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  1. and with the demise of JustinTV there's not many options, the gear & power requirements are a pain, and upload speeds are still crap. I bought a PVR2 just before JTV went offline. options are out there http://www.telestream.net/ but unless its a paid gig I doubt its worth it. Maybe all you need is some iphones, wifi, and a way to mix the streams, or just some multichannel type youtube where the viewer can do the switching, but dont know of any way of doing this at the moment
  2. I assume this Baby Blue will be less than 500e and cheaper to ship than the other module and fits the Moller which I think will be the anamorphic i'll try for, if I can find one.
  3. Can't remember the last time I bought something from Austria what do they sell? Perhaps agroup purchase on a few crates of beer would be good:)
  4. If you made something for 300, what do you think is a reasonable mark up, does it depend on what it is, how rare, how useful, if you where only adding 30% 18% discount would be a big hit, if it was 200 - 300% it becomes a little easier to discount, but the order numbers would need to be larger also.
  5. :) I forgot to mention Zero import duty & Tax as its for the church of "Does a Bear Crap in the woods" A7sIII with that new super duper chip would be nice!
  6. Free Shipping, a discount and someone to pay for your review...you really want this bad, next thing you'll want will be amazing optical quality, compact size & a free pre installed anamorphic, and a further 10% for the use of your student union card :)
  7. The minute I saw the Interstellae trailer, I thought yeah it has to be seen, but I also knew at the same moment it could also be dissapointing, as with most films that get a big splash of promotion, you see most of it in the trailer, the above comments seem to confirm that, but I'm still going to watch it for the visuals, If it has a story that will be a bonus.
  8. Then there's Keyshot the most amazingly productive rendering tool, which has a variation on the theme Agree with above post B&W and Static would look much cleaner, and perhaps more useful bu not sure how you would show the box without some graduation.
  9. I didnt turn on the CC, so couldnt tell which was which, I wanted to see what was done with the tokina, as that was my choice before the Canon, 2.5D animated logo needs to remain as a still, until you can snazzy it up a little more, the Box inside the Hex/Octagon Looks a little strange, perhaps only because of the Cinivate Logo I've been playing with Hexagons and Octogons quite a bit myself, ideally try to create an altered version of the Iris shapes to make it your own.
  10. It's Grim Up North The grade was perhaps a little too dark, would like to see it without the lag I get watching vimeo, on my crappy web computer, I'm sure theres some nice stuff in there just cant appreciate it as it should be seen. If I slit my wrists tonight, don't worry your video wasn't the tipping point. :)
  11. Apple sure like to suck the cash straight out your wallet, how else could they afford such an ugly Yacht.
  12. I'm still waiting to build a nicer machine and when I do I want Clarisse IFX on there, not tried it yet but it looks amazing, hopefully a free learning version without watermark follows Fusion & Nuke soon?
  13. I havent used the Flow Layout in AE keep meaning to but never get around to it, so not sure how it compares to other node based workflows, but it cant be long before it does everything in a similar way. http://on.aol.com/video/adobe-after-effects-7---how-to-use-the-flow-chart-option-85439324
  14. For those not following Black Magic, after aquiring Eyon Fusion, there now giving it away, got to be good news, the free version can be used for both personal and commercial work. The only features missing are optical flow image analysis tools for retiming, stabilization and stereoscopic 3D work, support for third-party OpenFX plugins, unlimited distributed network rendering and multi user collaboration tools. Go get it...
  15. ND between taking lens shouldnt be an issue there looks like plenty of room in there, depending on which anamorphic, a pain if you want vari ND though.
  16. Yes but how many of those flares are CG, using John Knolls Plugin or other, the one thing you dont see is the heavy tube vignette, I saw a few flares in transformers, but cant be sure they aint CG either, not so easy to add cg to source with flares so they probably shoot it without and add them later. I assume the flares are not the result of the taking lens....
  17. Or dont film cars with bright headlights, so close to the camera, hitting the thing at such an angle was bound to produce more flare than is needed.
  18. Thanks for the info, and now more anamorphics to choose from, things are hotting up, think i'm going to have to wait till christmas is over before looking at the offerings, if 25 people wanted one of these new ones could we see a group discount offer?
  19. Vimeo on my machine aint too good, so it was jerky but seemed to speed up on the focus pulls making it look like a speed ramp, I kept going back but always the same result, the grey vignette looked more like a gold vignette, but as its the moller it cant be, I would expect less of that the more zoomed in, but is this is on a 3x crop?
  20. The weird look could it be a slight change from 2x to 1.7 or something? exactly what you dont want to try compensate for in post. So is her face 2x wider than normal? they say the camera puts on a few pounds :)
  21. 35mm without crop & anamorphic no vignette would be what i'd like to see, day & night, the new test shots should be up soon...
  22. The tele end isnt the problem, seems a little crazy to have a wider tele shot but for the weird effects, The widest taking lens, yup thats why I got the 10-22, was going to go for the tokina 11-16, but can't grumble with the Canon, but do I want to give up the clarity for the anamorphic look, hmm not just yet, wish it had a wider aperture though, and if I did maybe I would be happy enough with a fixed focus & some string :)
  23. yeah 550d with a Helios would be interesting. without seeing that and some faces how would I know if I wanted one? If you cant shoot all shots with it ie at least 3 different usable focal lengths, its not like you can quickly get the anamorphic out and use it without the focus group, or maybe you can, but how to marry shots with & without?
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