and i'm wandering something : do i have to switch to the A7s ? My questions are : - S-Log2 is as easy to grade as Raw DNG files from the 5DIII ? I mean : can i protect my highlights well as i can expose correctly my darker areas ? Do the zebras work well if i ETTR ? - Some say the A7s is 15 stops dynamic ranged ? Is it true or it is like ML on the 5D where i find the dynamic range is almost 12 stops and not more ... - The codec XAVC S is easy to grade ? It's only 8 bit... i'm used to take my DNGs in lightroom and push my levels as i want... is it as easy with the A7s files ? I mean i'm not used to grade files in Resolve or anything like this... - How much noise 3200 isos A7s files are when you push your darkly exposed areas ? Is it worth to quit my 5DIII ? And why ? I already know the A7s is a high iso killer and HDD space saver not like 5DIII Raw... I'm ready to sell my Canon. Please tell me the dynamic range worth it on the A7s over the 5DIII... I can't find really well done comparisons between the 2... that concern dynamic range. Thank you for your answers. Nicolas MAILLET.
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