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  1. Hi Juxx I have the small HD with loupe. I've not used other monitors but judging from specifications it does seem a little dated in terms of the features. No scopes, native resolution 800x480, focus assist (rather than peaking). At the time when I bought it my thinking was to shoot a short movie and I was looking into having a rig with cage and follow focus along with rods, so the loupe seemed to fit in with that theme. The dp4 with loupe mounted is quite big... Later I discovered that this style of filmmaking was not for me, I wanted something more agile, lightweight, run and gun style.
  2. I'm a hybrid shooter, doing mainly travel videos of family, in recent years I've shot with the GX1, GH3, RX100 iv and A7R2. I took a long look through all my work around a month ago to try and decide what cameras I most enjoyed shooting with and which produced my best work. I concluded that m4/3 was my sweet spot. Some of my favourite pics came from the GX1, some of my favourite video from the GH3. I found that I really missed shooting with a GX1 style body. With such a small camera, I'd be more likely to carry the camera with me. With m4/3 (as opposed to the RX100) I'd be more likely to
  3. Thanks for the reply, and thanks in advance for the goodies to come! I'm on the fence between the A7R II and the A7S II, I had almost made my mind up when I noticed that you are selling your A7R II. I know each persons needs in a camera are different, but will be great to read your final thoughts on this R II vs S II matter. Cheers!
  4. Hi Andrew, just wondering if the Sony A7S II Review Part 2 will be out soon? Really looking forward to reading it, thanks.
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