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  1. Damn !!!! That 4K mini cam pictures look awesome !!! Wonder what 15 stops will look like ... Really excited about what we're living right now with Blackmagic Design.
  2. I think the 18-35 from SIgma is an APS-C sized lens. So it would be logical to me that it would vignette on full frame mode but would be excellent for S35 mode... Think i'm right but can miss some thing.
  3. 24x36 (Full frame...) for photo looks the way to go for me too. But you would then deal with big glasses... I'm loving my 5DIII so far for photos and videos... Magic Lantern for powerful videos, and Full frame 20MP+ sensor for pictures. In fact i have been thinking about changing my body to get an A7S (better internal codec to save space on my synologys) but the way the 5DIII looks with magic lantern for both pictures and videos makes me prefer it to any other body right now... If you've had a 5DII, you probably have some bunch of lenses from Canon... Just buy a 5DIII. You loose size from an EVF camera but come on that Canon full frame 5DIII is just an great option still today for all around work. I use it for my personal projects and am really satisfied.
  4. How about celluloid and mechanical shutter ? 24 times a second it opens and closes globally in front of the celluloid no ? Is it what we call a global shutter ? Do i understand your question well ? If it is no please explain to me. Because i think GS won't affect motion cadence at all... Maybe i miss something ?
  5. Man i would choose 15 stops of dynamic range. But you know what there are only few situations when rolling shutter annoys me... ok when a train goes from side to side of my frame, a car, but i rarely do some fast pans... therefore i can see no problem with 2 stops down when turning on Global shutter. I think i will almost always shoot RS with this baby while sometimes i would choose GS... like a those nuclear backpacks on Ghostbusters movie... "Please put it on... Pjewwwwwwwwwwwwww... On..." LOL
  6. Yes you're right, the difference is the sharpness. They have both the same resolution. That's not a good option to not be able to shut it off when you want... in this favor i prefer the 1DC. That's what i wanted to say. Thanks for the correction Ebrahim.
  7. NX1 has better resolution. That's true. But 1DC looks definitively better... better in dynamic range. Other parameters like colors etc to me depends on the abilities to grade something... For example you can get really bad colors from an Alexa if you want to... but from the start it has better basis to grade well... i think it's possible with NX1 to have neutral and well suited colors but it's definitively harder... I've looked some really great A7S footage with good neutral colors but it's very rare... So for me, NX1 for the price is really good, but 1DC looks better. Point.
  8. Noise in the underexposure areas looks bad to me. Better job when overexpose then reduced in post ? Do you have any possibility to easily expose +2 like on the A7S ? This little baby looks great even though, very all-around camera.
  9. ​I think the man who graded it has skills many others don't have... S-log feature is a bit difficult to grade well... An other thing to say : S-log on the A7S is 3200 isos... so you're almost always obliged to use NDs... which are often green... Maybe the flat look takes a greenish tint that is difficult to correct in post as it is only 4:2:0 ... My 2 cents... but this video looks really promising considering it comes from a RX10... it just blows my mind as i'm waiting for an A7S II... I've just said to my wife when looking at this video that if we know someone who wants a camera right now we can easily let them choose the RX10... what a cam !!!!!
  10. Hi 2 everyone here... afraid to say i am a bit excited with this little buddy... Little sensor but looks well made for users. Good lens, with wide range and constant opening, average or maybe good low light capabilities, good codec enough to be used by everyone (from regular PP to log). we just have to see now if the battery life is good enough for a normal use... And if the pack includes a charger... We can even get one on ebay for a chip price though... andrew what i would personnally want to know in you next review is the abilities to conserve highlights while not putting too much noise in the shadows... Yes, the dynamic range of the sensor !!!! Specially if you can compare it to the a7s... Can you upload a grabshot of each one in S-log of the same scene, same exposure, to see how the lil rx10 handles the dynamic ? if you can upload the uncompressed grabs of the two, it would be wonderful !!!!! thanx for your work man !!!!!!! I'm glued to your forum !!!!
  11. Man, i think it will be out soon (maybe for September ?), and i wish it would have killer specs : - Lower resolution Full frame sensor then killer sensitivity due to the size of photosites - Higher scanning rates then less rolling shutter side effects (Killa spec knowing way bigger cameras only propose it, can't take the Alexa off of my mind) - High speed frame rates to maybe 120 fps @ 1080 pixels vertically - Internal UHD - 8 bits luma only (poor i'm ok with that...) - Internal Sensor stabilization (yummy...) - S-Log 2 wish it was 3... Wish it was possible thanks to a better hardware (processor and ram only... as i think replacing the aluminium by copper will not make a 3,5x speed gain itself... Resistance can vary between aluminium and copper, but not by a 3,5x factor...) With these specs, i think i could make an upgrade of my personal gear. C'mon Sony !!!!! Let our dreams come true !!!!!!!
  12. I want my A7S II ... Note that the A7R II is already a beast i'd like to shoot with... No tests yet and we'll see what happens but i think it'll put Canon's head into water for a long time.
  13. Wow i'm thrilled to think about the next A7s II ... i expect it to have 4K internally, IBIS, and S-log3 as it is movie oriented... Low light killer of course and a slightly better slow mo performance like maybe (hope) 120 fps @ 1080... Time will tell but i think i'll sell my 5DIII for an A7S II... The most important thing to me is the dynamic range... 8 bit luma is so far not enough to get high dynamic, but will see... Hard to grade when you're used to grade RAW from 5DIII... that scares me a bit even if i grade some prores from BMPCC...
  14. Hey, no A7s body right now... but rumors say new A7s bodies will be announced till June... Am i wrong if i say the A7s mark II will be here before July ???? Ho ho hooooooo
  15. Hey, come on guys you are a bit nervous i think... We have never said technology is what makes movies better... Everyone here knows that. Great lights, great crew, great everything before great camera will make things better... Technology is what make things simpler... I like to shoot things with 14 stops DR with an F55... it's not raw though... And this is not the gear i use when i shoot my daughter in my garden... for that i've got my iphone 6. Years before now i couldn't have said i could use my phone to shoot my daughter... Technology is good in this way... Please we're just talking about a successor of the already almost perfect A7s... please don't make any judgement over what the others shoot and over which gear they use to shoot... That's sterile. Some cameras are great for this, an other one for that, and some others for other jobs... Do you rent one Phantomflex to shoot a 2 hours movie. Of course not... Gear stays the choice of the man who use it. In this case it is purely stupid but it is the same for us... No way judging what make the others with their own gears... Shoot yourself and make great pictures, that's the only thing we're talking about. Stay cool men please. We are the 23rd of April... Sony, Where are you ??? ...
  16. ​That's what's rumored... no A7s successor...
  17. Ok with the previous posts. i'm waiting for an even better a7s. Do you thinkit will be announced april 23rd ?
  18. Come on guys i truly don't change my cameras every year... as i rent the ones i use for my projects... FS700 for 240fps, F55 for great dynamic range ... 1DC sometimes for lighter projects... What these companies do every year bringing out new bodies is the exact thing i want : every year they make effort to compete with others to bring the best... this only make profit to the final users... Now we have for example a Blackmagic camera with 15 stops DR (surely 12 usable in reality) with 4K picture, super 35 sized sensor and high frame rates... everything for around 8k ready to shoot... Of course i want new bodies every year, of course i want the big companies to get outdoor of their well defined rails... of course i want bombs like the mini URSA and A7s to knock out the habits, of course i want it... But the topic was about infos about a successor of the A7s. Sorry for the Off-topic. No problem with your opinion though... I understand what you can think. That's what happened to the BMPC 4K camera... Wish you understand mine.
  19. Don't think they say it is not important... think they just not want to eat their own Cinema line (C100 II etc)
  20. Poor poor poor Canon... 5D mark IV with C-Log is great to know, but sure the A7s will be there too in the competition... Hope for them they won't sell it more than 3K bucks...
  21. Internal 4K with h264 ok, but with HEVC ? Not sure though... while it is highly hardware dependent too... On April 23 Sony seems to have programmed a Press conference... Like for the A7s announcement, after NAB ? ... The A7s is a killer... Blackmagic is Mini-URSA'ing everywhere and that's true this little baby's got balls in the pants !!! But Sony can't stay outside of the ring with no 4K iso killer body... Wish i can say the truth... hope it'll come later, maybe April 23rd...
  22. Hi, i'm surprised there is still no announced successor of the A7s i desire so much... In fact i'm saying myself this will be A7s successor or URSA Mini... Do you have some hot things to share about a announcement ?
  23. Like i said i've already seen some footages from A7s well graded with no weird skin tones. Maybe it's tougher to get great results with this body when the Log flattens everything to keep big dynamic ? Being a colorist is a job. Knowhow & knowledge. What i think also is that with Log you have high iso and the filters you put in front of your glass can pollute the colors no ?
  24. Hey !!! - From Blackmagic design i'd like to see a BMCC updated in the low light capability. Not necessarily global shutter... If the speedrate could jump to at least 60 fps it would be a true killer i could buy. - From Sony i'd like to see a Alpha 7s mark II... with a bit better dynamic range and that's all... - From Canon, i'd expect... nothing at all... when i see what's going on with the strange XC10 and after that the gap between the C300 mark II... I truly understand they make choices to split their products... but really i'm ok with Andrew Reid... they don't listen to the markets of different customers... Nonetheless that c300 mark II is a beast i'd like to own for myself... but it is more reserved for renting... Come on, i expect a 5D IV... shy body maybe, proposing soft 4K with poor DR and h264 4:2:0 codec ? Not convinced anymore but why not a big surprise ?
  25. ​Do you have samples to propose to show differences between the two ? Not so much direct comparatives on the web...
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