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  1. Hey !!!!! A little commercial made with a 5DIII RAW with magic lantern : I've got an A7SII now... and i use more this last one... Merely the same results as the 5DIII but files with the A7SII are really REALLY less big !!!! And there are other prox with the A7S : High frame rate, high sensitivity... But, there is always a but : colors are not as easy as the 5DIII when you don't have a color meter... BTW : today my 5DIII is here to take pictures, and my A7SII is here for video.
  2. I'm just dowloading it right now. The French web page says it only gives a better 4K life recording when using a grip (20% better)... 29 minutes stays the same though. The second point concerns chromatic abberation with lens correction. That's all folks.
  3. Oops i thought nx1 was 24x36... sorry.
  4. Come on men, wildlife shooting, birds require long focal... APSC size is an argument to consider... 24x36 is 1.6 times less longer... Then NX1, 5DIII, all "full frames" are non sense. For vidéo though i should not take a canon... It is great when you don't want to shoot some serious work, but the codec and the manner to use the sensor in video is just weird... Time to define your needs for video...
  5. Jimmy you are totally right about this. But let's see the footage as it is : well done and beautiful. it is a fact. Maybe a BM 4.6k camera could do the same... True. But for instance this Raven footage looks good to me. Marketing just speaks to who wants to hear it... When i have to use a camera for the first time, i test it to see myself what it does have in the belly. Harsh test !!! Then marketing is just something i don't have in mind when testing... We all know this. When i see someone doing skateboard like a god, i can easily think i couldn't do the same if i use the same board... I just don't have skills to do the same... I think this work the same for cameras... It needs work to have the same results... Marketing is everywhere... i make commercials... and some clients have some great ideas and concepts to make you use things to be a better guy with some shitty stuff... lol
  6. I can advise you to use the latest 12 version... Just some pleasure to deal with... Really efficient concerning light adjustments thanks to powerful waveforms and a mind blowing tracker tool... No way i turn back to AE now... Resolve is just so much powerful. Give it a try. Anyway, i don't know if a plugin like this exists for AE. Sorry.
  7. Yes there are some problems with 8 bits when trying to correct colors. But this is in extreme correction only, when white balance has not been adjusted correctly when shooting. when we have to work with this kind of codec, we take time to double check the color temperature, triple check when outside... Our sekonic and our color checker is out for every shot... As we say nearly everywhere : check twice, shoot once. so yes, i agree, sometimes some colors go crazy when using resolve's color correcting tool, but manual tweaking can do a good compromise though in these rare cases. I prefer tweak hard in rare case than doing an approximation work in every shot. In fact we always trust in our color checker better than in our sekonic... And cameras have their own calibration that biases colors too. It is not only an 8 bits codec matter.
  8. That's what i'm saying about A7SII colors using the color checker... i see no problem at all with skin tones and other colors... they are just really accurate !!!!! I'm using it every time i shoot some serious work... all cameras. F5, BMCC, RED epic etc etc... and with the A7SII i purchased few weeks ago, no problem too. I never ever used LUTS as they're almost always making some things i don't like on footage. Ed David i 100% agree with your post.
  9. A cold beer thank you !!!!!!! lol I've been testing the A7SII also and was wondering if i was the only one on this earth to find the colors just as this accurate !!!! ... Just tell me i'm wrong !!! Compared to the 5DIII i find no mind blowing difference in terms of colors... I use the X-Rite color checker and nothing to say... everything rules... Just don't go too far with 8 bits... The only drawback i've found is the way a Lexar pro 90 mB/s is not reliable on this camera... don't know why... And a drawback that doesn't concern the body itself but the adapter to use Ef lenses... The Commlite EF NEX adapter is just bullshit as it flares BIG !!!!! I find metabones too expensive to my tastes...
  10. Got the commlite too. Worth the money in front of Metabones. I don't really like though the way it flares a lot because of this shinny coating inside of it... What kind of material are u using to limit the flare ?
  11. kino flo and dedo for such a cheap camera ??? ARE YOU THAT CRAZY ??? Pretty good. Not a great camera but here it makes it.
  12. Hey AaronChicago your footage is slowmo already ? What cadence did you shoot it ? Send me the footage i could give it a try. No cash. No problem.
  13. You know what i tried Resolve 9 and 11 by the past and didn't like it at all... In the 12th version, don't know why, i can use it flawless... Everything is clear, waveforms and parade by the hand in a second, UI perfectly clear and simple. And the editor is just at least as good as premiere (from what i can remember...). After a long period doing everything in AE (editing, compositing and grading) i switched to Resolve 12 and wow... Give it a try, just watch some simple tutos just to get in mind the main features and i think you'll love it. With RAW files from 5D serie, it's beautiful hot the DNG are easy to work with. And the export is just simple too, clear and simple. EFFICIENCY !!!!!
  14. Hey, what i do : - MLRAWviewer to convert MLV into CDNG or Prores. Be careful to adjust the color temperature when doing Prores - Then almost do the entire job in Resolve. I used to do almost the same workflow than yours before knowing Resolve.... But you know what, Resolve is kicking ass !!! You can pretty do all that you want into it. But the most interesting thing you have into it is to edit in 32 bits... And it is fast !!! Faster than AE with lightoom etc... I love waveforms in Resolve 12, with parade you can adjust the picture as you want. it is not really complicated to learn. Some basis and the picture is ok. Qualifying then, a bit harder but nothing too harsh... - Deliver the files uncompressed 10 bits with resolve - Make the post effects in AE : stabilisation, keying, denoise, compositing... as i don't have a full version of Resolve. Maybe there is a way to stabilise with Resolve... - Deliver the final project. This is what i do. Maybe not the best method, but this is the one that fits me well.
  15. My sweet fantastic daughter on the beach this morning : A7SII SLOG 3 Gammut.cine Tiffen VND 23.976 fps 1/50 1600 isos Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art closed to F/2 to avoid vignetting Graded In Resolve in almost 1 minute... Some macro blocking due to the VLC grab compression setting Don't think we have plastic skin tones right here. Pretty ok with this camera... I have some great results in almost all domains compared to a 5DIII. Maybe not a good enough camera for stills i'm ok. Not enough reactive and too small size (12MP). In fact i'm very impressed with this camera. It is far from perfect but it is a pleasure to use SLOG3 on a consumer camera like this. It has its limitations with 8 bits but i'm ok with that, i'm not using it as if it were a 12 bits RAW camera... It sure has limitations, as the most annoying is the yellow spots when you push too far the blacks... but anyway, this is a consumer camera, UHD, image stabilisation, fantastic dynamic range, saving data on SD card, and powered by an Anker astro E7 power bank that lasts more than 12 hours for 45 euros... directly connected to the USB port... WHAT ELSE ? In serious jobs, with good controlled lights, i'm sure an A7SII or an URSA mini would both do the job right... And nobody would still see a big difference... but in bad conditions, the A7SII is here while others are not... My BMCC and BMPCC are great tools even in the dark as it merely sees what my eye can see, and noise is not really a problem when you don't push blacks... But when i compare BMPCC and BMCC to the A7SII... i feel more comfortable with the A7SII even if its colors are less manageable... In fact i've just done some tests by night and poorly lit places, and if you control every shot by double checking the color temperature and the exposure, the A7SII is fantastic... Just ETTR every time and you have always good results... In post, gamma, lift and contrast have to be well controlled with waveform graphic. By now i'm pretty satisfied from what i can get with this camera, tests in the beginning have been hard, coming from 5DIII RAW, but now i can see how Sony functions with this little camera... More tests to come soon as i'll use it as an A-cam for a project Wednesday.
  16. Here is a test with big high contrast. Intention was to keep highlights to the maximum and to see where the blacks could go... 5DIII is out of order when speaking of dynamic... Noise is too much for my eyes.
  17. Banding in Resolve too. But there are ways to get rid of it, like qualifying the sky and get it a little bit blurry to smash those creepy bands... brrrreewwww hew hew hewwwwwww... Get out CREEEEPY bandinnnnggggg !!!!! Sorry.
  18. I shoot 24 fps... that's true... have not tried 25 fps... If this is the case it is a poor stupid mistake from such a giant group...
  19. I've got the commlite adapter and almost no issue at all when speaking communication between lens and body. I got 16-35 2.8, 35 1.4, 50 1.4, 85 1.2 and 135 2 (magical one...). The only major problem i can see with this commlite is strange flares when the sun hits corners of the lens... Due to the material used inside the adapter or anything else... Don't really know. Metabones problems are well known with the combo Sony Alpha body and Canon lenses. Commlite one is 85 euros compared to the 530 euros for the metabones... Ouch !!!!!
  20. No black spot on mine. SLOG 3 is good when exposed to the right, always... Compared it to all Picture profiles and gamma curves, SLOG3 is the best to keep the dynamic of the sensor... and by far considering Cine2. No excessive noise... I do have banding on skies when pushing gamma down, but there are some ways to limit it in post. Andrew you should return yours. Test Resolve too, as there is a black spot removal tool.
  21. Hi, i've just tested A7SII compared to 5DIII RAW... Dynamic is better with the A7SII. But also definition, stabilisation, compressed codec with a little better results than 5DIII big size files... Even when you have to take pictures : i found an EVF with peaking to be a fantastic choice to make All Manual pictures... i didn't do my focus manually on my 5DIII and i just say to myself this is a good thing as it is fast !!! Optical viewfinder is not enough to adjust your focus... EVF with Sony is just the right choice to be fast and accurate for pictures. I've discovered it today for pictures... In fact i wasn't ready to buy an A7SII and let my 5DIII go... but this evening with the bunch of tests i've done i can't say an other thing that : Bye Bye 5DIII. You've done an excellent job so far during these years, but RAW video is not that enough now... A compressed codec like XAVCS 8 bits gives better results with much much less heavy files... And workflow likes it too... Does'nt have to do .MLV to DNG now... This is true you can't push it too far... but this is what i thought about 8 bits codec (I'm using for the first time) : if you control well the exposure and the color temperature when you shoot, this is all ok in post... RAW video is a bit more forgiving... but not to much... The only major problem (that is a serious one to me) is that reds on A7SII are not true... and i don't know how to tweak it to bring them right... In fact they take some orange tints instead to stay right red... Here is what i think right now... and i can assure you this was not going to sound like this with a poor codec like the Sony one faced to RAW 14 bits... You know what... i couldn't had think i could say this : I love this A7SII... Just a good tool to make some great footage. Not for job more serious of course, as the colors are a bit strange sometimes but a great camera for personal jobs without a doubt. Even though you're totally right for the tinyness of the camera... and menus etc etc... this is all bad... But with a little practice i think it will be ok. 2 days with it and i'm more familiar... Have some horrible cramps at my fingers though as it is way too small... lol
  22. Focus has been missed on 5DIII. For serious jobs though i can not imagine myself right now using this tiny camera. I think i'll make some more tests soon with controlled lights over actors to see what it can produce. Sure it would be good but let's see.
  23. Today i've done more tests... With more accurate color temperature comparing 5DIII RAW video Vs A7SII. My end results are : - Better colors for Canon right out of the camera (Only 3 nodes in Resolve to tweak, 6 for the A7SII and colors are not that equal but can be tweaked to almost match) - IBIS is a cool tool when not moving. Great extra feature. - Resolution is better on A7SII but not so damn crazy 4K on A7SII compared to 1080P 5DIII - Just a little more dynamic on A7SII (but maybe not exposed equally between the two). On my tests, 1 stop better. - High frame rate on Sony (even with a crop mode). If i buy this one A7SII, i think i won't put in in difficult scenarios where codec is tough to work with. I think i'll do the step even though.
  24. I think this is not the case right here. Other stuff in SLOG3 i've dowloaded has been ok to grade with some headache sometimes but "pretty" ok with some several nodes to adjust... But in this particular case, i can reach some average equal results between 5DIII and A7SII, but i can promise with big big work on A7SII files... I think this is because lights where i shot my tests were really bad, and in these conditions 8 bits 420 is just too poor to adjust what you want as you want. I think this is a good camera for the price and SLOG3 gammut profiles that come in, but this is not to consider if you want to make serious jobs. Basically it has not been made for pros i'm ok, but pros could be interested in some features like 14 steps of dynamic, flat profiles... The cold shower for me right now... but i'll test it another time... with other conditions... This kind of camera has maybe to give some great things, but it is not as smooth as a some other cameras. It is not a production camera at all... Let's wait other tests... And URSA mini looks to go out soon...
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